Top 10 Adjustable Beds of 2023 with Video Review

So you want to know what the best split-king adjustable beds of 2023 are? Before we go there, let us go through some of the basics of modern adjustable beds of 2023. Adjustable beds are simply motorized mattress bases whose upper and lower sections can be adjusted according to the sleeper’s preferences. They were first introduced as hospital beds during the early 1900s. However today, adjustable beds have become an indispensable part of the bedroom owing to their various lifestyle and health benefits.

Modern adjustable bed frames have been improved immensely to include fancy features like pillow tilting, lumbar support, programmable memory positions, massage, zero-gravity mode, under-bed lighting and even sleep tracking technologies. If you want to improve your sleep with an adjustable base and mattress, look no further as our 10 best adjustable bases have been carefully selected based on a scientific ranking and review process.

Here’s what we analyzed to find the best brands and models of adjustable beds


80+ Adjustable bases

Ranging from budget-friendly to luxury bed bases


33 Adjustable base specs


1200+ Consumer reviews


Manufacturer Reputation, Warranty, Value for the Price

Adjustable Bed Comparison Table

Below, we compare and review the top rated adjustable beds we discovered in the premium, mid-range and entry-level categories after our scientific rating process.

Best Adjustable Beds of 2022 and 2023

Best Premium and Mid-Range Bases

We have reviewed and compared the pros and cons of the top 10 best adjustable bed bases further down the page. However, depending on your specific needs, you will most likely buy one of these two adjustable beds to replace your existing bed-frame:

Feature DM9000SNectar
Rating Overall Best Premium Highest Quality Budget
1. Approx. Price (Queen - Split-King) Up to $900 off!!$200-400 off Sale!!
2. Warranty Lifetime on metal frame; 10 years everything else 3-year limited warranty
3. Independent Pillow tilting Yes No
4. Wall hugging Yes No
5. Lumbar Support Yes No
6. Furniture-style Decking Yes No
7. Programmable memory positions 3 3
8. Zero Gravity button Yes Yes
9. Head and Foot Massage Yes Yes
10. Massage Features 3 speeds, pulse and wave modes, massage timer, and quiet motors 3 speeds, massage timer, pulse and wave modes
11. Remote features 18-buttons, Wireless, Backlit, Built-in flashlight 16-buttons, Wireless, Backlit
12. USB Ports 4 4
13. Height-adjustable Legs Yes Yes
14. Micro-hooking mattress retention/ Non-skid surface Yes No
15. Under-bed Lighting Yes No
16. Storage-bed Compatibility (aka zero clearance) Yes No
17. Bluetooth Speaker & Sub-woofer Yes No
18. Smartphone / iOS or Android App control via Bluetooth Yes No
19. Free-fall during power outages Yes Yes
20. Weight-lifting capacity (including mattress weight) 900 lb 1000 lb
21. White glove service and delivery option Yes No
22. Money back No Yes, 50 days

Disclaimer: Our adjustable bed experts and editors have triple checked the review content on this guide to make sure that it paints an accurate picture of your dream bed in your mind. But our team of editors and reviewers are regular human beings that can make mistakes just like you and I. This is why we think it’s best that you go online and cross-check all our content against the relevant product pages. Also note that although product testing has been done on a few models, it is not possible to do product testing for all 80+ models we have reviewed here. Kindly note that our ratings and buyer guides are for informational purposes only and that we encourage you to consult your doctor or a suitable medical expert regarding the suitability of motion beds for your medical conditions.

Top 10 Contenders – Detailed Reviews

Below, we provide product reviews for each of our top 10 best adjustable bed brands. We compare the PROS and CONS of (1) Premium, (2) Mid-Range and (3) Entry-level adjustable bed frames and adjustable bed features in great detail. Please spend enough time on each base to understand the differences of physical specs as well as their manufacturing companies, sleep trial periods, 3 – 10 year limited warranty periods, available sizes, online availability, cost of white glove delivery, consumer satisfaction, customer service, various buttons on the wireless remote controllers, ease of setup, ability to fit a headboard, pricing structure etc. These adjustable bed frame reviews are very unique and unbiased. We hope you make maximum use of them to better your sleep and your overall quality of life. After reading these comprehensive reviews, you will understand why the brand made it to our top 10 best adjustable beds. We assure you that you won’t find such detailed and technical descriptions of adjustable bed features and memory foam mattresses  anywhere else online.

The Best Overall Adjustable Bed – DM9000s

Adjustable Bed Review DM9000s

Dynasty Mattress DM9000s

The Most Feature-Rich & Best Value For Money Adjustable Bed

DM9000s is the overall best adjustable bed by a mile. If you’re looking for an adjustable base with advanced functions, you won’t find anything comparable to this for specs, looks, price and warranty. If you find a comparable base, please let us know so that we can replace or update this listing 🙂

Below we describe 30 PROS & CONS of this adjustable bed frame.

$900 off SALE

On Split-King adjustable beds (discount would be less on king, queen, full and twin XL adjustable bed sizes)

Additional Discount from Coupon Applies on Check Out Page…

Who is the DM9000s BEST for?

  1. Those of you that will use their beds for reading, watching TV and working on computers (pillow tilt helps avoid neck and back sprains)
  2. Individuals that need extra back support or those with lower back pains (lumbar support feature)
  3. Those of you that will use the nightstand from their beds (wall hugging keeps you close to the nightstand and saves your neck/ back from sprains)
  4. Those who (or whose partners) snore (simply elevate the head 5 – 8 degrees with pillow tilting)
  5. Those who want advanced massage features like pulse and wave massage with auto-shutoff timer
  6. Individuals that visit the bathroom at night (under-bed lighting)
  7. Individuals with certain types of breathing difficulties, sleep apnea, mobility issues, insomnia, recovering from surgeries, joint pains, arthritis, RLS, feet swelling, heartburn etc. etc.
  8. Those with unique bed-height preferences (adjustable height legs can help with this)
  9. People that want an easy-to-assemble adjustable base
  10. Especially recommended for seniors given the many senior-friendly specs

Adjustable Bed Highlights

  • It is the most feature-rich adjustable bed frame in the 2022-23 marketplace. The only other adjustable base with similar specs is roughly double the price
  • It is equipped with 9 of the top 10 adjustable bed specs
  • Best value for money – it is only half the price of beds with comparable specs. It is more economically priced than many mid-range adjustable bed frames (ON SALE: Up to $900 off)
  • Unbeatable warranty – Lifetime warranty on the metal frame and 10-year warranty on parts, mechanical, motor, electric & labor with in-home technician visits ($0 deductible parts)

27 Pros & 3 Cons of the DM9000s, the #1 Ranked Adjustable Base

We have sub-divided the Pros & Cons to the following sub-categories for easy explanation:

  • 9 MAJOR Pros
  • 18 additional benefits
  • 3 Cons
The top bed base has 9 of the Top 10 Features
1. Independent Pillow tilting

head/ chest tilting can straighten you up to a maximum of 60 degrees. This doesn’t straighten your back enough for watching television, reading, working etc. Pillow tilting can incline you an additional 30 degrees providing better neck and back support during reading, TV watching, knitting, email checking etc. No more stacking pillows to keep your head straight. This one is a mandatory feature if you do any of the above tasks on your bed. Also helps to stop snoring by elevating your head by a few degrees; a very useful , an essential feature for seniors. and people with sleep apnea.

2. Wall hugging

Other ordinary adjustable beds moves you forward and away from the wall/ headboard when the head section is raised. This movement basically puts the nightstand out of reach. If you wanted to reach something on the nightstand, you’ll have to reach back awkwardly, potentially straining your neck and back. The DM9000s has a premium feature called wallhugger engineering which makes the bed base slide back while it inclines and ensures that you stay adjacent to the nightstand at all times. This feature is a must have feature if you are a senior citizen or if you use your bed-side-table regularly. This is the one feature you will need if you use your nightstand/ bed-side-table often.

3. FOUR Memory Positions

Many  adjustable beds typically have preset and programmable memory placements. Presets, as the name says, are preset. You can’t change them even if you don’t like ’em. But programmable positions are customizable, like the zero gravity position or head and foot positions. Many people sleep in a zero-gravity position to improve breathing and blood circulation because it keeps the airways open. It is also beneficial for a patient after surgery to lessen aches in some areas of the body.The zero-gravity and Memory A & B buttons on the wireless remote of the DM9000s are customizable. Therefore, these buttons allow you to program and recall your favorite sleeping positions with a single click. In addition, there is also a one-touch flat preset button whichthat  allows you to flatten the bed from whatever position you were in previously. You cannot see these additional features to the basic adjustable bed brand or other adjustable beds. Whatever brand you end up buying, make sure it has at least one programmable memory button.

4. Head and Foot massage

function with timer (automatically controls and turns off massage in 10, 20 or 30 minutes), speed control buttons, 3 different intensity levels, pulse and rolling-wave feature.

5. Lumbar support

another rare feature which can help relieve certain types of lower back pains including tired/ aching lower back muscles. This one is adjustable; hence you can control the lumbar pressure applied on the lower back region using the ‘Lumbar Up’ and ‘Lumbar Down’ buttons.

6. Platform bed/ storage bed-friendly

(zero-clearance adjustable bed). Over 90% of the models have mechanical components sticking underneath the adjustable foundation preventing you from using it with a storage or platform bed. But the DM9000s is specially designed to offer convenience and ensure that nothing sticks underneath the bed.

7. Height adjustable legs

the 6 legs can be adjusted from 6 – 10 inches (at one inch increments) so that the top of the bed base can be as short as 14″ or as tall as 18″ (you need to add the mattress height to get the total height of the bed). Want it even shorter? Take out the legs completely and place the base on the floor and it will be only 8″ from the floor.

8. Under-bed LED lighting

so that your night-time trips to the bathroom can be lit up without disturbing your partner

9. Upholstered, furniture-style decking

for great looks (hides the ‘ugly’ metal components if you wish to use it as a standalone bed, without a wooden frame).

adjustable bed financing options
18 BONUS specs of the DM9000s base
1. Economically priced

the nearest competitor with similar specs is over $2000 more expensive (for a split-king) compared to the DM9000s adjustable beds

2. Extended 10-Year Warranty

on parts, mechanical, motor, electric & labor with in-home technician visits and great customer support service ($0 deductible parts).

3. Lifetime Warranty

on its metal frame.

4. Microhooking mattress retention system

sticks to the mattress like Velcro and prevents the mattress from slipping/ sliding when raising the upper body. (Our #1 recommended 365-day Home Trial best adjustable mattress comes with an 12-month home trial & forever warranty.)

5. Mattress retainer bar

is also included (at the foot of the bed). But you can get rid of it, if the microhooks can successfully keep your brand of mattress in place

6. Quiet motors

with 900 lb industry leading weight lifting capacity

7. Emergency power down

with power failures: you won’t be stuck in the upright position if there is a power failure

8. Backlit 18-button wireless remote

some remote controllers are NOT backlit making you search for buttons in the dark at night

9. One-touch zero gravity

(zero g; rest, relax and relief from back pains) and flat preset buttons so that you can go to those positions with the single click of a button

10. Smartphone compatible

via the iOS/ Android App

11. Split-king beds maybe synced

together or kept independent of each other, depending on your preference

12. Delivered assembled

Adjustable beds are delivered assembled; therefore, setup is quick

13. Free shipping
14. Gorgeous Design

Eye pleasing design with high-quality upholstery – on many low-quality bases, you will see that the cloth wrinkles when the bed moves, but not on the DM9000s

15. White glove delivery

White glove delivery and setup are available (at an additional price) for all Dynasty Mattress adjustable beds

16. All sizes available

All size options are available on the power base: Twin XL, full, queen size, eastern king, California king, and split sizes of regular king and California size king are also available

17. USB Ports

The DM9000s has 4 USB Ports (2 on each side of the bed) for charging devices like smartphones, tablet computers etc.

18. Bluetooth speakers and sub-woofer

Pair your phone to the speaker and listen to music while you fall asleep

Video Demonstration of Various Adjustable Bed Features
3 Cons of the DM9000s adjustable frame

1. Lacks a Remote Pouch

Not a deal breaker by any means. The PlushBeds S755 has a side pouch to hold the wireless remote controller.

2. Lacks 'Elevation Lift'

‘Elevation Lift’ is great for sleepers with severe acid reflux. But for most people, simply raising the head about five degrees will work very well to combat GERD / acid reflux

3. Out of Stock

Over the years, we’ve seen that this model goes out of stock online regularly. May be they can’t keep up with the demand (just guessing). Consider yourself lucky if the size you want is in-stock when you’re reading this.

Remote Controller Functions
4 Memory Positions
  • Three programmable positions: the Zero Gravity position can be customized the way you want. Memory A & B can be set to whatever you want them to be
  • One factory preset positions: the Flat position
Head, Foot, & Pillow Tilting
  • Three pairs of buttons to control head, foot, and pillow tilting functions
  • Pillow tilting is independent meaning that pillow tilting has a separate pair of buttons
Lumbar Support
  • Raise or lower the lumbar bar using the up & down buttons until you have the pefect lumbar support

Watch our Video Review – The #1 Best Rated Adjustable Base Reviewed with Demo

Best Mid-Range Bed Bases of 2023 – Nectar Adjustable Bed

Best Mid Range Adjustable Base

Nectar Adjustable Base

The Best Budget-Friendly Adjustable Bed

This is our best adjustable bed frame in the mid-range category. Nectar’s adjustable bed frame should be your adjustable bed of choice if you need a product that is easy on your wallet. As of 2023, it is the highest quality adjustable base in the budget category.

If you browse adjustable bed reviews available online, you will see that most reviewers and consumers rate the Nectar as a top adjustable bed among many adjustable bed frames company. This is also the cheapest base with full body massage options. The Nectar has all the basic specs plus features like massage, head and foot adjustments,programmable memory, one-touch zero-gravity position etc. It comes from the highly reputed company Nectar, and can be bundled with the popular Nectar mattresses. Most adjustable beds in this price range don’t have in-built massage motors.  The Nectar is popular because this bed frame arrives with the following features:

Who is the Nectar BEST for?

  1. Those of you that don’t need fancy features like pillow tilting, lumbar support and wall hugging
  2. Those of you that want massage in your adjustable base
  3. Sleepers looking for a high-quality, yet budget-friendly adjustable bed frame
  4. Especially recommended for seniors given the affordable price point and simplicity of the bed
  5. Those of you looking to bundle up your bed frame with an adjustable mattress to save even more – Up to $498 worth accessories FREE when you buy an adjustable bed frame with mattress

Adjustable Bed Highlights

20 Reasons to buy the Nectar Motorized Bed Frames

20 Pros of the Nectar
  1. Best value for money – unmatched price for the features offered
  2. 50-night trial period with free returns / full refund – this is a best in the industry, matched by no other adjustable bed manufacturer to our knowledge
  3. Infinite head and foot tilting positions
  4. Three programmable positions on the wireless remote control – M1, M2 and M3 buttons
  5. Four preset memory positions – Zero gravity preset, TV, anti-snore and flat
  6. Head and feet full body massage feature
    • 3 zones – head, foot or head & foot
    • 3 speeds
    • 3 modes – regular, pulse or wave massage
    • 3 timer options – auto shut-off in 10, 20 or 30 minutes
    • Such advanced massage features are usually seen only in high-end adjustable beds
  7. Four USB ports – two on each side
  8. Backlit, 16-button, wireless remote controller – you won’t be left clueless in the dark
  9. Height-adjustable legs – choose either 4″ or 6.5″ legs or put them together to give 10.5 inches. You need to add 4 inches to the leg height (the thickness of the frame) to get the actual height of the bed.
  10. Flashlight on the remote
  11. Mattress retention bar at the foot of the bed base
  12. Emergency power down – the bed can go down to the flat position in case of power outage
  13. Syncing (synchronizing) – two twin XL bases can be synced and controlled with a single remote in case of split-king adjustable beds
  14. Industry leading 1000 lb weight-lifting capacity
  15. Storage space underneath the bed – the Nectar is not a zero-clearance bed. However, when you’re using the 10.5″ leg height, you get at least 6.5″ storage space underneath the bed (the mechanics/ hydraulic arms need 3-3.5″ to operate)
  16. Three-year warranty
  17. Easy assembly – shipped mostly pre-assembled. You just need to screw in the legs and attach the motors, control box etc. Can take 20 – 45 minutes from unboxing to operation
  18. Available in Full size, Twin XL, Queen, Split and Standard King sizes. California king size adjustable beds are not available.
  19. Many compatible adjustable mattress options (Nectar Memory Foam or Nectar Premier) to choose from
  20. Monthly Payments – 0% APR financing options available
Cons of the Nectar Motorized bed Frame
  1. Lacks advanced specs like pillow tilting, wall hugging and lumbar support – sure, these can be useful features; but the VAST majority of us don’t need them. If you can spare the additional $1800 – $3200, by all means go for it.
  2. Lacks under-bed lighting – would have been nice if the Nectar had it. But hey, there are all these touch-sensitive and motion-sensing bed-side lamps, night lights etc. etc. which can make up for it. Alternatively, you can even use the flashlight on the Nectar remote
  3. No smartphone App to control the bed – again, an advanced feature you cannot expect at this price. Besides, many of these apps have bugs and have poor consumer ratings.

$400 off SALE

Save $400 on a Split King or $300 om a Queen size on the manufacturer’s website

The Nectar adjustable bed frame is Similar to most other brands, if you’re buying a split version, you will be getting two wireless remotes with them. However, you can sync them together so that a single remote can operate both sides.  If you need to buy both an adjustable base and an adjustable mattress to replace your existing bed frames, if you’re shopping for a low-cost sleep system, seriously consider buying the Nectar Memory Foam mattress or the Nectar Lush mattress.

The 365-night trial period mentioned on their website is for the Nectar mattress and not the power base. However, they offer a 50 day refund period.

According to the Nectar website, “if you are not 100% satisfied, you can return your adjustable frame for a full refund up to 50 days after your purchase“. So it really is risk free and you have nothing to lose with the Nectar bed. Even though Nectar doesn’t call it so, it’s almost like a 50 day trial period to try their base. This is probably the best return policy for any electric adjustable bed base we have seen. Most adjustable beds in the market are non-refundable.

In summary, the Nectar is the best value adjustable bed of 2023 and you should grab it with both hands if it is still on sale.

A Model recommended for seniors

Given the cheap prices, the Nectar adjustable bed is a great choice for seniors and elders. Another thing to consider here is the easy set-up. If you had to pay for set-up, we might be talking about hundreds of dollars nowadays.

Prices range from $650 – $1300 (after the massive discount). This is the best price we’ve seen.

Most Luxurious bed brand– PlushBeds S755

Plushbeds s755 adjustable bed frame

PlushBeds S755 Adjustable Bed Frame

The Best Luxury Adjustable Bed

In terms of luxury, there is no doubt that the Malouf PlushBeds S755 is the best adjustable bed by a nautical mile. However, our adjustable bed review did not rank the S755 as the best adjustable base, because of its expensive price tag.

PlushBeds have several adjustable bed frames named E255, E455, M555 and S755. The S755 bed base is their high-end, luxury bed with all the premium features. It has all the features of the DM9000s and a few additional ones as well. This is our 2nd choice only because it costs almost twice as much as the Dynasty Mattress bed. It has 9 of the top 10 characteristics. Similar to the DM9000s, this product also lacks elevation lift.

The PlushBeds S755 also lacks the Bluetooth speaker and the sub-woofer of the DM9000 but has a remote pouch. To be quite honest your decision on buying an adjustable bed base should not be influenced by features like speakers and remote pouches. If you don’t want all the specs on the S755, yet you like the luxury of the PlushBeds models, consider some of the M555 or the E455.

S755 convertible bed frame Price

The decisive factor is the high price tag of the S755. PlushBeds S755 adjustable beds are approx. twice as more expensive as the DM9000s bed bases. At the time of writing this, you can get the DM9000s queen adjustable base for less than $1130 whereas the S755 queen base is priced at $2400. However, if you’re willing to spend the extra cash, we have no hesitation in recommending this bed. Tempur-pedic also has a big-budget adjustable bed named Tempur-Ergo. This Tempur-pedic adjustable bed frames cost approximately $2200 for queen sized beds and $4000 for king-sized bed frames. However, it still lacks a few specs compared to the Dynasty adjustable beds.

Major Cons of the PlushBeds S755

Similar Features to the DM9000s, but double the price. Prices range from $2300 – $4500 after the current discount (even after the discount, this is one of the priciest adjustable beds in the current market)

1st Runner-up Mid-Range bed frame – Layla Plus

Layla Plus bed base

Layla Plus Adjustable Bed

Layla is almost a household name in the USA. Layla is a giant in the mattress industry.

Their adjustable bed bases are available as two models:

  1. Layla Adjustable Base (the basic model) and
  2. The feature-rich Layla Adjustable Base Plus. This is the one that is ranked #4 on our list

Major highlights of the Layla bed frame:

  1. The Layla Plus comes with wall gliding (same as wallhugger engineering)
  2. Dual-zone massage feature with 3 different intensities and auto-shutoff timer
  3. Zero Gravity preset (for a well deserved rest), Anti-Snore, and Flat presets
  4. Under-bed LED Lighting
  5. 4 – 10.5″ adjustable height legs
  6. Alexa/Google Home Compatibility and connects to your smartphone via Layla’s Wi-Fi App
  7. 30-day trial period (return policy with 100% Money Back Guarantee). Sleep trial periods are not uncommon for mattresses. However, for adjustable bed frames, sleep trials are extremely rare.
  8. Four USB ports for charging four devices simultaneously
  9. Easy setup
  10. Anti-sliding deck – keeps the mattress in place and prevents it from sliding off the bed (similar to the microhooking retention system on the DM9000s). Also comes with a mattress retainer bar at its foot .
  11. Simple and sleek remote control
  12. Last but not least, the product comes from the popular and highly respected brand, Layla
  13. If you’re considering purchasing a bed package with a mattress, Layla offers some of the best mattress models in the industry. Pair the Layla Plus with the Layla Memory Foam or Layla Hybrid mattress for a perfect sleep system.
  14. Some size options like split California king are not available


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    • Belinda Palmer

      @ Joanne,

      Thank you for making a very valid point. We will try to structure the reviews addressing your points. For the DM9000s, I can tell you that the sliding back of the wall hugging is 6″. However, the problem is, when you have a thick mattress, no matter how far back wall hugging takes you, you get pushed forward. Also when wall hugging is as large as 12″, there is a chance that it can damage certain types of headboards. As far as I’m aware, this is why certain manufacturers brought it down to 6″ from the 12″ some years back!!

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    • Belinda Palmer

      Hi Ted,
      First of all, congrats on your detective work 🙂 Yes indeed the Nectar appears to be a Classic Brands.
      Yes, indeed the Nectar has more presets (4) and importantly more customizable positions (3). iDealBed 4i has 3 presets and only 1 customizable position. We’re really big into customizable memory. As for the massage, no I wouldn’t say that the iDealBed has more advanced massage features because even on the Nectar, by pressing on the mode button of the remote, you can go through wave, pulse modes etc. Yes, the L&P motors is a plus but nowadays most of these motors are made by the same (Chinese) company and given different brand names. I won’t say that is the case with L&P; but it is with most, as you yourself discovered.
      One of the BIG PLUSES for the Nectar is their money back guarantee period. You get a 50 night trial period, which is unmatched in the adjustable bed industry as far as we’re aware.
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    • Belinda Palmer

      Hi Linda,
      Unfortunately, we have not reviewed the Saatva Lineal adjustable base on Bedroom Solutions yet. Basically, it’s a mid-range adjustable base based on our classification. It has most of the features of our #1 rated bed except pillow tilting, lumbar support and furniture style decking. It also costs more than the DM9000s currently. Given all these, we can’t justify spending extra on the Lineal adjustable frame right now. Nevertheless, it’s a decent model with wall hugging, programmable memory positions, massage etc.
      Hope that helped!

  16. Steve

    I learned a lot from your reviews. What’s the best model you recommend for GERD?


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2nd Runner-up Mid-Range Adjustable bed frame – Amerisleep Plus bed

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Plus

Amerisleep Plus Adjustable Base

The Amerisleep Plus is a highly rated adjustable bed frame in the 2023 market. It has been ranked as the #1 bed by several online reviews of adjustable beds, however, it failed to get that top ranking in our scientific ratings.

As a mid-range base, it obviously doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the DM9000s. However, it is a fairly decent mid-range adjustable bed with very good upholstery finishes. This costs approximately $350 more than the DM9000s for a split-king adjustable bed frame. Nevertheless, it is a very popular adjustable base brand given its high quality construction and upholstery finishes and the company that is behind the product.

It also offers several additional specs via its Bluetooth app such as a connectivity via the Amazon Alexa app and Google home . In summary, if you value product quality over the variety of specs on offer, the Amerisleep adjustable bed+ is what you need. The company is also known for their excellent customer service. Amerisleep also offers a range of high-quality adjustable mattresses for different budgets.

The Amerisleep is inferior to the DM9000s in the following aspects:

  1. No Pillow Tilting
  2. No Wall Hugger engineering
  3. No Lumbar bar support
  4. No Furniture-style Decking
  5. No Bluetooth speakers
  6. Not a Zero-Clearance model (can’t store anything underneath the bed)
  7. King dimensions are not available (non-split)
  8. California (neither split and nor non-split models) king sizes are also not available
  9. ~$350 more expensive than the DM base for a split type king sized bed

Major highlights of the Amerisleep bed plus:

  1. Head and Feet Massagers with pulse and wave massage modes (similar to the DM bed)
  2. Highly-reputed manufacturer
  3. Probably has the best upholstery finishes of all adjustable beds
  4. Comes with a 10-year limited warranty

Major Cons: The expensive price tag; lesser specs compared to the leading models.

  1. Fewer specs compared to the leading models.
  2. The expensive price tag: price range of the adjustable bed bases: $1350 – $2250

Recommended Mid-Range – GhostBed

Ghostbed base

Ghostbed Adjustable Frame

The Ghostbed adjustable base is a great option if all you want is a non-complicated, ‘bare bones’ adjustable base. We also recommend this for any buyer that is looking for base + mattress product bundles, Ghostbed offers you plenty of options and deals across the board.

Major specs of the Ghostbed adjustable platform

The Ghostbed adjustable base is an entry-level base with relatively few specs. The base comes with the following 3 out of the 10 most important features:

  1. One customizable memory position
  2. Head and feet massage
  3. Under-bed lights

Major Cons: No pillow tilting & not a wallhugger engineering

  1. No pillow tilting
  2. No wallhugger engineering
  3. No advanced features like lumbar support, furniture style decking etc.
  4. Price range: $900 – $1800

Convertible bed and mattress combo highlights (Ghostbed)

  1. Zero Gravity setting*, TV watching, Anti-Snore, Lounge and Flat factory pre-set memory settings
  2. Four USB ports to charge devices like phones and headphones
  3. Available sizes ; Twin XL, Queen, and Split King for couples. Cal King size of the bed (72″ wide and 84″ long) is not available.
  4. 15-mode head and feet massage with timer
  5. Easy and fast setup
  6. Considerable deals when you buy the base + mattress combo

* The zero g (ZG) position is well known for resting and taking the stress away from the back muscles and relieving chronic back pain (scientifically as well as based on user experiences). You deserve that rest!

Top Convertible with an Aluminum Frame – Bear

Bear frame and mattress

Bear Aluminum Frame

Bear is a unique adjustable bed frame in that it comes with an aluminum frame which is really light weight. Obviously it comes from a trusted brand name. Bear manufactures some of the best mattresses in the current marketplace.

Major features of the Bear base

It has the following 4 most important features (out of top 10)

  1. Wall hugger bed
  2. The bed base comes with two programmable memory settings
  3. Under-bed lighting
  4. Storage-bed compatibility

What’s Lacking on the Bear?

  1. Six of the top 10 features are not available
  2. Only Queen, King and Split-King size adjustable bed frames are available
  3. At $1500 – $2200, this product is not cheap for the features offered

The aluminum structure makes it pretty lightweight compared to a solid metal structure. Therefore, this adjustable bed can be highly recommended for seniors shopping for an adjustable bed.

High-quality Sectional Foundation – Yaasa Bed Base

Yaasa Adjustable Base

Yaasa Adjustable Bed

Yaasa Studios bed base is very similar to the Bear power bed. The Yaasa adjustable bed too has an aluminum/ metal chassis and 4 wood-finish planks placed on it. The major difference is that the Yaasa base costs more than Bear’s adjustable beds. The Yaasa adjustable bed base has a beautiful white while the Bear is black in color. Personally, I find the white prettier, but when you put the mattress on, nobody know what color it was underneath..

The major pros and cons of the Yaasa bed base are as follows:

  1. Wall hugger base
  2. Two customizable memory positions
  3. Storage-bed friendly
  4. Two USB ports (one on each side of the bed; charge up to two devices at the same time)

CONS: The product is too pricey for the features available.

  1. Not all sizes are available (Twin XL, Queen, King and Split versions are available)
  2. Trial Period: None for the base. The 100 night trial period mentioned on the Yaasa website is for customers that purchase Yaasa mattresses.
  3. Yaasa White Glove Service available but expensive at $199 (free white glove delivery is hard to come by in this industry)
  4. At $1700 – $3200, the Yaasa adjustable bed is too pricey for the features available.

It is one of the best picks for anyone that likes the white color and the aluminum mounting

Best Entry-Level Base bed – IdleSleep

Idlesleep adjustable base

IdleSleep Adjustable Bed

The IdleSleep is our best adjustable bed in the budget-friendly, entry-level category. The queen size starts at around $750 and that is one hell of a deal. However, note that the IdleSleep only has Head tilting. There is no foot tilting.

The major features of the IdleSleep adjustable base

This is as ‘entry-level’ as it can get.

It doesn’t have any of our top 10 specs, as simple as a bed can get. Even the remote controller has only two buttons. You can’t ask for anything simpler than this.

All sizes are available except for California King. Even full size of the bed is available. Usually, bed frames that are this cheap don’t come with a warranty; but the IdleSleep comes with a 2-year warranty. You really can’t ask for more. Remember, this won’t work if you want to raise your feet for a condition like restless leg syndrome or leg swelling.

Major Cons of the Idlesleep bed base

  1. Not all sizes are available (Twin XL, Queen, King and Split versions are available)
  2. Trial Period: None for the base. The 100 night trial period mentioned on the Yaasa website is for customers that purchase Yaasa mattresses.
  3. Yaasa White Glove Service available but expensive at $199 (free white glove delivery is hard to come by in this industry)
  4. At $1700 – $3200, the Yaasa adjustable bed is too pricey for the features available.

It is a very basic base at an unbelievably inexpensive price point. At this price, there really are no cons.
Base Price Range (without mattress): $649 – $1098

Best Low-profile Entry-level base – Bed In A Box

Bed in a box adjustable base

Motion in A Box Adjustable Bed from ‘Bed in A Box’

You will notice that most adjustable bases in the entry level category are 4″ thick. In contrast, the Bed-in-A-Box is only 2″ thick. This is why the Bed in A Box is categorized as a ‘low-profile’ adjustable bed platform.

Pros and cons of the Motion-in-A-box adjustable base

The Motion in A Box from ‘Bed in A Box’ may have only 2 of the 10 elite features (two customizable memory positions and under-bed lighting). However, this mattress base offers great quality and value for the price. The Bed in A box bed bases are very popular given its relatively cheap pricing structure. This can be handy for someone that wants their bed to be low/ short. Thicker the bed profile, taller the bed will be. This is why this bed is most recommended for those who are looking for a low-profile adjustable bed base.

While it is highly recommended for the budget conscious customers, keep in mind that this mattress base lacks the following most recommended features:

  1. No pillow tilting
  2. No wallhugger engineering

Prices range from $600 – $1200
If you want to purchase a low profile design (base is thin compared to others like the Purple or the Nectar), the Motion-in-a-Box is one of the best entry-level adjustable beds of 2023. This is also the best price you can get on a twin XL size. This product is probably the best choice if you’re shopping for a low-profile and light weight adjustable bed. The low-profile also make this adjustable bed suitable for seniors. The light-weight as well as easy assembly make it easy to handle and maneuver by the elderly as well as anyone else.

How to Choose The Right Motorized Bed Frame?

If YOU had to select the bed yourself, this is what you’ll need to do:

  • Research not one, but a wide range of adjustable bed brands
  • Analyze features offered by each one of those adjustable bed frames
  • Identify the MUST-HAVE features for your bed
  • Analyze the manufacturer/ supplier/ brand reputation
  • Study consumer reviews for each bed
  • Compare specs, price point etc. etc. with other adjustable bases

That is what we have done at Bedroom Solutions so that you can benefit from our decades of experience in the sleep industry. Here’s the exact science that went into compiling this adjustable bed buyer’s guide.

Buyer’s Guide

Below we will give an overview of how we ranked the best adjustable beds; however, if you want to learn the detailed science of Bedroom Solutions’ ranking process, please go here. We initially analyzed 33 specs and 1200+ customer reviews from online reviewers on over 80 adjustable frames from different manufacturers. This analysis revealed the following 10 most useful and popular specs which we further categorized as shown below.

Top 10 Most Useful Specs
  1. Pillow Tilting: better head and neck adjustability when sitting up on the bed (work, read, or watch TV etc.). With head tilt alone, you cannot sufficiently straighten your upper body to watch TV. As one reviewer said, “Pillow tilting adjustments allow me to watch Netflix for hours at a stretch without the constant neck pain I used to have“. Independent pillow tilting can also be used to stop snoring of your spouse or yourself (just tilt this section by a few degrees for the anti-snoring function).
  2. Wall Hugging : provides an extra adjustment that keeps you next to the nightstand even when the upper section is raised. Thereby minimizes potential for spraining neck and back.
  3. Programmable Memory Positions: lets you program your own custom positions (at least one; ideally more than one position), so that you can go to your favorite lounging position for example, with a single click rather than meddling with multiple adjustments

To learn more about these 3 features, go here to watch 3 animations. These 3 are mandatory specs if your budget allows. If your adjustable bed base doesn’t have these 3, you’re missing a lot!!

3 Optional Specs
  1. Lumbar Support: this adjustment is for those who need extra back support for certain types of lower back pain. In addition to that, as one reviewer mentioned, it can also help fix existing mattress sagging.
  2. Furniture-style Decking: for those who like the gorgeous looks
  3. Elevation Lift: to prevent heartburn
4 Supplementary Specs
  1. Head and Foot Massage function: to relax and rest those tired muscles. As one reviewer perfectly said “Don’t expect a shiatsu massaging, it’s more like vibration, very soothing and I love it“
  2. Storage-bed Compatibility
  3. Height-adjustable Legs: this adjustment can raise or lower the bed as you please
  4. Under-bed Lighting

Summary Comparison of the Top 10 Motorized bed Bases

Feature DM9000sS755 Layla Nectar Amerisleep Ghostbed Bear Yaasa Bed-in-A-Box Idlesleep
Rating Overall Best Premium Most Luxurious Highest-Quality Budget-Friendly Mid-Range Runner-up Premium Runnerup Recommended Entry-Level Best Aluminum Frame Best Sectional Best Low-profile Cheapest & Head-lift only
Approx. Price (Queen - Split-King) Up to $900 off!!$2450 - $4500 $200 off Sale!! $1000 - $1700$1350 - $2250 $1125 - $1950 $2450 - $4500 $1300 - $1950 $750- $1200 $524 - $768
Independent Pillow tilting Yes Yes No No No No No No No No
Wall hugging Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes No No
Lumbar Support Yes Yes No No No No No No No No
Furniture-style Decking Yes Yes No No No No No No No No
Programmable memory positions 3 2 3 3 3 1 2 2 2 No
Storage-bed Compatibility (aka zero clearance) Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes No No
Height-adjustable Legs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes No
Under-bed Lighting Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Head and Foot Massage Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Warranty Lifetime on metal frame; 10 years everything else Fully covered 1st year; limited warranty next 9 years 10-year limited warranty 3-year limited warranty 10-year limited warranty 1st year full warranty; thereafter limited lifetime warranty 10-year limited warranty 10-year limited warranty 5-year limited warranty 2 years

Price Range of Motorized Bed Bases

What decides price?

  1. Size – typically the price goes up from Twin XL to Full size to Queen size to King to Cal King to Split King
  2. Brand / Manufacturer
  3. Specs on offer – the most basic adjustable beds come with head tilt only (typically with a wired remote). These beds are the cheapest.
  4. Whether adjustable mattress is included or not
  5. Warranty coverage and period
  6. Whether white glove service is included or not

Before diving into buying an adjustable mattress base, many people would want to find out about the adjustable bed costs. This is important whether you’re it for the spouse (husband, wife or significant other), daughter, son or a couple. The cheapest and most basic adjustable beds start at little as $400 for a Twin XL base. Such models come at about $600 for a Queen size and $800 for a King size. Some examples for such beds are Bed In A Box, Lucid L100, Lucid L300, Blissfulnights, Classic Brands etc. However, you will notice that most of those names didn’t make it to our 10-best list because they lacked certain features we were looking for.

Fancier adjustable beds with modern functions can cost up to $1000 for a Twin XL, $1250-1500 for a Queen size and $1750 upwards for a Split type King base. The most expensive movable bed options in the market are the Sleep Number FlexFit 3 and the Tempur-pedic Tempur Ergo Extend that costs approximately $4000 for a split king bed frame (excluding mattresses). There are two cheaper Tempur-pedic adjustable bed frames by the names of Tempurpedic Tempur-Ergo Power Base and Tempurpedic Tempur-Ergo Smart Base. The Tempur-Ergo Smart bed has sleep tracker technology that tracks your sleeping behavior via an app.

Hospital bed type of adjustable beds also pricey in the 2023 market. Premium hospital bed brands (e.g. Hopeful, Wert, Invacare) with built-in side rails typically sell for upwards of $3,000 for a Twin XL size. You won’t get queen size or split versions for these hospital beds as they are almost exclusively used by single patients. Please note that these are not meant for exclusive use at hospitals. In additions to hospitals, they can be used at residences as well where there are seniors or other patients with mobility issues. Fortunately, these maybe covered by medicare through Medicare Part B.


Most of today’s retailers offer great deals on both adjustable beds and mattresses especially on credit card payments. This is a great relief for consumers not prepared to spend the entire price out of their pockets at once. Also take a close look at the different warranties offered by different retailers. Some offer warranties as long as 25 years, but such warranties give a very limited and pro-rated coverage.

A word of caution on price

Just because a particular bed frame is pricey, that doesn’t mean that it is a feature-rich adjustable base. For example, the Yaasa adjustable bed is relatively high-priced, yet has relatively few specs. Always check if the adjustable bed models have features like the zero gravity preset, massage settings, USB ports, and supports different sleeping positions. Take out your calculator and see if the investment is worthwhile compared to the specs it offers.

Certain adjustable bed companies have products with massage capabilities and functions with wireless remote but no foot tilting. Without foot tilting you can’t get certain sleeping positions. However, some adjustable bed companies have made sure that any sleep position can be adopted with their beds. Some retailers have partners in popular mattress manufacturers and together make entire sleep systems available. Most adjustable bed models have sleep systems which are essentially a base and mattress combo. Buying a complete sleep system (e.g. mattress) is sometimes cheaper than buying the base and mattress separately. You’re looking at an extra $100-200 for white glove services including delivery and setup.


Some retailers market their beds as a treatment option for chronic back pain. You should always consult a doctor to find out if your back pain (acute or chronic) can be fixed by an adjustable bed or not. Further, when you’re searching for online bed reviews, you should always check if they use a reasonable review system or not. Some reviewers simply give a ranking without a justifiable system. Before you decide that a particular adjustable bed brand is your best option, remember to check their phone number so that you can contact them if a technical issue comes up.

If you are a couple and are shopping for a split-queen or king, don’t forget to check for the “link” between the two twin-XL beds. Usually a USB or other cable will link the two bases together so that the two beds can be operated with a single wireless remote. If you are not sure about how to connect the two bases, always call the company using the phone number. In fact calling them might be an excellent way to get an idea about their customer service too.

Shoppers sometimes make purchasing decisions entirely based on the price. Some of the cheap adjustable beds in the 2023 marketplace have very poor warranties. Therefore, we request buyers to compare the different warranties offered by various companies when shopping for your dream bed.

Top Recommended Mattress Brands

Country Living is the Best Adjustable Mattress of 2021

Now you know how to choose an adjustable bed. How about the accessories? Are there any must-have accessories that can take your adjustable bed and sleep quality to the next level? Pillows and sheets are important, but we’re talking about something else here. As you know, even the best rated adjustable beds cannot give you the rest you deserve without the right type of mattress to complement it. If you already have a mattress, you may want to keep using it. However, if you need to purchase a new mattress, we highly recommend you get a proper mattress education so that you can buy the best mattress your money can afford. This is a very short adjustable mattress review where we will talk about the best mattresses very briefly.

Out of the many mattress types made of memory foam, latex, innerspring, water and air; latex, memory foam and air mattresses are considered the best mattresses for adjustable type of beds. Memory foam models tend to be a better choice since they offer the comfort and support that most people look for in a mattress. As you can imagine, in a water bed, all the water would flow to the bottom/foot, when raising the upper body in a water mattress. Conventional innerspring mattresses have rigid coil systems which cannot withstand the constant flexion and extension of the base. So it doesn’t flex as you change the angles of the bed frame’s head and foot. The best adjustable mattress you can purchase is one that is flexible and quickly returns to the normal state after the bed base returns to the flat position. Hybrid mattresses where coil springs have been individually wrapped also work. Unlike on innerspring mattresses, the coil springs are independent of each other on these modern spring mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses where coil springs have been individually wrapped also work. Unlike on innerspring mattresses, the coil springs are independent of each other on these modern spring mattresses.

Adjustable air beds from mattress companies like Sleep Number have the additional advantage of having different firmness levels according to the sleeper’s comfort preferences. Not only do these allow for different firmness options between the two sides but also on different regions of the same mattress. The comfort and support afforded by these are difficult to match (beware that they don’t come cheap though).

Your sleeping position is also something you need to consider before deciding on the mattress firmness level. A soft or plush mattress suits side sleepers best while a medium-firm mattress suits back sleepers best. The best firmness level for stomach sleepers is medium-firm to firm. However, there’s no denying that we all love to sleep on a plush mattress that sleeps cool. Newer mattresses have cooling gel infused into them which definitely helps during warm summer months. Based on sleep research, mattress companies will provide informational guides to help you decide which of their mattresses suits your sleeping behavior the best.


Popular Mattress Brands

As there is a wide range of memory foam and latex mattress brands, we won’t go into the exact models. We have other articles about best mattress brands and designs. However, now that you know which mattress type suits best, we’re confident that you will make the right decision with the brand and model when you’re shopping for your new adjustable mattress. We can recommend Nectar (12-month home trial and Forever warranty), Amerisleep, Layla, Loom & Leaf from Saatva, and DynastyMattress memory foam mattresses. Some of these top rated adjustable mattresses are manufactured by companies which also sell adjustable bed frames. If your existing mattress does not belong to the types we have explained above, you may want to purchase a new mattress. For any new bed adjustable or not, a new mattress can make a huge difference.

Remember, there’s nothing like a good night’s sleep that can boost your energy levels the following day! A word about white glove services for mattresses: with an electric bed frame, a white glove service with setup can be very important because most adjustable bed frames typically weigh over 100 pounds making it over 200 lbs for a split base. Carrying such a base upstairs and setting it up can be a daunting task to most buyers. However, with mattresses, this is not so critical because there is literally no ‘set up’. White glove services will typically include in-home delivery, unpacking/unboxing of the new mattress, disposal of packaging material, and removal of the old mattress. However, remember that these services usually come at an extra price. Although free shipping is not uncommon, free white glove delivery is almost unheard of. Free shipping typically is curb-side delivery and does not include in-home delivery.

Mattress Prices

One of the first things interested buyers would think of is the mattress price. They can cost as little as $300 for a memory foam mattress or as much as $2000 upwards for a latex foam king mattress in the 2023 mattress market. Adjustable air mattress brands (e.g. adjustable firmness air beds by Sleep Number) are usually not cheap. Obviously, split mattresses costs more than a queen mattress. No one wants to pay for shipping these days and thankfully, most models come with free shipping and extended periods of money back warranty these days. Some even come with free return shipping whereas with others, you only have to pay return shipping or a re-stocking fee. It is also important to think of sleep hygiene and the durability of a mattress. Some brands are cheap and less durable while high-cost models can be more durable due to the high quality materials that have been used to manufacture it. Whether you’re shopping online or at your local mattress stores / outlets / showrooms, this is something you really ought to pay attention to.

10 Benefits of Convertible Bed Frames

Are adjustable beds worth it? On average, adjustable beds cost $1,000 to $3,500, depending on your preference. Most customers find investment in an adjustable bed good for their health and worth the money since they provide sleep-promoting benefits.


You can enjoy the following sleep, lifestyle and health benefits from using an adjustable bed.

  1. Rest, watch television, read, knit, write, work on your laptop etc. from the comfort of your bed
  2. Improves sleep quality and sleep experience in most people (including during pregnancy and recovering after surgeries). Can even help fix insomnia in some.
  3. Alleviates pains (relieves joint, arthritis, sciatica, hips, and back pains and pressure on pressure points) and aligns the spine improving mobility
  4. The different positions of adjustable beds can help fight breathing difficulties and alleviates sleep disorders like sleep apnea. You can expect an improvement on the sleep apnea symptoms; however, it’s best to speak to doctors that specialize on the subject (may not be able to fix asthma though).
  5. Stops snoring
  6. Reduces swelling (edema) of legs, ankles, and feet due to anomalies of blood pressure and eventually improves mobility – the zero gravity setting works great for some people
  7. Most Adjustable beds can combat heartburn (GERD) – adjustable bases with elevation lift are the best especially for side sleepers with acid reflux
  8. Alleviates symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and gives your legs a proper rest. You can raise the foot section up to an angle of 45 degrees to rest your legs.
  9. Improves digestion in users
  10. More independence for couples (with a split-queen and king bases)

For a detailed explanation on the sleep science and how adjustable bases achieve these benefits, go to this page. Kindly note that the above list of health benefits has been published for informational purposes (not to be taken as academic or medical advice). We strongly encourage you to talk to a doctor or a suitable medical expert for specific medical advice. Note that while adjustable beds are full of benefits, there are some drawbacks as well. Those who are interested can read about 18 Pros and Cons of adjustable beds on this page.





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