DynastyMattress DM9000s Adjustable Bed Review

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Detailed Review of 25 Specs

…with DynastyMattress vs Amerisleep vs Prodigy 2.0 Comparison

Dynasty Mattress DM9000s adjustable base

If we simply listed all the features of the DynastyMattress adjustable bed, this DM9000s adjustable base review would be very boring! That’s why we have compared the DM9000s adjustable base to two of the best adjustable beds below. Hope you like this unique DynastyMattress review cum comparison.

So without any wait, let’s start the review of dynasty mattress adjustable bed dm9000s review.

25 Specs that makes this the best adjustable bed of 2022

First, here is a list of 25 reasons why the DM9000s mattress, the most-feature rich adjustable bed of the modern era and best bedroom solutions, continues to top our list for the 3rd consecutive year (from 2019 to 2020 to 2021).

  1. Independent Pillow Tilting – The pillow section helps people keep their head and neck straight and pain-free for continued TV watching, reading, etc.
  2. Wall Hugging – keeps you close to the nightstand even in the upright, seated position. This a game changer mattress
  3. Three Customizable Memory Positions – adjustable bases gives you the freedom to do adjustments to your favorite position with a single click of a button using remotes
  4. Independent Lumbar Support – for additional support/ pressure on the lumbar area. Can relieve most back pains.
  5. Head & Foot massage – switch between Pulse or Wave massage with auto-shutoff timer and 3 intensity levels. The massage functionality of this mattress is remote control and amazing.
  6. Furniture-style decking – this mattress adds a touch of luxury to the couple bedroom
  7. Excellent upholstery finishes and gorgeous design with amazing quality.
  8. Height adjustable legs (6 – 10″) – to raise or lower the bed depending on your height or the mattress height
  9. Storage-bed compatibility – place the bed frame on a storage bed, platform bed, on the floor, or simply use the space underneath the bed for storage boxes, etc.
  10. Under-bed lighting – to light up the bedroom during those nighttime trips to the bathroom
  11. Quiet motors with 900 lb weight lifting capacity – mattresses weigh typically 50 to 150 lbs. This gives 700+ pounds for the sleepers even with the heaviest mattress
  12. 4 USB Ports (2 on each side) – charge up to four devices simultaneously
  13. One-touch flat memory button – come back to sleeping position with a single click on the remote
  14. Microhooking mattress retention – adhesive base sticks to the mattress and keeps it in place (otherwise, the dynasty mattress may slip/ slide when the top section is raised)
  15. Dynasty mattress retainer bar – does the same job as the microhooks. If the microhooks do the job for you, feel free to get rid of this bar which can interfere with making the bed/tucking the sheets under the mattress.
  16. Bluetooth speaker + sub-woofer – connects to and plays music and voicemails on your phone
  17. Unmatched price – we have found only one adjustable bed brand with comparable specs to the DM9000s. That is over $2000 more expensive than the DM9000s
  18. Emergency power down feature – can you imagine what happens if you’re in the seated position and there is a power failure? Worry not, with the battery backup, you don’t have to worry about a dark room.
  19. iOS/Android App helps you control the bed using your smartphone
  20. Wireless 18-button remote – some ‘remote’ controllers still come wired even as of 2021
  21. Split-king beds can be kept independent of each other (recommended if you have two twin-XL mattresses) or synced together (if you have a single, King size mattress)
  22. Easy and fast setup products – delivered pre-assembled
  23. All sizes from Twin XL, full, queen, eastern king, and California king are available with split-king options
  24. Extended warranty – 10-year warranty on parts, bed flashlight, mechanical, motor, electric & labor with in-home technician visits + Lifetime warranty on the metal frame
  25. Optional white glove delivery and setup

Over 400 user reviews.

*Overall score was calculated according to the rules described on this page.

  • Did you notice? Dynasty mattress adjustable beds have every imaginable spec … that’s why it is our #1 and Most Feature-Rich Adjustable Bed

8 Major Pros for this Model

DynastyMattress DM9000s Price

1. Economical

If I say that the DM9000s is a cheap adjustable bed, I would be lying. In general, adjustable beds are really expensive and I wish they were cheaper. However, everything in life is relative and relative to other adjustable beds that offer similar features, the DynastyMattress DM9000s is very reasonably priced (Deal Alert: Additional 5% taken off on the Check out page through this special page on the Manufacturer’s Website).

As you’ve already seen, the DM9000s has all the specs you would ever need on an adjustable bed. Other models with these features will cost $3000 upwards for a Split-king model. However, the DM9000s are over $1000 cheaper than these comparable models. This product is better than other adjustable beds.

DM9000s Lumbar Support

2. Independent Lumbar Support

The independent lumbar support feature dynastymattress adjustable bed is one of the most attractive features of this product. Understand that this can’t permanently cure a slipped disk, but it can provide almost instant temporary relief to a stiff/sore back. Especially when you combine the lumbar support with the massage/vibration feature, it really will soothe not only your lower back but the entire body. This reviewer talks about the difference it makes in a sitting-up position.

DM9000s Independent Pillow Tilting

3. Independent Pillow Tilting

Only about 10% of all beds have adjustment pillow tilting. Out of those, only a handful have INDEPENDENT pillow tilting. This feature lets you tilt the ‘pillow tilt’ section even while the rest of the bed is flat. The adjustments features of the dynastymattress dm9000s adjustable bed are amazing. There is a separate, 3rd motor for that. In other models, pillow tilting only works after completely tilting the head tilt. This feature is awesome for daily life activities like watching TV, working, reading, sleeping, or having breakfast in bed and you can control it from a mobile device. A lot of customers absolutely love this, read more about Independent Pillow Tilting here.

Wall Hugging of DM9000s Adjustable Bed

4. Wall Hugging – 6″ back travel

The great majority of adjustable beds in the market take you forward, away from the nightstand when the upper section of the bed is raised. This puts you out of reach of the nightstand. Twisting backward to reach stuff on the nightstand/bedside table can give you a really bad neck/backache. This is why adjustable bed manufacturers invented wall hugging (aka wall snuggling). Beds with wall-hugging have an extra motor that slides the bed frame back simultaneously to the rising upper body. This backward travel of the bed ensures that you stay close to the nightstand even in the sitting position. The dynasty mattress DM9000s takes you up to 6 inches back, to keep you close to the nightstand as much as possible. 

Programmable Memory Positions of DM9000s Bed Frame

5. Programmable Memory Positions

The Memory A, Memory B, and Zero Gravity buttons on the remote represent the programmable memory positions. Even the ‘factory preset’ zero-gravity position can be customized to your liking. This reviewer (Jennifer) discusses a few useful details about these memory positions. 


Furniture Style Decking of DynastyMattress DM9000s

6. Furniture Style Decking

This is a feature that may or may not be useful depending on your specific requirements. If you already have a wooden bed frame (e.g. sleigh bed) and wish to place your electric powered adjustable base inside it, you won’t need a bed with furniture-style decking. The upholstered double decking design may not fit inside the wooden frame. Further, you’re paying extra cash for the decking and then you’re hiding it within the wooden frame. That doesn’t make sense, does it? So if you’re buying a DM9000s, you need to make sure that you will use it as a standalone bed to be able to appreciate its truly gorgeous furniture-style decking! 


DM9000s Adjustable Bed Massage Review

7. Therapeutic Massage

Most adjustable beds with the massage function nowadays offer head and foot dual massage. There are two dedicated motors placed in the head region and foot region of the bed for this. The DM9000s takes it a step further by having a quad-massage that focuses on four areas of your body. You can switch between 3 massage intensities for head and foot regions independently. With a built-in timer, you can also set it to automatically turn off after 10, 20, or 30 minutes. There is also a ‘wave function’ which means that the head and foot massages take place alternatingly creating a sensation of a wave going from head to toe. 


DM9000s Pros and Cons

8. Miscellaneous Features

  • A/C outlet on each side (this is a very unique and rare feature)
  • Under-bed night lighting – 2 strips of LED lights
  • Bluetooth speakers system – main speaker, sub-speaker, and sub-woofer (this is also unheard of for adjustable beds)
  • One-touch flat button in addition to the 3 programmable memory positions
  • An industry-leading 900 pound weight-lifting capacity
  • Micro-hooking mattress retention to keep the mattresses in place, without slipping
  • Smart bed – control your bed with your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • 6 – 10″ adjustable leg height
  • Backlit wireless remote controller
  • Free shipping
  • 10-year full warranty on parts and labor
  • Lifetime warranty on the heavy-duty steel bed frame
  • Flashlight on remote – not really bright or useful
  • Under the bed lighting remote control feature


2 Cons You Need to be Aware of:

There’s hardly anything wrong with the DM9000s bed. We have made up two ‘cons’ for the sake of completion of this review, but you decide if they really are cons or not!!

Glideaway adjustable bed reviews

1. No Elevation Lift

As previously mentioned, the elevation feature is exclusive to the Glideaway adjustable beds. The average adjustable bed user does NOT need Elevation Lift. 

This additional tilt which allows you to tilt your entire body forward, in a Reverse Trendelenburg Position, is mainly beneficial for combating heartburn/acid reflux.

But the good news is that, even without elevation lift, as long as you elevate the head by 5 – 8 degrees on the DM9000s, you can still eliminate or minimize heartburn pretty successfully.


DM9000s Warranty

2. Goes Out-of-Stock

Unfortunately, we see that the model goes out of stock about once every 2-3 months. This lasts for about two weeks and then comes back in stock. Usually, it only happens for a particular size at a time. We have seen it happen with the queen, king, and split-king sizes.

We guess this is because they are unable to keep up with the demand. I guess it’s not surprising the bed goes out of stock often given how feature-rich it is and how cheap it is. This bed has only these two problems. 


Watch our EXCLUSIVE Video Review of the DM9000s

Summary of the Review

Here we summarize the major pros and cons of the DynastyMattress DM9000s adjustable base


  1. Great price for the features offered
  2. Independent Lumbar Support
  3. Independent Pillow Tilting
  4. 4 Memory Positions: 3 Customizable and 1 Preset Memory Positions
  5. Wall Hugging with up to 11″ back travel
  6. Furniture-style, upholstered, double decking design lets you use it as a standalone bed
  7. 4 USB Ports + 2 A/C Outlets
  8. 6 – 10 inch adjustable leg height
  9. Quad massage with timer and wave mode
  10. 900 lb lifting capacity
  11. App controllable smart bed
  12. Lifetime warranty on the steel bed frame and 10-year full warranty on parts and labor



  1. Great price for the features offered
  2. Independent Lumbar Support
  3. Independent Pillow Tilting
  4. 4 Memory Positions: 3 Customizable and 1 Preset Memory Positions
  5. Wall Hugging with up to 11″ back travel
  6. Furniture-style, upholstered, double decking design lets you use it as a standalone bed
  7. 4 USB Ports + 2 A/C Outlets
  8. 6 – 10 inch adjustable leg height
  9. Quad massage with timer and wave mode
  10. 900 lb lifting capacity
  11. App controllable smart bed
  12. Lifetime warranty on the steel bed frame and 10-year full warranty on parts and labor


The DynastyMattress DM9000s is the most feature-rich and overall best adjustable bed in the current 2019 marketplace. Given its very reasonable price point, it would be the go-to adjustable bed base frame for most consumers. This is one of the best companies.

Hope this Dynasty Mattress DM9000s review has given you a fairly good understanding of the revolutionary adjustable bed. The Pros and Cons of the DM9000s adjustable bed that we have underlined should help you realize the major strengths and weaknesses of the DynastyMattress adjustable bed. Please let us know what you think about our review of dynasty mattress dm9000s adjustable bed review.

Please let us know your thoughts and questions on the DM9000s as well as our review on the bed using the comment form below.

Thank you!


  1. Scott Simmons

    This is EXACTLY the adjustable bed I’ve been looking for. Seems almost too good to be true. If only Dynasty Mattress offered a hybrid mattress to bundle it with, it would be THEE perfect bed.

    • Belinda Palmer

      Hi Scott,

      Great to hear that you agree with our rankings. Hope you have seen the top 10 adjustable beds on https://bedroom.solutions/best-adjustable-beds/ too. You can couple the DM9000s with any hybrid mattress. Doesn’t have to be from Dynasty Mattress. This is high-quality hybrid mattress we can recommend without hesitation.

      Let us know if you need any further clarifications!


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