​Weighted Blanket Review

​Below we summarize everything you'll learn ​from our unique weighted blanket reviews. We discuss everything ​related to ​basic facts of gravity blankets, ​pros and cons, ​reviews of the best weighted blankets in the market and even finding the best price on a weighted blanket that suits your personal needs ​the most.

  • ​The Science
  • ​5 Limitations
  • ​For cooling
  • ​7 Basics
  • ​for Kids
  • ​for Pets
  • ​6 Benefits
  • ​for Adults
  • ​Most Affordable

The Science of How Weighted Blankets Work..

​Deep Touch Pressure aka Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT)

​Massage >> DPT

​It ​has been known for centuries that a simple body massage helps humans ​calm down and relax. 'Moderate to deep pressure' as in cuddling, hugging and massaging ​stimulates 'deep' nerve endings which ​​turns on a cascade of events leading to calming down and even falling asleep of individuals. The ​scientific term for this natural physiological process is 'Deep Pressure Therapy' (DPT). ​DPT is extensively used by therapists for managing conditions like autism, ADHD and anxiety.


​​​Modern ​research has shown that ​​DPT such as massage therapy activates the body's Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) ​​leading to the following hormonal changes:

  1. decreases ​stress hormone levels (cortisol) ​
  2. increases happy hormone levels ​ ​(serotonin and dopamine) and
  3. increases sleep hormone levels (melatonin) ​

It is these ​​hormonal changes​ that help people calm down and ​even fall asleep after ​receiving DPT.

Weighted Blankets

​Massaging is a great way to give DPT (Deep Pressure Therapy), but you can't keep doing it all night long! ​This is where weighted blankets, compression clothing, ​​weighted vests​ etc. come in to play. ​​​Studies have shown that weighted blankets, ​by stimulating DPT, ​turn on the Parasympathetic Nervous System and help people with autism, ADHD, anxiety and insomnia ​calm down and sleep better.

7 Things ​to Know Before ​Buying A Weighted Blanket

​Here we discuss about ​7 things you need to know before purchasing a gravity blanket. To make sure that you get the best weighted blanket that suits you most, you need to decide which options you want to select out of the 7 options below.

  • ​Type of beads
  • ​The right type
  • ​the right weight
  • ​The right fabric
  • ​The right ​price
  • ​the right size
  • ​Year-round

Weighted Blanket ​​Facts in Detail

beads poly pellets of blankets

1. Pellets make weighted blankets ​heavy

I bet you already knew that. Why else would they be called weighted blankets?​ Adult weighted blankets can weigh anything from 10 - 30 pounds.

​Do you know what makes them ​so heavy? 

  1. ​Metal beads
  2. ​Micro-glass beads
  3. ​​Plastic ​poly pellets
  4. ​Metal chains

​If you guessed any of the above fillings, you got it right! Congratulations!

10 percent of body weight

2. Finding the right weight

​​Weighted blankets are available starting as light as 5 pounds or as heavy as 30 pounds. How do you know which is right for you?

  1. Adults: generally go for 10% of the body weight (anything from 7-12% works fine)
  2. Kids: generally go for 5% of the body weight (if using for a specific medical condition, it's best to ask the pediatrician/ medical experts taking care of the condition)

gravity blanket size review

3. Finding the right ​sized blanket

​​​You need to understand that weighted blankets are not meant be tucked in, instead ​just be draped over. Therefore, they come in smaller sizes than blankets or comforters

adult child pet weighted blankets

​4. ​Finding the right type

​There are different types of heavy blankets depending on how they're made

  1. ​Infused weighted blankets
  2. Box-type
  3. Wearable weighted vests
  4. With removable cover
  5. DIY blankets
  6. Waterproof gravity blankets

10 percent body weight

​5. ​Finding the right fabric

​​​Gravity blankets come in a variety of different fabrics such as Chenille, Cotton, Minky (Polyester), ​Fleece and Bamboo. You also have the option to change duet covers.

adult child pet weighted blankets

​6. ​​Year-round vs Winter

​​Are you looking for a weighted blanket to be used only during the cooler part of the year? Or are you looking for one that can be used during warm summer nights too? There are two kinds. The ones that sweat during summer, and ones that don't. You need to decide the exact type you want.

weighted blanket price

​7. ​Best price on a weighted blanket

​Even if everything else is right about a blanket, but the price is not, that is not a good choice. This is why it's important to get the price right. ​The least expensive is never the right choice for most products. But you'll be surprised to learn how inexpensive the best weighted blankets are.

6 Benefits (Pros) of ​Weighted Blankets

​Here we discuss about the 6 major health benefits weighted blankets have ​on sleep and general ​​composure of adults, kids as well as pets.

  • ​Sleep Quality
  • ​ADHD, OCD, Autism
  • ​Anxiety
  • ​Sleep Medications
  • ​RLS
  • ​Deep Pressure Therapy

Weighted Blanket ​Sleep Benefits in Detail

weighted blankets improve sleep quality

1. ​​Improves sleep quality

​Weighted blankets ​can do wonders ​to ​those who are sleep deprived​, by

  1. ​Relieving anxiety
  2. Alleviating stress/ depression
  3. Increasing melatonin production
  4. Releasin