Adjustable Bed Ratings

This is how we calculated the ‘Scores’ indicated on These were the scores we used in compiling our list of best adjustable beds.

Adjustable Bed FeatureMaximum Marks Allocated
Pillow Tilting15
Programmable Memory Positions15
Wall Hugging15
Lumbar Support5
Elevation Lift5
Furniture Style5
Miscellaneous Features10

Sample Explanations:

  • If a particular adjustable bed offered 3 programmable memory positions and another offered 2 programmable memory positions, the former would have received 15/15 marks and the latter would have received 10/15 marks.
  • If a particular adjustable bed was manufactured by a popular company that has been in the furniture/mattress industry since the 1930s, it may receive the maximum of 10/10 points allocated for ‘brand’. In contrast, if another company was only formed in 2015, that bed may receive only 3/10 allocated for brand.
  • If a particular adjustable bed is priced $500 for the queen size, and another $1500, the former may receive the maximum of 15/15 points allocated for ‘price’ while the latter may receive only 3/15 allocated for price.