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33 Adjustable Bed Features

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A Unique Review & Comparison

By  Belinda Palmer

best adjustable bed selection criteria

Simply put, adjustable beds are bed frames whose head section and foot section can be adjusted so that sleepers can raise their upper bodies and legs to various positions. Originally limited to hospitals, today, adjustable beds have become almost an essential part of the bedroom given their various lifestyle and health benefits.

If you want to improve your sleep by upgrading to an adjustable bed and mattress, look no further as Bedroom Solutions' best adjustable bed frames have been carefully selected after a scientific ranking and review process.

The RIGHT Way to Choose Your Adjustable Bed

If YOU had to select the adjustable bed yourself, this is what you'll need to do:

  • Research 100s of adjustable beds
  • Analyze features offered by each bed
  • Identify the MUST-HAVE features for your bed
  • Analyze the manufacturer/ brand reputation
  • Read through consumer reviews for each bed
  • Compare specs, prices etc. etc. with other adjustable bases

That is what we do at Bedroom Solutions so that you can benefit from our decades of experience in the sleep industry. Here's exactly what we analyzed to compile this review.

adjustable bed frames analyzed

adjustable bed specs analyzed

consumer reviews analyzed

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What our research unearthed

  • 10 most in-demand adjustable bed specs (described below)
  • 3 Most-Useful, and therefore MUST-HAVE specs
  • Top 10 adjustable beds under different categories
  • High-end adjustable beds with all 3 essential specs
  • Mid-range adjustable beds with over 50% of the top 10 specs
  • Entry-level (budget-friendly) bases with basic specs

Overall Best Adjustable Bed of 2020 through 2021 - Quick Overview

We go in to details about each of our top 10 adjustable beds further down the page. Here we provide a quick rundown on our #1 ranked adjustable base for your convenience.

17 Pros & Cons of the Best All-round Adjustable Bed

Top Adjustable Bed of 2020

This is the most-feature rich adjustable bed you will find on planet earth right now. It has all the major adjustable bed features you can expect to find in a power base in 2021. We sleep nearly 1/3rd of our lives; that's why you shouldn't settle for anything less than the highest quality adjustable bed and mattress you can get your hands around.

The DM9000s has 9 out of the Top 10 Adjustable Bed Specs

(First 3 are MUST-HAVE specs)

  1. Independent Pillow tilting - better neck support during reading, TV watching, knitting, email checking etc. No more stacking pillows to keep your head straight.
  2. Wall hugging - slides the adjustable base back to keep you close to the nightstand even when you're in the upright position.
  3. FOUR Memory Positions (3 programmable + 1 preset) on the remote controller to get you to your favorite positions with a single click
  4. Head and Foot massage with timer, speed control buttons, different intensity levels, pulse and rolling-wave feature.
  5. Platform bed/ storage bed-friendly (zero-clearance adjustable bed). Over 90% of the models have mechanical components sticking under the adjustable foundation preventing you from using it with a storage or platform bed frame. But the DM9000s is specially designed to ensure that nothing sticks under bed.
  6. Height adjustable legs so that the legs can be adjusted from 6 - 10 inches
  7. Under-bed lighting so that your night-time trips to the bathroom can be lit up without disturbing your partner
  8. Lumbar support to relieve tired/aching back muscles. This is adjustable; you can control the lumbar pressure using the 'Lumbar Up' and 'Lumbar Down' buttons.
  9. Upholstered, furniture-style decking for great looks (hides the 'ugly' metal frames if you wish to use it as a standalone bed, without a wooden bed frame).

*** The only top 10 feature it lacks is Elevation Lift. It is an optional feature for sleepers with severe heartburn (acid reflux). Even without this feature, you can successfully combat acid reflux (aka GERD) by raising the upper body 5 - 8 degrees on the DM9000s base.***

6 BONUS features that make this the best value for money adjustable bed in the 2021 market:

  1. Economically priced: adjustable beds that are half as feature-rich are over $1000 more expensive (for a split-king size bed) despite having fewer specs.
  2. 10-Year Extended Warranty on parts, labor, electrical and motor ($0 deductible parts and labor with in-home technician visits).
  3. Lifetime Warranty on its metal frame.
  4. Micro-hooking mattress retention instead of the mattress retention bar which is old-fashioned and gets in the way when making the bed (tucking the sheets under the bar can be annoying).
  5. The DM9000s adjustable bed frame has 4 USB Ports (2 on each side)
  6. Bluetooth speaker + sub-woofer

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What are the frame's Cons ?

We failed to find any drawbacks/ limitations of the DM9000s except for the following two:

  1. It lacks 'Elevation Lift' which is a feature recommended for sleepers with heartburn. If you don't have heartburn, its absence on this model is not an issue.
  2. Over the years, we've seen this model go out of stock online regularly. May be they can't keep up with the demand (just guessing). Consider yourself lucky if the size you want is in-stock when you're reading this.

10 Best Adjustable Beds - Ratings and Comparisons

Adjustable Bed Ranking

Score out of 100

Available Top 10 Specs

Noteworthy Miscellaneous Features

All-round Best Adjustable Bed


Has 9 out of the top 10 specs discussed above

The only feature it lacks is Elevation Lift recommended for severe acid reflux (the D7500s adjustable bed has it). However, it is not a mandatory feature because raising the upper body by 5-8 degrees on any adjustable bed can control night time heartburn episodes.

This is #1 because 

  1. it is the Most Feature-Rich adjustable bed in the market
  2. we're yet to see a better warranty (Lifetime Warranty on the Metal Frame; $0 deductible, 10 year warranty on parts, motor, electric mechanical & labor with in-home visits)
  3. of the unmatched price for the specs on offer
  4. it comes from a popular American company
  5. of the excellent consumer reviews

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  • Split-king beds can be synced and controlled together or used independently of each other.
  • Scored 89/100: Lost 11 points for (i) lack of elevation lift, (ii) being expensive compared to basic models and (iii) missing minor specs like the remote holding pouch
  • This memory foam mattress is the best adjustable mattress we can recommend for the DM9000s base (Holiday Sale going on with $150 discount + $300 worth of free pillows, mattress protector and microfiber sheet set)
  • Click Here for More Details and Pictures of the DM9000s Adjustable Bed Frame >>ON SALE RIGHT NOW<<

Best Adjustable Mattress & Bed Combo


Compared to the DM9000s powerbase, this lacks furniture-style decking and zero-clearance

  • Optionally available with high-quality 10", 12" or 14" cool gel soft, medium or firm memory foam mattress.
  • CONS: less feature-rich yet more expensive than the DM9000s.
  • Without Mattress price was cheaper here the last time we checked
  • Prodigy Comfort Elite review here

Best Luxury Adjustable Bed


Compared to the DM9000s, this lacks lumbar support, furniture-style decking and zero-clearance

  • Cons: Less feature-rich and up to $1500 more expensive than the DM9000s.
  • Conclusion: Probably has the best upholstery finishes of all. If you don't need lumbar support and the extra cost doesn't worry you, this is your #1 adjustable bed frame.
  • Our In-depth review here

Best Mid-range Adjustable Base


The Layla adjustable bed has 5 of the 10 specs:

  1. wall hugging
  2. programmable positions
  3. Dual massage
  4. Adjustable leg height
  5. Under-bed lights

Fastest Set-up Bed Frame


The Nectar adjustable base has just 3 of the Top 10 specs:

  1. Programmable positions
  2. Dual massage
  3. Under-bed lights
  • Nectar adjustable mattress options are available to combine with the power base.
  • CONS: Too few specs on offer for the price.

Best Entry-level Adjustable Bed Frame


Same as the Nectar foundation above

  • The base has 1 programmable memory positions and 5 preset memory positions (Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, Lounge, TV watching and Flat)
  • Budget-friendly pricing structure.
  • Comes with 15 whisper-quiet massage modes

7. Bear

Best Bed with an Aluminum Frame


Has 5 of the 10:

  1. Wall Hugging
  2. Two custom memory positions via the Wi Fi App
  3. Adjustable height legs
  4. Storage bed friendly
  5. Under-bed night light
  • Good mid-range bed frame from a trusted brand name.
  • Plenty of Bear mattresses to choose from.
  • CONS: Not cheap

8. Purple

Popular Brand


The Purple base has 4 of the 10:

  1. Custom memory positions
  2. Massage
  3. Adjustable height legs
  4. Under-bed night lighting
  • This is most likely the Reverie 5D rebranded as Purple. Purple acknowledges this on their website.
  • CONS: $1000 more expensive than the DM9000s for the split-king yet has far fewer functions.

9. Yaasa

Best Sectional Adjustable Platform


Has 3 of the 10:

  1. Wall Hugging
  2. Programmable memory positions
  3. Storage bed friendly/ Zero-clearance
  • The Yaasa base comes in sections just like the Bear.
  • Yaasa also has their own line of adjustable mattresses.
  • It looks pretty, but those looks don't come cheap.

Best Value Adjustable Bed


Has 2 of the 10:

  1. One custom memory position
  2. Zero-clearance
  • Amazing quality for the amazing price.
  • If you're looking for a basic and wallet-friendly frame, look no further.

Disclaimer: We triple check every fact displayed here to make sure that we paint an accurate picture of an adjustable bed in your mind. But our team of humans are not perfect and we can make mistakes just like everyone else. So, it's best that you go online and cross check our details with those given on the relevant product pages. 

Adjustable Bed Rating Process

Below we will describe it very briefly for your information; however, the detailed adjustable bed ranking process is described here. We initially analyzed 33 adjustable bed specs and 1200+ consumer reviews on over 80 adjustable bed frames from different manufacturers. This analysis revealed the following 10 Most useful and popular specs which we further categorized as shown below.

Top 10 Most Useful Adjustable Bed Specs


  1. Pillow Tilting: better head and neck support when sitting up on the bed (reading, watching TV etc.)
  2. Wall Hugging : keeps you next to the nightstand even when the head is raised
  3. Programmable Memory Positions: program your own, custom positions

To learn more about these 3 features, go here to watch 3 animations.

These 3 are MUST-Haves if your budget allows. If your adjustable bed doesn't have these 3, you're missing a lot!!

3 Optional Specs

  1. Lumbar Support: for those who need extra back support
  2. Furniture-style Decking: for those who like the gorgeous looks
  3. Elevation Lift: to prevent acid reflux/ heartburn

4 Supplementary Specs

  1. Head and Foot Massage: to relax those tired muscles
  2. Storage-bed Compatibility
  3. Height-adjustable Legs
  4. Under-bed Lighting

10 Benefits of Adjustable Bed Frames

Adjustable beds provide the following sleep, lifestyle and health benefits

  1. Watch TV, read, knit, write, work on your laptop etc. from the comfort of your bed
  2. Better sleep (including during pregnancy)
  3. Alleviates pains (back, joint, sciatica pains etc.)
  4. Improves breathing
  5. Stops snoring
  6. Reduces swelling of legs, ankles, and feet
  7. Combats acid reflux
  8. Alleviates signs of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)
  9. Improves digestion
  10. More independence for couples (with a split-king powerbase)

For a detailed explanation on how adjustable beds achieve these benefits, go to this page.


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  4. https://www.arthritis.org/

Best Adjustable Bed Frame Reviews of 2021

Below we provide detailed reviews on each and every power base that made it to our top 10 listing. Please spend enough time on each adjustable bed and mattress to understand the differences of physical specs as well as their manufacturing companies, trial periods, 3 - 10 year limited warranty periods, available sizes, online availability, cost of white glove delivery, consumer reviews, various controls on the remote, ease of setup, ability to fit a head board, pricing structure etc. etc.

DM9000s - Overall Best Adjustable Base of 2021

Top Adjustable Bed of 2020

Here are 25 reasons to buy the DM9000s, the most-feature rich adjustable bed you will find on planet earth right now.

  1. Pillow Tilting
  2. Wall Hugging
  3. Customizable Memory Positions : zero-gravity + 2 more
  4. Independent Lumbar Support
  5. Furniture-style decking
  6. Head & Foot massage : Pulse or Wave massage with timer and 3 intensity levels
  7. Storage-bed compatibility
  8. Height adjustable legs (6 - 10")
  9. Under-bed lighting
  10. 4 USB Ports (2 on each side)
  11. Quiet motors with 900 lb industry leading weight lifting capacity
  12. One-touch flat preset memory button on the remote
  13. Bluetooth speaker + sub-woofer: connects your phone to the speaker
  14. Microhooking mattress retention: sticks to the mattress like Velcro and prevents the mattress from slipping/ sliding when the head is raised
  15. Mattress retainer bar is also included. But you can get rid of it, if the microhooks can successfully keep your brand of mattress in place
  16. Emergency power down with power failures: you won't be stuck in the upright position if there is a power failure
  17. Wireless 18-button remote
  18. Smartphone compatible via the iOS/Android App
  19. Split-king beds maybe synced together or kept independent of each other, depending on your preference
  20. Delivered pre-assembled; therefore, setup is quick
  21. Eye pleasing design with high-quality upholstery
  22. White glove delivery and setup available
  23. All size options are available on the power base: Twin XL, full size, queen size, eastern king and California king size, split-king and California split-king size
  24. Lifetime Warranty on the metal frame and 10 year warranty on parts, mechanical, motor, electric & labor with in-home technician visits
  25. Unmatched price - the nearest competitor with similar specs is over $1000 more expensive than the DM9000s

Right now, selling at never before seen prices!! Take advantage of the ongoing sale..

DM9000s Programmable Memory Positions

Leggett & Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite - Best Adjustable Mattress and Base Combo

Leggett & Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite Adjustable Base

Leggett & Platt used to dominate adjustable bed rankings prior to 2018. That is when other models like the DM9000s were introduced with a more affordable price and better specs. The Prodigy CE is available with and without the adjustable mattress.

It has 7 of the top 10 characteristics. It lacks the following when compared to the DM9000s:

  1. Furniture-style decking
  2. Zero-clearance - you can't store anything under the bed or you can't keep it on a storage or platform bed

Major highlights of the Prodigy Comfort Elite:

  1. Independent Pillow Tilting (foot section - up to 45 degrees; head section - up to 75 degrees; pillow section - up to 7 degrees)
  2. Wall Hugging: ~8″ of back travel
  3. Four Memory Positions: 2 preset memory positions (anti-snore and flat) and two programmable positions
  4. Independent Lumbar Support: dedicated motor just like on the DM9000s
  5. 6″ – 10″ height adjustable legs to raise or lower the frame as you wish
  6. Under-bed lighting
  7. 850 lb lifting capacity (including mattress)

Miscellaneous Properties:

  1. 8 USB Ports: 4 ports on either side
  2. Head and Foot Therapeutic Massage
  3. Smart bed with iOS and Android apps
  4. Sleek remote controller with safety lock
  5. Available in Twin XL, Queen, King and Split-king sizes
  6. Price fluctuates, we’ve never seen it cheaper than $2500 for a split-king without mattress. That’s about $700 – 800 more expensive than the DM9000s.

Major Cons: Less Feature-Rich, but More Expensive than the DM9000s

Price Range: $1900 - $3300

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed - Best Adjustable Frame in the Luxury Category

Amerisleep Prodigy Adjustable Bed

The Amerisleep Plus adjustable bed  is another excellent adjustable bed. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the DM9000s. This is over $1500 more expensive than the DM9000s for a split-king adjustable base.

The Amerisleep is inferior to the DM9000s in the following aspects:

  1. No Lumbar Support
  2. No Furniture-style Decking
  3. No Bluetooth speakers
  4. Not a Zero-Clearance Bed (can't store anything underneath the bed)
  5. King size not available (non-split)
  6. California king (both split-king and non split-Cal King) sizes are also not available
  7. Expensive - $1500 more for a split-king base

Major highlights of the Amerisleep adjustable bed plus:

  1. Independent Pillow Tilting
  2. Wall Hugger engineering
  3. Highly-reputed manufacturer
  4. Probably has the best upholstery finishes of all

Major Cons: The expensive price tag; lesser specs compared to top rankers

Price Range: $1900 - $3300

Layla - #1 Adjustable Bed in the Mid-Range Category

Layla Adjustable Base

Layla adjustable bases are available as two models:

  1. Layla Adjustable Base (the basic model) and
  2. The feature-rich Layla Adjustable Base Plus. This is the one that ranked #4 on our list

When it comes to the top 10 specs, the Layla Plus has the same ones as the Amerisleep adjustable base except for pillow tilting.

Major highlights of the Layla adjustable bed:

  1. Wall Gliding (same as wall hugger)
  2. Head and Foot dual-zone Massage with 3 different intensities and auto-shutoff timer
  3. Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat preset memory positions
  4. Under-bed Lighting
  5. 4 - 10.5" height adjustable legs
  6. Alexa/Google Home Compatibility and Connects to your smartphone via Layla’s Wi-Fi App
  7. 30-day Trial (100% Money Back Guarantee)
  8. Four USB ports
  9. Easy setup
  10. Anti-sliding deck – mattress stays put without sliding off the bed (similar to microhooking retention on the DM9000s)
  11. Last but not least, it comes from the popular and highly respected brand, Layla
    Some size options like split California king are not available

Price Range: $1100 - $2200

GhostBed - Best Adjustable Bed Frame in the Entry-level Category

Ghostbed adjustable bed frame

This is an entry-level bed frame with basic specs. It has only 3 out of the 10 most important features. They are:

  1. One customizable memory position
  2. Dual massage
  3. Under-bed lighting

Major highlights of the Ghostbed adjustable base:

  1. Zero Gravity, TV watching, Anti-Snore, Lounge and Flat factory pre-set memory positions
  2. Four USB ports
  3. Available sizes ; Twin XL, Queen and Split King only
  4. 15-mode head and foot massage with timer
  5. Easy and fast setup

Major Cons: No pillow tilting & No wall hugging

Great option if you're looking for a non-complicated, 'bare bones' adjustable base.
Price Range: $900 - $1800

Nectar - Fast Setup

Nectar Adjustable Bed

This too is a budget-friendly adjustable base with relatively basic specs. Similar to the Ghostbed, it has 3 of the 10 most in-demand features which are:

  1. Three programmable memory positions
  2. Head and Foot dual massage
  3. Under-bed lighting
  • It's very similar to the Ghostbed base, however, the Nectar is about $400 more expensive for a split-king model.
  • Available sizes are Twin XL, Full, Queen, Standard King and Split-King. California king size is not available.
  • The 365-night trial period mentioned on their website is for the Nectar mattress and not the power base.

Major Cons: Too expensive for the features on offer
Price Range: $850 - $1700

Purple - Popular Branded Adjustable Base

Purple Adjustable Power Base

This is likely the Reverie 5D adjustable base rebranded as Purple. The website of Purple clearly states that Reverie manufactures the adjustable base. This is not uncommon in the mattress/ bed industry. The Purple adjustable frame is equipped with 4 of our top 10 specs.

  1. Four programmable memory positions
  2. Dual massage motors
  3. Adjustable height legs
  4. Under-bed night lighting
  • Available sizes are same as for Nectar except that Full size is not available.

Major Cons: Too expensive for the basic features available
Price Range: $1400 - $2800

Milemont Bed Base - Most Economical Price & Simple Control

Milemont Electric Bed Review

The Milemont base may have only 2 of the 10 elite features (one customizable memory position and zero-clearance), however, it offers great quality and value for the price. The Milemont adjustable bed is very popular on Amazon and has gained 100s of five star consumer reviews.

While it is highly recommended for the budget conscious, keep in mind that it lacks the following most recommended features:

  1. No pillow tilting
  2. No wall hugging

Price Range: $400 - $800
Gorgeous adjustable bed design and setup is quick and easy.

Bear - Adjustable Bed with an Aluminum Frame

Bear adjustable frame

Bear is a very good mid-range adjustable bed frame from a trusted brand name. This base has the following 4 features out of the top 10:

  1. Wall hugging
  2. Two programmable memory positions
  3. Under-bed lighting
  4. Storage-bed compatibility
  • Available sizes are only Queen, King and Split-King.

Adjustable bed price range: $1500 - $2200

CONS: Not cheap for the features on offer

Yaasa- Highest Rated Sectional Adjustable Foundation

Top Adjustable Bed by Yaasa

Yaasa Studios adjustable bed base is very similar to the Bear Mattress adjustable frame. The Yassa too has an aluminum/ metal frame and 4 wood-finish planks placed on it. The major difference is that the Yassa base is more expensive than the Bear adjustable bed. The Yaasa has a beautiful white while the Bear is black in color. Personally, I find the white prettier, but when you put the mattress on, nobody know what color it was underneath.

The major pros and cons of the Yassa adjustable base are as follows:

  1. Wall hugging
  2. Two programmable memory positions
  3. Storage-bed compatibility
  4. Two USB ports

Price Range: $1700 - $3200

CONS: Too pricey for the features on offer

  • Available sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King and Split-King
  • Trial Period: None for the base. The 100 night trial mentioned on the Yaasa website is for their mattresses.
  • Yaasa Adjustale Bed Base White Glove Service available for $199

Now you should have a fairly good idea about the most popular adjustable bed specs and which of the above movable beds will serve your purpose best. If you're still not sure about which adjustable bed suits you best, please check out the following adjustable bed buyer's guide we have compiled. At the end of this adjustable bed buyers' guide, we have provided a comprehensive list of adjustable beds categorized based on the purposes they specialize in (e.g. best adjustable beds for different categories: seniors, snoring, back pain, side-sleepers, acid-reflux, heartburn, intimate couples; split king adjustable beds for couples etc.). Note that if your doctor prescribes, your adjustable bed aka hospital bed may be covered by Medicare. Remember that selecting the right adjustable mattress is also critical for a great night of sleep.

Conclusions on our Reviews of Adjustable Beds

What’s the final verdict after all these reviews? What’s the best option available in the current market to improve your quality of sleep? Which type of adjustable beds suit your particular needs best? Well… here are the answers.

Milemont Electric Bed Review

An Entry-level base works best for…

You should shop for entry-level adjustable frames like the Milemont, Nectar or the Ghostbed if this is what you want:

  • If all you want is to raise the head (e.g. to relax) or feet (e.g.. you have restless leg syndrome) during or before sleep
  • If you have no intention of using therapeutic massage, lumbar support, wall hugging, one-click customizable memory positions, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, microhook mattress retention, smartphone compatibility etc.
  • If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend for features you’ll rarely use
DynastyMattress DM9000s Bed Review

High-end adjustable beds work best for ….

If what you expect from an adjustable bed is more than what is listed above, you will want a shop for a top-of-the-line adjustable bed with all the bells and whistles. We strongly recommend you shop for a model like the DM9000s or the Amerisleep adjustable bed Plus if your budget permits.  

  • Be sure to explore our top adjustable beds to view specific reviews, prices and more.
  • Split-king bases have become very popular as of late, mainly due to the independence each partner gets. They can be especially useful for seniors or elders where certain health conditions may force one partner to sleep in a particular position that may not be comfortable to the other. Please consider this too when you're shopping for an adjustable base. We discuss about the best split-king adjustable base brands, and look at their pros and cons on this page.
  • Last but not least, remember that you’ll need to compliment your high-quality adjustable bed with a durable adjustable bed mattress if you're to get the highest quality sleep.
  • We also urge you to visit your local mattress store if possible when you choose a mattress because the mattress is something you need to feel for yourself and it's impossible to get that feeling by shopping online. For adjustable mattresses, we strongly recommend that you shop offline instead of online.

Bedroom Solutions' Top Adjustable Bed Frames - Why Trust our Reviews and Comparisons ?

Because of the dozens of unsolicited testimonials we have received like these 
(you can see all of them at the bottom of the page on the comments section)

Vincent Corso Jr

"I am a 65 year old with back issues... Your video and knowledge has been instrumental in my decision ... Your site was extremely appreciated and your professionalism impeccable"

Kathryn Ryan

"Love your site – I have learned so much about the features of adjustable beds. We are in our mid-70’s and with advancing medical issues (sleep apnea, acid reflux, aching joints) ... Thank you so very much!"

Caleb Turner

"I loved reading your online reviews, the website is incredibly useful and full of information. ... I thought if anybody would have an answer it would be y’all. Thanks in advance!!"

Price Range of Adjustable Foundations and Mattresses

Adjustable bed price depends on the following factors

  1. Size - typically the price ascends from Twin XL to Full size to Queen to King to California King to Split King
  2. Brand / Manufacturer
  3. Specs on offer - the most basic adjustable beds with head tilt and foot tilt and a wired remote are the cheapest.
  4. Whether adjustable mattress included or not
  5. Warranty period
  6. Whether white glove services are included or not

The cheapest and most basic adjustable beds start at little as $400 for a Twin XL base. Such models will cost about $600 for a Queen and $800 for a King or Split King.

Fancier adjustable beds with modern functions can cost up to $1000 for a Twin XL, $1250-1500 for a Queen and $1750 upwards for a Split-King. The most expensive adjustable bed options are the Sleep Number FlexFit 3 and the Tempur-pedic Tempur-Ergo Extend adjustable bed that cost approximately $4000 for a split king bed frame (excluding mattresses).

White glove services including delivery and setup usually costs an additional $100-200.

Adjustable Mattress Prices

Adjustable mattresses can cost as little as $300 for a memory foam mattress or as much as $2000 upwards for a latex mattress or an adjustable air Sleep Number bed.

User Comments and Questions

Please share your questions or suggestions about our adjustable bed and mattress reviews. Thank you!