Sleep Number Reviews – Pros, Cons and Ratings of Sleep Number Beds

​Our Sleep Number Reviews are unique because we discuss both the positives and negatives of Sleep Number beds. On this page, we initially provide an overview of Sleep Number adjustable beds as a brand, and then move on to ​provide detailed Sleep Number ​reviews on all ​11 Sleep Number beds​. ​Details on individual Sleep Number bed reviews for the Legacy, Classic, Performance and Innovation series have been provided towards the latter part of this page.

Sleep Number Reviews

​Sleep Number Basics

Sleep Number Basics

​10 Things You MUST Know Before You Start Shopping a Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number Pros & Cons

Sleep Number Pros and Cons

​Here we discuss ​5 Pros and 4 Cons of Sleep Number Beds

​​Sleep Number Bed Reviews

Sleep Number Beds Reviews

​​Sleep Number adjustable beds are a must have for some of ​us; but not for others

​Sleep Number Basics

​1. Sleep Number beds are Air Beds

Sleep Number Bed Reviews

​Sleep Number beds are NOT:

  • Memory Foam Mattresses
  • Latex Mattresses
  • Innerspring Mattresses
  • Water Beds

Instead, they’re simply air beds; not just any air bed, they’re the most advanced type of air beds on planet earth… keep reading to find out ​what’s so special about them….

​2. Adjustable Firmness

Adjustable Firmness of each bed

Because they’re air beds, the firmness of the mattress can be increased or decreased by pumping air in or out. The technology is known as Sleep Number’s Firmness Control™ System. This is THE MAJOR UNIQUE feature of Sleep Number beds. The softness or firmness is given a number from 1 to 100; you can pick the number that suits you best; that’s your Sleep Number. My Sleep Number is 42. Yours may be 35 or 55!!

​3. ​Four Series, ​11​ ​Models

9 mattress models

  1. Value/Legacy Series​ – S1 and S3
  2. Classic Series – c2 and c4
  3. Performance Series – p5, p6, pSE
  4. Innovation Series – i7, i8, i10, iLE

​4. ​Smarter than your spouse?

Sleep Number 360 Smart Review

There are two aspects to this smartness:

​While the Legacy/​Value-bed Series is ‘dumb’, ​Classic, Performance and Innovation Series are ‘smart’ ​(​back in the day, even the classic series was ‘dumb’; but over the years, has evolved to become ‘smart’, like you and I :)).

  1. Responsive Air™ technology: the firmness will sense your sleeping position and movements and automatically adjust its firmness supporting your body while you’re asleep 
  2. SleepIQ™ Technology: sleep tracking technology tracks your heart rate, your movements and how well (or not) you sleep and gives you a ‘Sleep Score’.

This split-king type bed is also smart, but in a different way to Sleep Number.

​5. ​Made of 3 major ​’layers’

3 layer mattress

​Each type of mattress ​is made of 3 major components

  1. The bottom air chamber
  2. The middle comfort layer
  3. The top mattress cover

​6. Choose between ​8″​ – 13″ thickness ​

Sleep Number Bed Thickness

​The air chamber and mattress cover are approximately the same across all Sleep Number Beds. It’s the thickness of the middle comfort layer that differs among the different models.

​7. ​​Choose between Soft, Medium-Soft, Medium-Firm or Firm

Sleep Number Bed Firmness

The comfort layer is thinnest on the Sleep Number c2 bed. ​That’s why the c2 is the firmest mattress among its siblings. The comfort layer is thickest on the Sleep Number i10 bed; ​that’s why the i10 is the softest mattress out of the lot. For now, you can remember the Firmest to Softest Sleep Number beds as c2, c4, pSE, p5, p6, iLE, i8, i7, and i10 in the descending order of firmness

​8. ​From ​$600 – $5000 upwards

Sleep Number Mattress Prices

​The most basic (and cheapest) bed type is the Classic Series while the most advanced (and priciest) type is the Innovation Series

​9. ​​Comes in Twin, Queen, King sizes

twin queen king sizes

All models (c2 – i10) are available in Queen, King, and California King sizes; but not all models are available in Twin, Twin XL, and Full sizes.

​10. ​Air Leaks !!!

air leaks on sleep number beds

​This is the MAJOR COMPLAINT against Sleep Number beds by consumers. It won’t happen immediately and it won’t happen to all mattresses… may be it’s your luck… or may be it’s just unavoidable with air mattresses.

Unfortunately, ​out of 100s of Sleep Number bed reviews we analyzed, ​as much as 10% of customers complain of air leaks of some nature!

​Sleep Number ​Pros and Cons

​​This section of our Sleep Number reviews is dedicated to discussing the pros and cons of Sleep Number beds as a whole. You can find individual Sleep Number bed reviews at the end of this section.

4 Major CONS (​complaints) of Sleep Number Beds

1. ​Air Leaks

Sleep Number Air Leaks

​​​Based on online Sleep Number Bed Reviews left by ​Sleep Number consumers, more than 10% of the users complain of air leaks. The most popular causes of air leaks in Sleep Number mattresses are faulty air pumps, malfunctioning controllers, leaks on the air bladders, leaky hoses or loose connections. ​

​The whole concept of adjustable firmness depends on ​control of air pressure. If air leaks out, that whole concept becomes an utter disaster.

2. Trench ​Effect​

Trench in mattress

Queen and King-size Sleep Number beds ​have two independent chambers ​allowing the two partners to have two different firmness levels on their respective sides. 

The downside of this is that a ‘trench’ can form between these two air chambers which is NOT ​helpful ​towards cuddling, spooning, or other intimate activities ;(

​3. ​​Hammock Effect

Hammock effect sleep number sagging

​This happens if you try to make the bed very soft. For example, a Sleep Number of 40 would be very deflated and therefore, ‘soft’. When you ​climb on to such a bed, you automatically roll to the middle and ‘sink’ while ​the air shifts to the periphery of the mattress. This gives rise to a hammock or sagging effect.

​You can avoid this to a certain degree by purchasing a Sleep Number bed on the soft side of the spectrum like an i7, i8 or i10. This hammock effect is more likely to happen if you buy a firm mattress like the c2 or c4 and then deflate it to get a soft setting.

​4. ​Expensive​

Sleep Number Adjustable Bed Pricing

​Sleep Number bed prices ​can go above and beyond $10,000 (for a Sleep Number 360®Split California King i10 Smart Bed on a FlexFit™ 3 adjustable base). As all online Sleep Number reviews will agree, this brand of beds ​is more expensive than most mattresses in the market.

5 Major Pros (Benefits) of Sleep Number Beds

adjust firmness softness

1. Adjustable ​Firmness

​With a memory foam, inner spring or latex mattress, its firmness stays fixed. Such a mattress does NOT let you increase or decrease the firmness of the bed; your only option is to ditch your current mattress and buy yourself a new mattress.

But with Sleep Number air beds, you can fine-tune the firmness of your mattress ​​by inflating it or deflating it, within a certain range. ​

Responsive Air Technology of Sleepnumber Beds

2. Responsive Air™ Technology

​When you twist and turn in your sleep, the Classic, Performance and Innovation series Sleep Number beds ​can automagically adjust firmness according to your movements. ​Built-in pressure sensors on air chambers detect your body ​movements and make adjustments accordingly. That is as advanced as sleeping technology can get in 201​9! These models are known as the Sleep Number 360® series ‘smart’ beds.

split king adjustable beds

​​3. ​Dual Air™ Technology

Each partner can choose ​his or her preferred firmness independent of the other (for Queen or larger sizes​ that come with two independent air chambers). So for example, the wife can have a firmer setting and the husband can have a softer setting on the same mattress!!

In other words, two people ​sleeping on the same bed ​can have very different firmness settings. The only way to do this with a conventional mattress is if you owned a split-king bed like this one.

Sleep Number Remote

4. One-Touch Sleep Number Recall

​You can ​give your favorite firmness a ‘Sleep Number’ and recall it instantly with ​the touch ​of a ​button. This is ​especially useful if you ​want to have ​different ​firmness levels for daytime naps, nighttime sleep, watching TV or for romantic activities 😉

Sleep Tracking SleepIQ Technology

5. ​​SleepIQ™ Technology 

​A state of the art sleep tracking technology that tracks your heart rate, ​hours of sleep you get, how much you move, how much you sleep walk (just kidding) etc. and ​computes a ‘Sleep Score’ accordingly. This feature, seen on Sleep Number 360 smart beds, is mediated via built in biometric sensors.

​We hope you found our Sleep Number Pros and Cons useful and it helped you ​decide if Sleep Number is right for you or not. If you decided in favor of purchasing a Sleep Number bed, your next step should be to narrow down on the exact model of Sleep Number bed that would suit you the best. We hope the following section on individual Sleep Number bed reviews will help you doing just that!

​Sleep Number Bed Reviews

​Under this section, we will be reviewing all ​11 Sleep Number beds belonging to ​the four series of Sleep Number beds. As you already know, the ​four series are as follows.

​1.Value / LegacySeries

​There are 2 models ​to this most basic category of Sleep Number Beds. They are:

  1. Sleep Number s1 bed
  2. Sleep Number s3 bed

​2.Classic​ Series

​There are 2 models ​to this ​category of Sleep Number ​air beds. They are:

  1. Sleep Number c2 bed
  2. Sleep Number c4 bed

​​3.Performance Series

​There are ​3 models under the Performance ​series. They are:

  1. Sleep Number ​p5 bed
  2. Sleep Number p6 bed
  3. Sleep Number pSE bed

​​4.Innovation Series

​There are ​​4 models under the ​Innovation ​series. They are:

  1. Sleep Number ​​i7 bed (aka m7)
  2. Sleep Number i8 bed
  3. Sleep Number i10 bed
  4. Sleep Number iLE bed

​Sleep Number Beds Overall Review and Comparison

​Before we get into details on the ​four types of Sleep Number series, let us give you an overview of the ​11 different mattresses. The ​11 mattresses have ​different thicknesses, ​different firmness levels and different ​comfort layer thicknesses. We have ​illustrated all of that data for you on ​the following two graphics.

The first graphic below shows the different thicknesses of the comfort layer and the entire mattress of the different types of Sleep Number beds ​starting ​from the thinnest C2 to the thickest i10.

Comparison ​of Comfort Layer Thickness

Comfort layer thickness of sleep number mattresses

Comparison of Firmness Levels of Different Sleep Number Beds

​The second graphic below shows the different firmness levels of the different beds ranging from the soft i7 to firm c2. Notice that these beds have a range of firmness unlike a regular spring, foam or latex mattress. As an example, depending on how much you inflate or deflate the p​6, its firmness can be decreased to ​a minimum ​4 or increased to a maximum of ​6. You can’t make it a 3 however much you deflate it or you can’t make it a 7 however much you inflate it! ​

Sleep Number Mattress Firmness Scale

​Now that we have given you a broad idea about the differences on each mattress, we will go on to review each of the ​4 different ​categories of mattresses, namely, the Legacy Series, the Classic Series, the Performance Series and the Innovation Series.

Sleep Number ​S1 and S3 Value Bed Series Review

The ​Value-bed Series also known as the Legacy series consists of the s1 and s3 beds. This is the only ‘dumb’ series of beds. This doesn’t get categorized under the Sleep Number 360 ​Smart Beds. Nevertheless, s1 and s3 are kind of semi-smart because they still have Dual Air and SleepIQ technologies. The only smart technology that it lacks is the Responsive Air technology.

​1. ​Sleep Number s1 Bed Review

Sleep Number s1 Review

​​Major Features of the ​s1 bed

  • This is the most basic, entry-level Sleep Number bed
  • Thickness: it is ​10″ thick; that’s 2″ ​thicker than the 8″ c2 mattress
  • Firmness: it is one of the firmest ​with a 6-7 reading on the firmness scale​. This is the same firmness as the Sleep Number c2
  • Comfort layer: it is 1.5″ ​thick ​and is the thinnest out of all Sleep Number beds. ​The ​5-zoned comfort layer is designed to ​contour around the body and to ​reduce ​stress on pressure points on the 5 zones (i) head, (ii) neck, (iii) lumbar area, (iv) hips, and (v) feet
  • Price: ​​$999 for a queen size bed
  • ​Smart technologies: The s1 is a semi-smart bed – ​it has the SleepIQ technology that measures your heart rate, how long you slept etc. But it doesn’t have the ​Responsive ​Air ​technology that is responsible for automatically changing firmness
  • ​Dual Air technology: yes, the two partners can have their own independent firmnesses/Sleep Numbers on queen and king sized models. However, you get only 1 remote controller for ​the whole bed.

​​2. ​Sleep Number s3 ​Review

Sleep Number s3 Review

​​Major Features of the ​s3 bed

  • Thickness: it is ​11″ thick (the s1 ​is 10″ thick​​)
  • Firmness: ​similar to the c4 with ​a 5-7 reading on the firmness scale​
  • ​Comfort layer: ​2” of proprietary PlushFit™ 7-zone comfort layer ​is designed to ​contour ​the body for proper spinal alignmentand and to ​reduce ​stress on pressure points on the ​7 zones (i) head, (ii) neck, (iii) lumbar area, (iv) hips, ​(v) knees, (vi) lower legs, and (vii) feet
  • It has an additional 2” of quilted hyper-soft foam which enhances mattress plushness. This is why the s3 provides better support and pressure relief compared to the s1
  • Price: ​​$​1499 for a queen sized bed – that’s $500 more expensive than the s1
  • ​Dual Air and ​SleepIQ technologies: ​all that is similar to the s1

Sleep Number Classic Beds Reviews

The Classic Series consist of the c2 and c4 beds. In the good old days, the Classic Series was ‘dumb’. But not anymore! The c2 and c4, together with Performance and Innovation Series, are now considered ‘smart’ under the category of Sleep Number 360 smart beds.

1. ​Sleep Number c2 Bed Review

Sleep Number c2 Bed Review

​​Major Features of the c2 bed

  • ​Thickness: it is the thinnest at 8″ thickness
  • ​Firmness: one of the firmest ​with a 6-7 reading on the firmness scale​ in par with the s1
  • Comfort layer: ​the 2″ gel-infused comfort layer is only second in ‘thinness’ to the s1 (all others have thicker comfort layers)
  • Price: ​$999 for a queen size bed
  • Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: Yes, yes and yes! Nowadays, even the c2 comes as a ‘smart’ 360 bed!

2. ​Sleep Number c4 Bed

Sleep Number c4 Bed Review

​​Major Features of the c4 bed

  • ​Thickness: ​at 9″, ​the c4 is 1″ taller than the c2​
  • ​Firmness: one of the firmer Sleep Number beds ​with a 5-7 reading on the firmness scale​. Very similar to ​the s3 in firmness
  • Comfort layer: ​it has a 3″ gel-infused comfort layer
  • Price: ​$1499 for a queen sized Sleep Number c4 bed (same price as s3)
  • ​Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: Yes, ​ the Sleep Number c4 of 2019 ​is a 360 smart ​bed!
  • ​Pressure relief and Support: ​better than ​the c2; that’s why the extra $500 cost!

Sleep Number Performance Bed Reviews

The Performance Series consists of three air beds, namely the p5, p6 and pSE beds. All three of them are 360 smart beds, meaning that they have both SleepIQ and Responsive Air technologies, just like the Classic Series.

What sets the Performance Series on top of the Classic Series is the superior support and pressure relief provided by the p5, p6 and pSE. In addition, the p6 and pSE also have a cooling feature where they can absorb your body heat to ensure the you’re not woken up by the excess warmth!

Below you’ll learn that the p6 stands out as the superior-most in the category.

1. ​Sleep Number ​p5 Review

Sleep Number p5 Bed Review

​​Major Features of the ​Sleep Number p5 bed

  • ​Thickness: ​at ​10″, ​this is the thinnest of the Performance series beds
  • ​Firmness: ​​with a 5-7 reading on the firmness scale​, it is very similar to ​the c4 and s3 in firmness
  • Comfort layer: ​it has a ​4″ gel-infused comfort layer
  • Price: ​$2399 for ​the queen sized ​p5 ​mattress
  • ​Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: ​the p5 has all of these
  • ​Pressure relief and Support: ​​very high

2. ​​Sleep Number p6 Bed Review

Sleep Number p6 Bed Review

​​​Noteworthy Features of the ​p​6 bed

  • ​Thickness: ​at ​1​1″, ​it is one of the ​thicker Sleep Number mattresses
  • ​Firmness: ​​with a 4-6 firmness reading ​its firmness can be adjusted from medium-soft to medium
  • Comfort layer: ​​with a 5″ ​comfort layer it provides superior body support and pressure relief (a step above the p5)
  • Price: ​$2​899 for ​the queen sized ​p6​
  • ​Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: ​the p6 is a 360 smart bed that has all of these
  • ​Pressure relief and Support: ​​​better than on p5
  • Cooling feature: the p6 is designed to absorb excess heat produced by your heat to make sure that you don’t sleep hot. You won’t find this on the p5, classic series or value/legacy series.

​3. ​Sleep Number ​pSE Mattress

Sleep Number pSE Bed Review

​​​Noteworthy Features of the ​pSE bed

  • ​pSE: if you haven’t guessed it yet, SE stands for Special Edition!!
  • Thickness: ​at ​1​​0″, ​it ​has the same thickness as the p5​
  • ​Firmness: ​​with a ​5-7.5 range of firmness reading ​its firmness can be adjusted from medium-soft ​all the way up to firm
  • Comfort layer: ​​​4″ ​for ​superior ​pressure relief
  • Price: ​$2​​799 for ​the queen sized ​pSE​
  • ​Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: ​pSE is equipped with ​all of these ​smart features
  • ​Pressure relief and Support: ​similar to the p6
  • Cooling feature: ​​​has ‘Temperature Balancing’. Absorbs heat when you get hot and releases it if you get cold. The result is a bed that gets neither too hot nor too ​cold!

Sleep Number ​Innovation Series Bed Reviews

The ​Innovation Series consists of ​four air beds, namely the ​i7, i8, i10 and ​iLE ​mattresses. ​They have all the bells and whistles of the Performance Series and MORE.

​In addition to ​Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air technologies, the Innovation Series beds ​provide superior pressure relief and temperature balancing. The temperature balancing feature makes the mattress absorb your body heat when you’re warm and releases heat when you’re cold. How cool is that?

​​1. ​​Sleep Number i7 Review

Sleep Number i7 Bed Review

​Major Features of the ​​i7 mattress (aka m7 bed)

  • ​​It’s kind of the entry-level model of the high-end series of Sleep Number beds. As of 2019, this is referred to as the m7 on the Sleep Number website.
  • Thickness: ​at ​1​​1″, ​it ​has the same thickness as the p6​
  • ​Firmness: ​​with a ​​3-5 ​reading on the firmness scale, ​its ​the softest Sleep Number bed ​​together with the i10
  • Comfort layer: ​​​5″ comfort layer provides a high-level of ​​pressure relief
  • Price: ​$​3599 for ​the queen sized ​Sleep Number m7​
  • ​Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: ​​absolutely!
  • ​Pressure relief and Support: ​​superior to Classic and Performance series
  • ​Temperature Balancing: by absorbing heat or releasing heat, ​makes sure that your sleeping temperature stays uniform and ‘balanced’ for an uninterrupted night of sleep

​​2. ​​Sleep Number i8 Review

Sleep Number i8 Bed Review

​Major Features of the ​​i​8 mattress

  • ​Thickness: ​at ​1​​​2″, ​it’s only second to the i10 in mattress height
  • ​Firmness: ​​with a ​​​​reading of 4-6 on the firmness scale, ​it’s ​​slightly firmer than the i7/m7. Best suited for those looking for ‘Medium’ firmness
  • Comfort layer: ​​​​6″ comfort layer ​is only second in thickness to that of the i10
  • Price: ​$​3599 for ​the queen sized ​Sleep Number ​i8 (same price as i7)​
  • ​Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: ​​​Yes!
  • ​Pressure relief, ​Support​ and ​Temperature Balancing: ​similar to the i7

​​3. ​​Sleep Number iLE Review

Sleep Number iLE Bed Review

​Major Features of the ​​i​8 mattress

  • ​Thickness: ​same as the i8 at ​1​​​2″​
  • ​Firmness: ​​​same as the i8 with a ​​​​reading of 4-6 on the firmness scale
  • Comfort layer: ​​​​​same as the i8 with a 6″ comfort layer ​is ​
  • Price: ​$​​4999 for ​the queen sized ​Sleep Number ​iLE (​that’s approx $1500 more expensive than the i8)​
  • ​Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: ​​​Yes!
  • ​Pressure relief, ​Support​: better than the i8??​
  • ​Temperature Balancing: ​similar to the i​8

​​4. ​​Sleep Number i10 Review

Sleep Number i10 Bed Review

​What you need to know about the i10 mattress

  • This is the KING of Sleep Number beds! It’s the most luxurious, most comfortable, most pressure relieving and you guessed right… most expensive Sleep Number mattress
  • ​Thickness: at ​1​​​3″​, ​​this is thicker than all others
  • ​Firmness: ​​​similar ​to the i7 with a firmness score ​of 3-5. ​i7 and i10 are the softest Sleep Number mattresses
  • Comfort layer: ​​​​​​at ​7″​, ​​​it is the thickest of ​all Sleep Number beds
  • Price: ​$​​​5099 for ​the queen sized ​Sleep Number ​iLE (​that’s ​the most expensive Sleep Number bed out of all four classes)​
  • ​Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: ​​​Yes!
  • ​Pressure relief, ​Support​, ​​Temperature Balancing: ​highest level out of all

​8 ​Additional ​Benefits of Sleep Number Beds

​​1. Conforms to your body

​Similar to a memory foam mattress, Sleep Number air beds can conform around your body if you don’t set it to too firm a setting

2. Light weight

Sleep Number ​AIR mattresses are ‘feather weight’ compared to most latex, memory foam and spring mattresses

3. No off gassing​

​​Especially on memory foam mattresses, there can be a slight rubber-like/chemical smell during the first couple of days, but not on Sleep Number mattresses

​4. Ready to be used

​No need to let the mattresses ‘decompress’ to their original thickness once delivered to your home (unlike with memory foam mattresses). You can sleep on it as soon as it is assembled

5. Great after-sales service

Good customer service, parts readily available and easily repaired. ​However, it is not uncommon to see people complaining about long waiting times with Sleep Number ​support.

​6. Decent motion isolation

​​Motions/waves created by your partner’s twisting and turning won’t reach you. The bed kinda ‘absorbs’ the shocks! Not the best motion isolation in the industry, but pretty good.

7. USA Product

Most parts are made in the USA

8. Good therapeutic support

Great for those with back pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sleep Number Really That Good?

If you sleep alone and have a consistent firmness preference, Sleep Number is an overpriced option. However for couples with vastly different tastes in mattress firmness, those adjustable air-filled chambers could be worth it!

What Is The Lifespan Of A Sleep Number Bed?

The average mattress lifespan is 6-8 years, but the expected lifespan of a Performance series airbed from Sleep Number is about seven to eight years.

Can A Sleep Number Bed Sit On The Floor?

If your existing headboard doesn’t have a bed frame, you can set it up directly on the floor with Sleep Number’s sturdy plastic modular bases.

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