Dozens, if not hundreds of studies have proven that sleeping increases productivity. Below we highlight 6 reasons why you should not neglect sleep, for better productivity and better overall health.

Sleep is really not to be taken lightly. This seems trivial and yet it’s often the first thing you forget when you’re energized and accumulating an increasing workload. What’s more natural in this case than sacrificing a few hours of sleep, thinking that that way, you will be able to be more productive? Or more than that, what’s better than having a sleepless night in exchange for a lighter tomorrow?

If you’re still not convinced, you have to know that many studies have shown the benefits of a good night’s sleep. You too will end up believing it: sleeping more is not the habit of slackers, but a guarantee of success.

6 things about sleep and productivity

The night brings advice

We tend not to listen to this saying, but know that it is no myth nor legend. Do you have a complex problem to solve? Give it all your attention before you fall asleep and let the night enlighten you on the track to follow. Indeed, your brain, when it is in full relaxation, starts to establish new connections. Neurons, even when distant from each others, begin to get connected to each others, which leads to more creativity … And all while you are asleep!

How ever, be careful and don’t forget to reap the fruit of your sleepy thinking by waking up the next morning.

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“Sleeping on it”

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Your brain needs rest to incorporate all the information and new events to which it has been exposed during the day. This is especially what the night is useful for!

Researchers have been interested in our brain’s ability to memorize all the knowledge acquired through the day while we are asleep. The participants in their study had to memorize songs, one of which was repeated to them while they slept. Their memory score of the latter was significantly higher, compared to the other pieces.

Students would do better to review their lessons for their exam of the next day just before going to sleep, the memorization being facilitated during sleep. This is also valid for an important professional presentation.

In fact, the same is true for those who work in the corporate sector. According to research, taking a short nap can increase one’s productivity. This type of rest helps to re-energize both the mind and the body, allowing workers to feel refreshed when they return to work. Businesses can use this strategy in their offices to increase employee efficiency. However, this is not the only thing that can help your employees become more productive. You may want to look into how a team building scavenger hunt for work for bonding and communication can be beneficial, or go even further and make them aware of your financial and business objectives in order to motivate them to work harder. This is why companies use software such as OKR to drive strategic direction and focus on achieving company goals. Setting clear business goals can help your employees work together to achieve a common goal. It could assist businesses in effectively setting their busines goals and okr software could be one of the tools that can assist them in doing so.

A night in the sky against a day of productivity on the ground

Night flights are particularly “productive”, it seems. As long as you meet all the conditions to take full advantage of it (comfortable clothes, choice of the appropriate place, not too much sleep the night before, etc.). Sleeping in altitude would be equivalent to winning a day’s work on the ground. That leaves you puzzled? Try the experience, you’ll see if it works on your body!

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Improve the quality of your sleep

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What is more enjoyable than the feeling of falling asleep like a baby under his comforter? Know that it is still possible to do better …

Physicians generally focus on dietetics or sports, and sadly underestimate sleep in terms of work productivity, attention while driving, social skills and weight.

Now, you can really improve your nights by making your sleep experience even more profitable. How? by making use of modern technological advancements. While leaving our smartphones or computers turned on near us when we sleep is generally discouraged, a new generation of amazing applications is emerging. These are gadgets like a mobile phone alarms waking us up at the right moment of our sleep cycle and exposing ourselves to blue light before the sun sets in the evening.

The hours closer to sleep should be soothing. Meaning, try to avoid your laptop and other screens. Try reading or listening to calming music. Ensure your bedroom is as relaxing as possible. Have your bedroom and surrounding arranged in a way that can help you sleep. Paint your bedroom walls with pastel or muted colors by calling a company like My House Painter (maybe the next time you plan on renovating your home), and declutter your place for a soothing atmosphere.

You can refer to our numerous articles on Sleep Science we have published on the Bedroom Solutions blog.

If you want to be an overachiever, take care of your sleep

To cultivate one’s body is to take into account one’s needs because, when you sleep, the body remains active. What are the incredible things your body does while you sleep?

  • In phase 1 of sleep: your muscles relax and your eyes start slow movements.
  • In phase 2: breathing and heart rhythm are regularized, your body temporarily collapses, you lose consciousness of space, your brain waves slow down, eye movements stop, your blood pressure decreases, your muscles are relax and your tissues repair themselves.
  • In phase 3: the energy is restored, your hormones are renewed, the brain waves are activated in slow motion, your brain is activated and you dream.
  • In phase 4: your eyes start fast movements, your muscles are paralyzed, your breathing and your heartbeat become irregular.

You now understand why your body loves to sleep. If you want to help it to rejuvenate, there are certain things that you should never do before bedtime.

Sleeping can increase productivity

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You also think you can steal a few hours of your sleep time without regretting it? As you have now understood, you will do more harm than anything to your body. Plus, you are basically lying to yourself if you think that will help you save time on your work. In fact, if you sleep more, you will be much more productive and effective. If you’re spending enough time in bed, yet not getting enough quality sleep, you may want to consider changing your mattress. If that too doesn’t help, we can only advice you to obtain medical advice from sleep specialists.

Last little advice, sleep again and again, but this time without regrets!