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19 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Please send a link for the Classic Brand Mattress Retainer Bar for your Queen adjustable remote Bluetooth bed. We moved and lost the bar.

  2. Hello Belinda

    I chanced upon your blog while searching for German Manufacturers of Adjustable Beds. I am based out of Toronto, Canada.

    I run a Furniture Wholesale & Retail Business of Solid Teakwood Furniture in Bangalore India. We are currently undergoing a major transformation of our Business Model whereby we are adding Smart Furniture Solutions including Adjustable Beds, Recliners, Home Theatre Seating etrc.

    Would you be kind enough to share with me name of some German or any other reliable manufacturers that I could reach out to for sourcing Adjustable Beds in bulk trade quantities for resale purpose in the Indian market.
    I will highly appreciate your kind help in this regard. I am particularly interested in locating the manufacturer of LESUIT bed being sold on Amazon.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Thanks & Regards.

  3. Would consider this bed, but why is there no phone # on this site? How do we purchase it and what about live customer service?

  4. Hi Belinda,
    This is a super useful site. I would like to have a private conversation with you (not on website). Could you please email at the email below?

    • Hi Valero, if you let me know the brand and model of your adjustable bed and where you bought it from, I might be able to find where you can get it from.


  5. Hi Bedroom Solutions,
    Thank you for your excellent review on our Platinum adjustable base. We’re getting calls that they heard about us from your site. The “Best Value for the Money” High-end Bed section has the Sven & Son “Platinum” base with 4 presets. BUT, the “Top 7 High-end Adjustable beds” section only has 1 preset… but it should be 4 presets. Could you correct that for us?
    Thanks again,
    J. Bencze

  6. Would have loved to print out some of your info but almost every page has printing superimposed over printing = useless.

    • @Bernie,
      Thank you Bernie for pointing this out. We have never thought about our readers printing our pages. Our technical team will soon start working on this and make our pages print-friendly soon.

      Thanks again.

  7. I have a fleet adjustable bed and it is broken who should I contact for repairs? It is a queen size….fleet adjustable….2011…q6080….2464 vender #…PI/PO….LF143/ 49263….I purchased it from a dealership in Arcade, N.Y. that is out of business. Can you help?


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