We have talked about the best adjustable beds elsewhere. Lets just call them the best general-purpose adjustable mattresses. But when it comes to the elderly adjustable bed, there are a few special-purpose top adjustable beds specifically made for our loving seniors. Because they need comfort in their 60s. All of these are affordable best adjustable beds for seniors that come with wall sliding technology. However, before making any purchase, seniors should gather a bit of information regarding what kind of features to look for in a bed that could provide them with extreme comfort. For instance, it could be a good idea to learn about the different types of bed frames available in the market so that they can easily make an informed decision.

Anyway, having said, that, let’s check out the best adjustable bed companies.

Budget-Friendly Mid-Range frames

5 reasons we recommend this base for older generations specifically?

  1. Economically Priced: Lets face it; seniors are not the most economically secure age group of Americans. The adjustable bed frames cost a lot but, why spend extravagantly on an adjustable bed frame when you can find the same features at a cheaper price?
    • This is one of the best-priced and most affordable adjustable beds for seniors in the market for any age group of sleepers. Coming from a popular American brand name, with high-tech features (like USB ports), this is almost too good to be true. This pricing structure for an adjustable bed makes it more affordable than it has ever been. This is one of the best choices for an adjustable bed because of its technology and most adjustable beds are not priced out like this. You can also make any adjustments to the existing bed frame, for example, elevate your feet and head at the same time.
    • 50 Night Trial with FREE Returns unheard of in the adjustable bed industry. If you do not like the sleep quality of this adjustable bed frame, you can return it in under 50 days. Most adjustable beds companies do not offer this. Although the adjustable bed warranty is not a lifetime warranty, 3 years is still one of the longer ones.
  2. Easy Assembly: Seniors or not, the complicated assembly can be a neck pain for anyone. The Nectar adjustable bed frame is extremely simple to put together with an almost no-assembly design. This can be a real back-saver for anyone putting the bed together. The best part is it comes with 3 years of limited lifetime warranty and free delivery and return. You will get the pillows with this adjustable bed frame. If you really want to do investment in the best adjustable bed for seniors, this group is a fit for you. The massage features are a plus point in this product for one’s upper or lower body.
  3. Adjustable leg height: With the Nectar adjustable bed frame, you may raise or lower the entire bed to your preferred height by adjusting the legs by 4, 6.5, or 10.5 inches. These beds are frequently used in hospitals to help patients unwind. In fact, the medical workers who meticulously clean the rooms so that there are few to no incidences of Hospital aquired infections typically find these beds to be rather comfortable as well. /li>
  4. The Nectar adjustable bed frame is perfect for you to elevate your head and feet while enjoying a massage or zero gravity setting for adjustable comfort and sleep quality. The dual massage feature is good for back and neck pain as well as head and foot pain. Most adjustable beds don’t have this feature. Customers are loving the adjustable bed base. You can sit up in bed and raise your head to help with your back issues.
  5. If you dont have a budget of $1,199, then you dont have to worry. Because of the 0% APR, financing options (monthly payments as low as $59) are available. This adjustable bed is practically an affordable high end adjustable bed.

10 more reasons why we recommend the Nectar for anyone looking for a high-quality, yet, no-frills frame base

  1. Best adjustable beds and adjustable bed frames for the elderly and value for money. The Nectar adjustable bed frame is a no-frills best adjustable beds.
  2. Head and foot tilting, availability in different sizes and varieties are just a few of the adjustable bed features.
  3. Three Programmable Memory Positions with zero gravity position
  4. Four Additional Preset Memory Positions (Zero-gravity + Flat + Watching Tv + Anti-snore)
  5. Head & Foot full body massage feature for stress
  6. Simple 16-button backlit remote controller
  7. Four USB ports to use different products
  8. Remote flashlight like smartphone apps. It also has under-bed lighting
  9. 1000 lb industry-leading weight lifting capacity (including the mattress weight)
  10. Under-bed storage space best for couples

We have organized this review into 3 sections

  1. Best sleep-to-stand adjustable beds
  2. Best Elevating adjustable beds
  3. Best recommended budget-friendly adjustable beds for seniors

Envyy Sit-to-Stand (aka Sleep-to-stand beds)

Have you heard of sit-to-stand adjustable beds? I dont think a lot of explanation is necessary. The image below explains exactly what a sit-to-stand bed is! It comes with an advanced sleep system. We have compiled a list of best adjustable bed models that are sit-to-stand for you. Available in twin and twin xl dimensions and has a warranty like most adjustable bed warranties.

Sit to stand adjustable bed for seniors

Top Rated Sleep-to-Stand (Sit-to-Stand) Adjustable Bed

Major benefits of sleep-to-stand beds

  • Seniors or individuals with painful knees/backs will especially benefit from this type of adjustable bed models
  • This adjustable bed for seniors does all the work for you
  • The sleeper is relieved from all muscle and joint pains he/she may get while getting into or out of bed
  • Click Here for More Information and Customer Reviews
  • This type of sit-to-stand product (also known as sleep-to-stand adjustable beds) is electrically operated.
  • The motorized bed elevates the sleeper from the sleeping position all the way up to a sitting position or subsequently to a standing position.
  • Getting into or out of bed (entry and exit) is completely taken care of!!

Brand Name: Envyy

The best electric reclining bed for seniors is the height-adjustable Glideaway Elevation adjustable bed. As of June 2018, Glideaway is one of the only adjustable bed manufacturers of such a height-adjustable reclining bed’s position.

The Glideaway Elevation

Best Adjustable Bed for Seniors and the Elderly

Unique ‘Elevate & Lift’ feature of the Glideaway Elevation

The Glideaway Elevation

Other adjustable beds

Reverie 8Q has no elevation

A picture is worth a thousand words. I hope you see the unique feature of the Glideaway adjustable bed series. This is one of the best adjustable beds offer that has a zero gravity position offering among many adjustable beds options. We are not saying other adjustable bed companies aren’t good, but just simply the Glideaway adjustable beds work best.

So why is it a suitable option for older people?

Getting in and out of a low bed can be difficult not only for senior citizens but even for some of us middle-aged guys and gals. You can simply elevate the Glideaway adjustable bed frames and jump on it or off it and then lower it when you want to fall asleep. Other adjustable bed companies cant do that and your only option with them is to really bend down on your knees.

Adjustable Bed Sitting Position for Seniors.jpg

You can compare this a bit to the Power Lift Recliner Chairs. They basically do the same thing; the power recliners lift themselves up so that a person sitting on it or getting out of it can do so, almost at a standing position.

The height-adjustable Glideaway beds are built on the same principle as other adjustable beds. Those with back or knee pains can get in and out of bed without straining those joints. You can say that these are the best adjustable beds for the elderly.

Any other health benefits of this elevated position?

Plenty actually!

If youve ever owned or slept on an adjustable bed, you already know that those fancy positions like the lounging/zero-gravity positions dont work for side-sleepers and stomach-sleepers. If you belong to any one of the above categories, you can only make use of the above positions for resting, TV watching, book reading, etc.

If you sleep on your side or on your stomach, you essentially have to flatten the bed when you sleep. Thats not very helpful if you have acid reflux, for example, is it?

The Glideaway Elevation is a different beast of a bed. It actually lets you sleep on your back, stomach or side flattened and elevated. This is known as the reverse Trendelenburg position. Ordinary adjustable beds from Sleep Number, Tempur-Pedic, Leggett & Platt, Reverie, or Ergomotion cannot do it (as of June 2018). This is a huge positive of these adjustable beds.

In addition, customers with back pain have also reported better relief with the reverse Trendelenburg position. Because gravity is pulling your lower body down, the pressure on the spinal cord decreases notably. This bed will support you for a lifetime.

Glideaway Ascend

Glideaway Ascend Adjustable Base

On the images, the Glideaway Elevation and Ascend look awfully similar. What exactly is the difference between these two? You ask We have provided a Glideaway adjustable bed review elsewhere, but for the sake of this article, well do a quick comparison below.

Glideaway Elevation Bed Glideaway Ascend Bed
Elevate/Lift feature Yes Yes
Wall hugging Yes No
Head tilt and foot tilt Yes Yes
Pillow tilt Yes No
Bluetooth speaker Yes No

Budget-friendly you can use at home

Quite frankly, there isnt another adjustable bed on the market that will specifically address medical issues associated with geriatrics. If the above three beds are too pricey for your liking, or you dont need that special-purpose sleep-to-stand or elevation beds, the Lucid L100 and Blissful Nights adjustable senior beds, which are extremely economically priced, should do the job for you. This bed is available on amazon.

Lucid L100

Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed

What makes the Lucid L100 suitable for older individuals?

  1. Economically priced Just over $400 for a Queen Adjustable Bed. Now that is unheard of in the market of rising adjustable beds.
  2. Lightweight bed base frame
  3. Comes pre-assembled (1) unpack the box, (2) unfold the memory foam mattress that is folded in half, (3) screw on the legs, and (4) plug it in. How long do you think thatll take you?

Blissful Nights Ananda

Blissful nights Ananda adjustable bed

The Blissful Nights Ananda Adjustable Bed is one of the best adjustable beds with most of the bells and whistles you would expect on an adjustable bed, but for a low, wallet-friendly price. Enjoy the durability, flexibility, and experience of this amazing bed. Not only does this adjustable bed have USB ports but it also features a wireless remote!

The major features of the Blissful Nights Ananda

  1. The adjustable frame comes with the Ananda 12 Pearl & Gel Infused Premium-quality Memory Foam Mattress which provides pressure relief where necessary
  2. Head tilt, Foot tilt, and Pillow tilt
  3. One Touch Flat, Anti Snore and Zero Gravity preset memory positions
  4. Programmable product for bed positioning
  5. Dual massage with 3 intensity levels for muscle relaxation/pressure points, head and foot massage, and improved blood circulation
  6. Dual USB Ports on each side of the adjustable base (4 ports in total)
  7. Whisper quiet motors
  8. Wireless remote that is back lit
  9. Adjustable Height Legs choose from 6, 9 or 12
  10. Smart bed with Ananda Base Wifi phone app
  11. Simple assembly requires no tools
  12. Click Here for More Info

Blissful Nights carry several models of adjustable beds and we have done a detailed comparison and review of Blissful Nights adjustable beds on this page.


In summary, these are our Top 5

  1. Envyy Sleep-to-Stand adjustable bed
  2. Glideaway Elevation adjustable bed (read our Glideaway elevation bed review here)
  3. Glideaway Ascend adjustable bed
  4. Lucid L100 bed
  5. Blissful Nights Ananda adjustable base with adjustable mattress

We hope the above review of the best adjustable beds for seniors solved your queries. If the above models were not what you had in mind, please check out our list of the top 12 adjustable beds. Alternatively, you can also check out real hospital beds like this model. It too has the ability to elevate approximately 10 inches which may be sufficient, especially if there is a 12 or more adjustable mattress on top of the bed frame. The above-mentioned beds have good technology and some even feature USB ports.

We have highlighted several important features to consider when choosing a portable adjustable bed recliner for seniors. Hope they were useful and helped you in your decision-making process in picking the best hospital bed. Please note that these are not necessarily whats described as geriatric beds. If thats what youre looking for, you may want to check on pivoting and turning beds in addition to the above described recliner beds for elderly.

Good luck and dont forget to let us know how helpful this review was!