Top 6 Weighted Blankets: Best Price on ​Weighted Blankets

best affordable weighted blanket
best affordable weighted blanket

​In Depth Review

​Below we summarize everything you’ll learn ​from our unique weighted blanket reviews. We discuss everything ​related to ​basic facts of gravity blankets, ​pros and cons, ​reviews of the best weighted blankets in the market and even finding the best price on a weighted blanket that suits your personal needs ​the most.

  • ​The Science
  • ​5 Limitations
  • ​For cooling
  • ​7 Basics
  • ​for Kids
  • ​for Pets
  • ​6 Benefits
  • ​for Adults
  • ​Most Affordable

The Science of How they Work..

​Deep Touch Pressure aka Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT)

​Massage >> DPT

​It ​has been known for centuries that a simple body massage helps humans ​calm down and relax. ‘Moderate to deep pressure’ as in cuddling, hugging and massaging ​stimulates ‘deep’ nerve endings which ​​turns on a cascade of events leading to calming down and even falling asleep of individuals. The ​scientific term for this natural physiological process is ‘Deep Pressure Therapy’ (DPT). ​DPT is extensively used by therapists for managing conditions like autism, ADHD and anxiety.


​​​Modern ​research has shown that ​​DPT such as massage therapy activates the body’s Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) ​​leading to the following hormonal changes:

  1. decreases ​stress hormone levels (cortisol) ​
  2. increases happy hormone levels ​ ​(serotonin and dopamine) and
  3. increases sleep hormone levels (melatonin) ​

It is these ​​hormonal changes​ that help people calm down and ​even fall asleep after ​receiving DPT.

​Massaging is a great way to give DPT (Deep Pressure Therapy), but you can’t keep doing it all night long! ​This is where weighted blankets, compression clothing, ​​weighted vests​ etc. come in to play. ​​​Studies have shown that weighted blankets, ​by stimulating DPT, ​turn on the Parasympathetic Nervous System and help people with autism, ADHD, anxiety and insomnia ​calm down and sleep better.

7 Things ​to Know Before ​You Buy One

​Here we discuss about ​7 things you need to know before purchasing a gravity blanket. To make sure that you get the best weighted blanket that suits you most, you need to decide which options you want to select out of the 7 options below.

  • ​Type of beads
  • ​The right type
  • ​the right weight
  • ​The right fabric
  • ​The right ​price
  • ​the right size
  • ​Year-round

Weighted Blanket ​​Facts in Detail

beads poly pellets of blankets

1. Pellets make them ​heavy

I bet you already knew that. Why else would they be called weighted blankets?​ Adult weighted blankets can weigh anything from 10 – 30 pounds.

​Do you know what makes them ​so heavy?

  1. ​Metal beads
  2. ​Micro-glass beads
  3. ​​Plastic ​poly pellets
  4. ​Metal chains

​If you guessed any of the above fillings, you got it right! Congratulations!

10 percent of body weight

2. Finding the right weight

​​Weighted blankets are available starting as light as 5 pounds or as heavy as 30 pounds. How do you know which is right for you?

  1. Adults: generally go for 10% of the body weight (anything from 7-12% works fine)
  2. Kids: generally go for 5% of the body weight (if using for a specific medical condition, it’s best to ask the pediatrician/ medical experts taking care of the condition)
gravity blanket size review

3. Finding the right ​size

​​​You need to understand that weighted blankets are not meant be tucked in, instead ​just be draped over. Therefore, they come in smaller sizes than blankets or comforters

adult child pet weighted blankets

​4. ​Finding the right type

​There are different types of heavy blankets depending on how they’re made

  1. ​Infused weighted blankets
  2. Box-type
  3. Wearable weighted vests
  4. With removable cover
  5. DIY blankets
  6. Waterproof gravity blankets
10 percent body weight

​5. ​Finding the right fabric

​​​Gravity blankets come in a variety of different fabrics such as Chenille, Cotton, Minky (Polyester), ​Fleece and Bamboo. You also have the option to change duet covers.

adult child pet weighted blankets

​6. ​​Year-round vs Winter

​​Are you looking for a weighted blanket to be used only during the cooler part of the year? Or are you looking for one that can be used during warm summer nights too? There are two kinds. The ones that sweat during summer, and ones that don’t. You need to decide the exact type you want.

weighted blanket price

​7. ​Best price

​Even if everything else is right about a blanket, but the price is not, that is not a good choice. This is why it’s important to get the price right. ​The least expensive is never the right choice for most products. But you’ll be surprised to learn how inexpensive the best weighted blankets are.

6 Benefits (Pros)

​Here we discuss about the 6 major health benefits weighted blankets have ​on sleep and general ​​composure of adults, kids as well as pets.

  • ​Sleep Quality
  • ​ADHD, OCD, Autism
  • ​Anxiety
  • ​Sleep Medications
  • ​RLS
  • ​Deep Pressure Therapy

Weighted Blanket ​Sleep Benefits in Detail

weighted blankets improve sleep quality

​1. ​​Improves sleep quality

​Weighted blankets ​can do wonders ​to ​those who are sleep deprived​, by

  1. ​Relieving anxiety
  2. Alleviating stress/ depression
  3. Increasing melatonin production
  4. Releasing calming hormones/ chemicals
  5. Mimicking Deep Pressure Touch (DPT)
  6. Lowering cortisol levels
Anxiety induced insomnia

​2. ​Fights Anxiety induced Insomnia

​​​​The modern, busy lifestyle is the root of most anxiety, stress, and depression among Americans. Such individuals are known to have high-levels of the stress hormone known as ‘cortisol’. Consistently high cortisol levels can disrupt your sleep and even ​lead to ​chronic insomnia in some. ​Insomnia, in turn, makes anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms worse. The vicious cycle can make people very sick. Weighted blankets, by stimulating deep pressure touch and releasing feel-good hormones such as dopamine, acts to decrease cortisol levels helping such individuals ​break this vicious cycle and ​conquer insomnia caused by stress and anxiety.

restless legs syndrome

​​​3. ​​​Alleviates symptoms of R​LS

​​​Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), ​aka Willis-Ekbom Disease, affects as many as ​one in ten adult Americans.​ ​It is a neurological disease ​characterized by an ​urge to move ​legs when ​at rest. For obvious reasons, RLS also interferes with sleep. Application of pressure ​can temporarily depress this urge to move. Thus compression socks have been used to achieve this over the years. The only problem is that they can be too tight and uncomfortable when wearing for long ​periods of time. Weighted blankets ​can provide this external pressure in a milder and more comfortable way than compression socks. Therefore, weighted blankets are known to alleviate symptoms of RLS not only when going to bed, but also when watching TV, working on the computer etc. etc.

Autism OCD ADHD symptom alleviation

​​​4. ​​​​​Alleviates symptoms of ​ADHD, ASD, OCD, PTSD etc.

​This almost sounds fake, wouldn’t you say? How can a simple weighted blanket be the solution for all of these? ​It’s actually through the simple mechanism we explained earlier. The extra weight stimulates deep pressure touch (DPT) sensory receptors which in turn causes release of calming hormones (serotonin and dopamine which are found in low levels in kids with OCD and autism) resulting in all the beneficial effects. They’re also sometimes known as sensory blankets for this reason.

But please be aware that weighted blankets are not a magic pill that ​can cure all of above complex conditions permanently . The blanket provides a temporary relief which is often enough to get the job done for better focusing at school, or ​​relaxing before falling asleep etc. This is why many therapists recommend weighted blankets or sometimes even wearable weighted vests for adults/kids with some of the above disorders.

alternative for sleep medication

5. ​Alternative for sleep medications?

​​​What’s the alternative to a weighted blanket (aka gravity blanket) ? The obvious answer is various types of sleep and anti-stress medications. ​They’re neither cheap nor healthy in the long run compared to a weighted blanket which is a one time investment!

Deep Pressure Therapy of Weighted Blankets

​​6. ​Secret of DPT

​​​​As mentioned earlier, these heavy blankets are able to improve your quality ​regardless of whether you’re suffering from sleep deprivation/ insomnia or not. The weight creates something known as Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) aka Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) which stimulates release of calming hormones/ chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin as well as well known sleep inducing hormones such as melatonin. The result is a sense of ​safety, relaxation, ​comfort and deep sleep.

​5 Cons (drawbacks) of ​Gravity Blankets

​Weighted blankets have many health benefits, but like anything else on planet earth, they have a few drawbacks as well. But, as far as we’re concerned the benefits outweigh the drawbacks by many a mile!

  • Expensive
  • Bead Leakage
  • ​Bulky
  • Can be too warm
  • Uneven weight​distribution

Weighted Blanket Limitations in Detail

1. Expensive

weighted blanket price

​​​If you didn’t guess already, the beads, the fancy stitching of beads on to the blanket, the removable and washable cover etc. etc. adds to the overall price of the blanket.

2. Not travel-friendly

bulky size

​​​They’re heavy and ​bulky, which make them difficult to take them with you when you travel around.

3. Too warm

sleeping hot blankets

​​If weighted blankets did ​the trick during winter and helped you fall asleep, ​and it was too warm during the warm summer nights, what would you do? This can be a bit of a problem, but fortunately, there are weighted blankets made of cool outer covers so that they ​can keep you cool (to a certain extent) even during warm ​summer nights.

4. Bead Leakage

beed leakage on gravity blankets

​​This is a problem of low-quality weighted blankets. Poorly sewn blankets leak glass or poly beads. Fortunately, there are plenty of ​better-quality gravity blankets that have been stitched using high-quality computer-aided technologies that are guaranteed leakage resistant.

5. Uneven ​distribution

even distribution of glass beads
  1. ​​This is again a characteristic of low-quality blankets. If there is no mechanism to hold the glass beads in place, they will shift to the edges of the ​square/diagonal compartments. But fortunately, the best heavy blankets avoid this problem and ensure even distribution of beads within and between the different compartments.

​​Best Heavy Blanket

​Under this section, we’re going to list and review the best gravity blankets for adults, kids, and pets. In addition, we have reviews on top rated cooling weighted blankets as well as reviews on weighted vests. This latter group is especially useful ​for kids with ​Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

  • ​Best Kids
  • ​Best ​Weighted Vests
  • ​Best Adult
  • ​Best Pet
  • ​Best Cooling

The following sections list and review the best gravity blankets under different categories.

Best Adult Weighted Blankets

​There are literally 100s of adults’ weighted blankets in the market. Most of them are of decent quality. We obviously can’t review every single one of them. Feel free to read the customer reviews on any brand that interests you and make an educated decision. If you’re not sure on a particular brand, do drop us a line and we’ll see if we can be of any help. Below, we review two of the best known adult heavy blankets of 2020.

​Major Features of the ​Luna adult weighted blanket are as follows.

​10 different weights

​5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 22, 25, and 30 lbs

​6 different sizes

​36″ x 48″, 41″ x 60″, 48″ x 72″​, 60″ x 80″, 48″ x 72″, 80″ x 87″

​16 Colors/Patterns

​a variety of shades and designs from blue to pink to green to grey to choose from

​7 layers

​And 8 ties to ensure that no leaks take place

​Medical-grade glass beads

​Hypoallergenic, Oeko-Tex Certified ​and Non-Toxic, evenly placed glass beads ​dispersed in natural breathable cotton for even weight distribution

​Other features

  • Uses precision computer-aided sewing
  • Machine washable


Luna Review

​Major Features of the ​Manta ​weighted blanket are as follows.

​Glass beads

​Evenly distributed premium-quality glass beads that are ​sewn into each ​pocket for even weight distribution

​Other features

  • ​100% cotton
  • Machine washable

​​1 weight

​17​ lbs

​1 size

​​60″ x 80″​


Doesn’t come with a removable duet cover



​Manta Review

Best ​Weighted Blankets for Kids

​​There are a variety of weighted heavy blankets that have been produced for toddlers and older children. Generally, gravity blankets are not recommended for children under 2 years as the the possibility of suffocation from a heavy blanket cannot be ruled out for infants and very young children. The lightest weighted blankets start at ​5 pounds for a 36″ X 48″ sized blanket which is ideal for a single sized bed. This type of 5lb blanket is most suited for a 40-70lb child.

​Major Features of the ​​Quility childrens’ weighted blanket:​

​4 different weights

​5 lb, 7 lb, 10 lb and 12 lb

​3 different sizes

​36″ x 48″, 41″ x ​60″ and 48″ x 72″

​Duvet Cover

​Comes ​pre-attached with a removable, soft and super-comfy minky duvet cover ​which is great for cold winter nights.

​Year-round use

​During warm summer nights, simply unzip the minky duet cover and remove it to ​stay cool

​Micro glass beads

The weight is created by millions of premium, hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless, micro glass beads

​Other features

​Has a breathable 100%-cotton outer layer



Quility Kids Review

​Major Features of the ​​Maxtid ​Childrens’ Blanket

​4 different weights

​3 lb, 5 lb, 7 lb, and 10 lb

2 different sizes

​36″ x 48″ and 41″ x ​60″

​2 sided gravity blanket

​use minky side inwards during cooler nights and the smooth side inwards during warmer nights for year-round use

Rhomb-pocket design

​The individual, 3.5×3.5″ ​​rhomb-pocket design

​Glass beads

​Premium glass beads are evenly distributed ​inside the individual pockets

​Weighted lap pads

  • ​They also produce 2lb and 5 lb weighted lap pads ​(12″x18″ ​and 16″x22″​)
  • ​Recommended as calming/relaxing therapeutic tools both at school and home



Maxtid Review

​Cooling Bamboo ​Weighted Blankets for Summer

​​If you’re dependent on your weighted blanket for a good night’s sleep yet it makes you sweat during warm summer nights, what do you do? You can have the AC on all night long, but that’s not healthy on your wallet or the environment. ​Fortunately, there are weighted blankets made just for warm summer nights. Some are dual sided; you turn ​side A inside during winter and side B inside during summer. These are obviously the most economical because you only spend for one blanket.

​Major Features of the ​​YnM Bamboo weighted blanket​:

​10 different weights

​Choose from 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 22, 25, ​or 30 lbs

​5 different sizes

​36″ x 48″, 41″ x 60″, 48″ x 72″​, 60″ x 80″, ​and 80″ x 87″

​21 Colors/Patterns

​​21 color combinations and designs

​2 Duets

​Choice of ​(A) Cooling Bamboo Duvet or (B) Soft Warm Minky Duvet

​​Quiet glass beads

​Premium glass beads don’t make any noise when rubbing against each other (none of the other high-quality ones do either)

​Other features

  • ​Small-sized, 4.7″ x 4.7″ square compartments for even weight distribution​
  • ​​​3D lock-bead​ ​sewing method ​eliminates bead leakage




​Major Features of the ​​​WONAP gravity blanket​:

​8 different weights

​Choose from 7, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, ​25 ​or 30 lbs

​5 different sizes

​41″ x 60″, 48″ x 72″​, 48″ x 78″​, 60″ x 80″, ​and 86″ x 92″

​Single color

​​Available in Folkstone grey

​Bamboo fabric

​The outer cover is made of natural bamboo fabric. ​The cold touch of the bamboo ​fabric and ​glass beads ​keep you cool all night-long ​and therefore suitable for year-round use (even during summer)

​Premium glass beads

​Filling is from premium-quality glass beads

​Other features

  • ​Relatively small 4″x4″ diamond-shaped compartment​s
  • Noiseless – no movement of the glass beads
  • Machine-washable



WONAP bamboo

Best Price – under $30

​This Weighted Blanket Review is unique because it’s not just a listing of the Top 10 Best Weighted Blankets! Most online weighted blanket reviews assume that the consumer already knows everything about weighted blankets. ​While we’re sure most of you that come here are already aware of the major benefits of these blankets, we have ​briefly explained ​their major features so that you’re completely aware of ​​both the Pros and Cons ​of ​Weighted Blankets before you jump in on the weighted blanket bandwagon. ​Here is a structure of this page showing you how we have organized this review of ​the best-weighted blankets.

​Weighted blankets can be as expensive as $400, but fortunately, there are very ​reasonably priced blankets as well. The best price on weighted blankets we found was ​under $30 ​for a high-quality gravity blanket.

It would be a MISTAKE to look at the price only !!

There are very cheap, low-quality weighted blankets that will not be a wise investment in the long run. We want you to keep away from those. Here are some features you need to look at before choosing a weighted blanket.

Top 2 Best Affordable Weighted Blankets

​This ​inexpensive ​Hypnoser weighted blanket ​has the following features.

​10 different weights

​3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17, and 20​lbs

​4 different sizes

​36″ x 48″, 41″ x 60″, 48″ x 72″​, 60″ x 80″​

​6 tabs ​

​For attaching on to a duet cover

​​4″ x 4″ diamond pockets

​Ensure even weight distribution and leak-free design

​​Premium glass beads

​Noise-free operation

​​​Best Price

​All the premium features are included for under $30. This is one of the most affordable weighted blankets in the market.

​Other features

  • Uses computer​ programmed precision sewing
  • Machine washable: but recommended to use a duet cover so that the blanket doesn’t need to be washed unnecessarily



​Hypnoser Review

​Major features of the ​budget-friendly ​Viki ​weighted blanket are as follows.

​​5 different weights

​​5, ​7, ​15, ​20, and 25​lbs

​4 sizes

​​36″ x 48″, 41″ x 60″, 48″ x 72″​, 60″ x 80″​

​​​5 Colors

​Choose from dark grey, grey, light grey, blue, and pink

​​OEKO-TEX ​certified

​​Confirms that no harmful chemicals are used during manufacturing.

​​Inexpensive ​gravity blanket

​A very high-quality blanket with 6 layered-technology ​for under $30. ​Almost too good to be true… but it really is true!

​Other features

  • ​​Breathable top layer with a ​polyester ​padded core
  • ​Recommended to ​spot clean rather than machine washing. This is why it’s best to use a washable duet cover.


​A removable duet cover isn’t included



​Viki Review

​In summary, please make sure that you understand the following pointers properly before you embark on buying a weighted blanket

​​The Right Blanket Weight

​Make sure the weighted blanket has the right weight. Ideally, the weight of the blanket should be 8 – 12% of your body weight in pounds. If you weigh 100 pounds a 10 Lb blanket would work fine. If you weigh 150 or 200 pounds, a 15 Lb or 20 Lb gravity blanket would work just fine, respectively.

​Correct Size

​Unlike regular comforters, weighted blankets should NOT hang down from the side of the bed. If that happens, it may completely slip out of the bed because ​its own weight pulls ​the blanket down. So, for example, if you sleep on a full-size bed which is 54″ x 75″, your weighted blanket should NOT be larger than that.

​​Sleeps ​Cool

​Just by looking at a weighted blanket, you could tell ​that they ​are nice, warm, and cozy. Unfortunately, some of them can be too warm during warm summer nights. This can disrupt your sleep. Fortunately, there are ​​gravity blankets with a bamboo cover (or other heat-absorbing material) which ensures that you stay cool even during warm summers.

​Glass Beads

​You probably know that weighted blankets are made heavy by placing glass beads, poly/plastic beads or metal beads inside them. Glass beads are generally considered the best and we recommend that you opt for a gravity blanket with glass beads even if you have to spend a few extra dollars.

​Even Weight Distribution

​One of the major drawbacks of poorly made weighted blankets is their uneven weight distribution. Can you imagine what a waste it would be if all the ​beads slide down around your body ​without leaving any weight on top of your body? ​This is why we say that you should not go for a cheap product even if the price looks very attractive and affordable.

​No Bead Leakage

​Poorly sewn blankets can have bead leakage. Not only will it be messy, but over time, you’ll lose a considerable amount of beads and weight and your weighted blanket will convert into a light blanket and you certainly ​wouldn’t want that, ​would you?

​Good Consumer Reviews

​I can recommend you a particular product. But I’m only one person. The best scenario for you would be if 100 others also recommend the same product that I recommend​ed. So, please don’t take our word, ALWAYS check the weighted blanket reviews left by genuine buyers.


​Last but not least, you should definitely look at the price of the product you’re about to purchase. The best-weighted blanket in my opinion is the one that fulfills the previous 7 features ​and has an affordable price tag on top of those. That would be best priced ​weighted blanket; not the one with the cheapest ​price tag!


Weighted blankets can improve ​sleep quality not only in people with anxiety-induced insomnia, but in a variety of ​conditions like autism, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, and RLS. They do this by stimulating Deep Touch Pressure aka Deep Pressure Therapy Stimulation (DTPS) ​by activating the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn releases feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin as well as sleep hormones such as melatonin. These hormones ensure that weighted blanket users stay relaxed, calm and in turn get a full night’s sleep and wake up re-energized.

There are different weighted blankets for different purposes and we have reviewed the best gravity blankets for kids, adults, and even dogs under the relevant sections above.

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