Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max and Perfect Cloud Atlas Gel-Plus Memory Foam Mattress Review

Perfect Cloud Ultra Plush Memory Foam Mattress on a Platform bed

These two mattresses by Perfect Cloud are two of the best memory foam mattresses in the current market. Their price tags may suggest that they are ‘budget mattresses’; however, their comfort levels and looks are anything but budget!

The major features of the Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Memory Foam Mattress are as follows:

  • Firmness: Medium-Firm
  • Recommended sleeping positions: Generally, medium-firm mattresses suit combination sleepers that switch between side, back and stomach sleeping. However, if you’re strictly a side-sleeper, we recommend you go with a medium-soft mattress.
  • Price of a queen mattress: less than $500

The #1 Recommended Memory Foam Mattress in the “Medium-Firm, Budget-Friendly” category

Why do we rate the Perfect Cloud UltraPlush as the #1 Recommended Memory Foam Mattress in the “Medium-Firm, Budget-Friendly” category? Because it has the following awesome features!

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    2″ of gel infused memory foam: the result is a very cool mattress that doesn’t heat up when you sleep on it. “Sleeping hot” is one of the major complaints against poor quality memory foam mattresses.

  2. 1.5″ of air infused memory foam: adds to the comfort
  3. That’s a total of 3.5″ of memory foam: for the price, that’s a lot of memory foam. Generally, you’re lucky to get 1″ of memory foam for this price. In case you didn’t know, although they’re advertised as 12″ memory foam mattresses, about 10″ of it is made of ‘support’ foam, which is NOT the expensive, visco-elastic ‘memory foam’.
  4. Premium, detachable, washable, stretchable knit cover with “Mesh Gusset” air-transfer technology: allows the mattress to easily ‘breathe’ through it so that the mattress remains fresh and cool all day long
  5. Motion transfer is nearly non-existent: motion transfer is how much of the movements of one sleeping partner are felt by the other partner due to these movements traveling across the mattress as waves. Most good-quality memory foam mattresses are good at limiting motion transfer
  6. Minimal off-gassing: the chemical odor is minimal compared to some other memory foam mattresses
  7. Relatively light-weight: less than 50 pounds
  8. Suitable for all sleeping positions: the medium-firmness of this mattress suits side, back, stomach as well as combination sleepers
  9. No need to flip the mattress: newest memory foam mattresses need not be flipped (topside and underside). However, rotating (head side and feet side) once in 3 months doesn’t hurt
  10. The 25 year warranty: shows that the manufacturer is confident in their product

There must be at least a few ‘cons’?

Well… there’s hardly any, but one may see the following as drawbacks

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    It doesn’t have a ‘pillow top’ like certain other models do: however, don’t let that discourage you from buying this mattress because the 1.5″ air-infused memory foam layer at the top makes it an extremely comfortable mattress. The good news is that there are other mattresses with pillow-tops both in ‘budget-friendly’ and ‘luxury‘ categories.

  2. This mattress is NOT made in the USA: some of us prefer to purchase goods that are made in the USA so that our money remains inside the country and goes towards feeding an American. This mattress is made in Taiwan and not the USA. However, the manufacturer says it’s “designed in the USA” 😆

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The Perfect Cloud UltraPlush or Atlas?

Good question! Here at Bedroom Solutions we break down the few differences between the two mattresses. These differences are outlined on our review of the best memory foam mattresses.

This mattress has pretty much the same benefits as discussed on the Perfect Cloud Ultra-Plush mattress. The composition of the mattresses are slightly different and below we list the differences of the Atlas Gel-Plus compared to the Ultra-Plush.

 Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Cloud Atlas Memory Foam Mattress

Perfect Cloud Ultra Plush Cross SectionImage credits: Perfect Cloud Atlas Cross SectionImage credits:
 1.5″ air-infused memory foam + 2″ gel memory foam + 6.5″ high density support foam = 10″ total thickness 3″ gel memory foam + 3″ comfort foam + 4″ support foam = 10″ total thickness
That’s a total of 3.5″ of memory foam That’s a total of 3″ of memory foam
No bidirectional air grooves on the support foam, like on the Perfect Cloud Atlas. However, this is compensated for by the air-infused memory foam and “Gel-Max” memory foam Both support layers have bidirectional grooves that facilitate air flow in all directions so that whatever air that heats up can be taken out and replaced with cool, fresh air
“Sleeping hot” was a problem with many ‘first generation’ memory foam mattresses. Manufacturers came up with various solutions to negate this problem. One of the most popular and successful solutions was infusion of gel particles to visco elastic memory foam. Another was to make grooves that can transport the hot air out of the mattress.Both the Ultra Plush and Atlas mattresses have plenty of features to make them ‘cool’. The Ultra Plush mattress has gel-max memory foam and air infused memory foam (a total of 3.5″ of memory foam). The Atlas has 3″ of gel-plus memory foam and 2 support layers with bidirectional grooves on them. Both models are highly successful with heat regulation and users consistently compliment on cool it sleeps. So as far as ‘heat regulation’ goes, both mattresses are equally good at the job and there’s nothing to say that one mattress is superior to the other.
Price is a little cheaper on the UltraPlush compared to the Atlas. Don’t be surprised if prices go further down during the holiday season. Visit our page on Black Friday and Cyber Monday memory foam mattress deals to check out holiday mattress prices. Depending on the size, the Atlas could be up to $50 more expensive than the Ultra Plush.
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