Luxury Memory Foam Mattresses

During the 1960’s memory foam was first developed by NASA’s Ames Research Center to produce safer cushions for aircraft. It wasn’t until the 1990’s that the new visco-elastic material was used for production of a memory foam mattress. Today, literally hundreds of different models are available from different manufacturers. Some are very expensive luxury memory foam mattresses while others can be considered budget-friendly mattresses.

Three brands that are almost synonymous with “luxury memory foam mattresses” are Tempur-Pedic, Serta and Simmons. In fact, it was Tempur-Pedic that invented the first visco-elastic mattress back in the early 1990’s. In fact, several years ago, these were the only luxury mattresses available. However, today, there are plenty of budget-friendly models available whose quality is as good as that of the luxury models. Below we review some of the best rated luxury memory foam mattresses available in the current market.

Best Firm Luxury Memory Foam Mattresses

Firm mattresses are generally recommended for stomach-sleepers and back-sleepers. Those who are looking for a therapeutic memory foam mattress should also go with a firmer mattress than a softer mattress. However, we DO NOT recommend firm mattresses for side-sleepers unless you plan on lifting your head up with a couple of pillows so that your spinal cord is properly aligned.

Simmons Beautyrest Recharge Memory Foam Plus MattressBeautyrest Recharge Memory Foam Plus Mattress

The Beautyrest Recharge Luxury Pillow Top Mattress is available in different firmness levels including Firm, Medium and Plush. The “firm” version can be highly recommended for a number of reasons. It is made of two types of memory foam: AirCool® Max Memory Foam and AirCool® Gel Memory Foam. AirCool® Max Memory Foam has been engineered to move heat away from your body and thereby to maintain the perfect sleeping temperature. The gel layer further helps bring the mattress temperature down making it a really ‘cool’ sleeping experience. This model also has an anti-edge roll-off firm perimeter known as BeautyEdge®.

Where to buy it?

  1. Manufacturer’s website:
  2. At your local mattress store
  3. Also check – if you’re lucky, the Serta Perfect Sleeper ProEnergy on sale! Also don’t forget to check our page on Black Friday Memory Foam Mattress Deals. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two days when many budget-friendly as well as luxury memory foam mattress toppers go on sale.

Best Medium-Firm Luxury Memory Foam Mattresses

Medium-Firm is the most popular ‘firmness level” and are best suited for back-sleepers and combination sleepers who switch between back-sleeping, side-sleeping and stomach sleeping. If you’re predominantly a side-sleeper, we recommend a “medium-soft” mattress.

1. Serta iComfort® Avid EverFeel™

Serta iComfort Avid EverFeel Medium Firm Luxury Mattress

The Serta iComfort® Avid EverFeel™ is one of the best luxury memory foam mattresses in the “Medium-Firm” category. This luxury 14″ mattress is made up of 7 layers of foam including 3 layers of gel memory foam spanning 4″. This is a major secret behind why the mattress feels so cool and luxurious. A picture is worth a thousand words; so please check out the following screenshot for the exact details on the mattress composition.

7 layers of the Serta iComfort Avid EverFeel

Where to buy the Serta iComfort Avid EverFee mattress?

  1. Manufacturer’s website:
  2. At your local mattress store
  3. Also check because you may find steep discounts there

2. TEMPUR-Contour Allura Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

TEMPUR-Contour Alura Memory Foam Mattress

Here’s a highly recommended model from Tempur-Pedic, the innovator of memory foam mattresses. They have quite a big collection of mattresses under the sub-categories known as the TEMPUR-Contour collection, TEMPUR-Cloud collection, TEMPUR-Flex collection, and a custom collection. The specialty of the TEMPUR-Contour Allura, categorized under the TEMPUR-Contour collection, is its ‘pillow top’ that adds to the luxurious, firm, conforming comfort. It comes with a silk-blend cover fabric and contrasting side panels which has a rich feeling to it. Memory foam is naturally resistant to microorganism growth including that of dust mites. So, if you’re allergic to dust mites, this will be a perfect option.

Where to buy the TEMPUR-Contour Allura?

  1. Manufacturer’s website:
  2. At your local mattress store

Best Medium-Soft Luxury Memory Foam Mattresses

Medium-Soft mattresses are best suited for side-sleepers. Generally, medium-firm mattresses are recommended for those who switch between side-sleeping, back-sleeping and stomach sleeping (i.e. combination sleepers). However, certain side-sleepers may opt for a medium-soft mattress because they are generally the most comfortable ‘firmness’ to most people!

1. TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze Luxury Mattress

TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

Sleeping on a TEMPUR-Cloud mattress is like sleeping on a – you guessed it – cloud! If you have slept on a could, you already know that clouds are soft and comfy :yahoo: The TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze is no exception. While the ‘cloud-ness’ makes it soft and comfy, the TEMPUR-Breeze™ Cooling technology makes the mattress nice and cool by drawing the excess heat away from the body. This 11″ luxury visco-elastic mattress is a dream for most of us looking for a ‘cloud’ experience.

Where to buy the TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze?

  1. Manufacturer’s website:
  2. At your local mattress store

2. Serta Perfect Sleeper ProEnergy Super Pillow Top Elite Mattress

Serta Perfect Sleeper ProEnergy Super Pillow Top Elite Luxury Gel Memory Foam

The ProEnergy Super Pillow-Top Elite from world renowned Serta mattress company is second to none when it comes to medium-soft mattresses. This is a hybrid mattress which means it’s a combination of memory foam and inner springs. As it has both Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam and EverCool® Memory Foam, its cooling and pressure-relieving prowess are second to none. It’s Cool Balance® Elite Technology also helps regulate a proper sleeping temperature. It also comes with “TrueSense® 4.0 design with 4-way motion isolation” which minimizes disturbances from partner movement. A common complaint about memory foam mattresses is “edge roll-off”. This happens because the edges of this type of mattresses are generally not firm enough to hold a person. However, the Serta ProEnergy Super Pillow-Top Elite Luxury foam mattress has been strengthened with ComfortLast® Construction plus Total Edge® Foam Encasement to resist sagging in the middle and rolling off from the edge.

Where to buy?

  1. Manufacturer’s website:
  2. At your local mattress store

Hope this 5 best luxury memory foam mattress review was helpful to you. If you’d rather go for a budget-friendly version visit Bedroom Solutions to learn more.