Adjustable Bed Rating and Ranking Process

Below we describe our detailed and unbiased process of ranking adjustable beds. It is based on this ranking process that the top 10 adjustable beds listed here were selected.

3 Step Process to Identify the Best Adjustable Base

Initial Analysis

​80+ Adjustable beds

1​200+ Consumer Reviews

We analyzed over 30 adjustable bed specs and over 1000 consumer reviews on 100+ beds from different companies which led to the identification of the 10 Most Useful adjustable bed specs.

Discovering the Most Important Specs

4 Supplementary specs

3 Optional specs (some related to health)

Our adjustable bed ranking process is mainly based on the specs offered by different models.

Scoring & Ranking of Adjustable Beds

4 Criteria

These 4 criteria were used for our ranking: (1) available specs, (2) manufacturer reputation, (3) consumer reviews and (4) pricing structure.


We gave a score to each bed based on the above 4 criteria

Top 10 Ranking

Finally, we ranked and reviewed the 10 finest adjustable beds based on the score received by each bed.

For more details on the ranking and review process, please visit this page.

33 Adjustable Bed Specs Used for the Ranking Process

We further categorized these 33 specs as the 10 most popular specs and 23 miscellaneous specs.

the top 10 specs


  1. Pillow Tilting: better head and neck support when sitting up on the bed (reading, watching TV etc.)
  2. Wall Hugging : keeps you next to the nightstand even when the head is raised
  3. Programmable Memory Positions: program your own, custom positions

These are HIGHLY recommended features with any age group, but especially so, if you’re closing up on the senior years! These 3 are MUST-Haves if your budget allows. Simply put, no model can be called the best adjustable frame if it doesn’t have these three functions.

3 Optional Specs

  1. Lumbar Support: for those who need extra back support
  2. Furniture-style Decking: for those who like the gorgeous looks
  3. Elevation Lift: to prevent acid reflux/ heartburn

We call these ‘optional’ because they’re useful under certain scenarios only. For example, you’d need ‘Elevation Lift’, only if you have heartburn/ acid reflux.

4 Supplementary Specs

  1. Head and Foot Massage: to relax and relieve those tired muscles
  2. Storage-bed Compatibility
  3. Height-adjustable Legs
  4. Under-bed Lighting

Fortunately, if you buy an adjustable bed with the 3 must-have specs, these are usually included. These 4 are definitely ‘Nice-to-Have’, but NOT ‘Must-haves’.

The 3 MUST-HAVE Adjustable Features for your Bed

Below we have explained the importance of the 3 Must-Have specs. If you agree that they’ll be useful to you, make sure you pick an adjustable bed with those properties.

1. Pillow Tilting

For better head and neck support while watching TV, reading or working on the computer.

Independent Pillow Tilting Explained

Most adjustable beds have only (A) head articulation and (B) foot articulation. Head tilting doesn’t support your head and neck sufficiently, especially when you want to keep your head straight as in when watching TV or reading a book.Pillow tilting, a third level of articulation, provides the head and neck with the additional support needed for watching TV, reading books, working on the computer etc. from bed. We strongly recommend that you to pick a high-quality adjustable bed with pillow tilting with independent controls because it can save you a lot of pain in the long run!

2. Wall Hugging

Keeps you close to the nightstand in the upright position by sliding back towards the headboard.

Wall Hugging Explained

On non-wall hugging adjustable beds, as you raise the head, your whole body moves forward placing the nightstand out of reach. Turning back to reach something on the nightstand can give you neck and back sprains.

Wallhugger engineering eliminates this and makes the adjustable bed base slide back as you raise your upper body so that it never leaves the headboard or the nightstand. Some companies call this wall gliding or ‘nightstand friendly’. Whatever you call it, the leading adjustable bed brands have this.

3. Programmable Memory

Program your one-touch ‘favorite positions’ as per your personal preferences.

Animation of Programmable Memory Positions of Adjustable Beds

Most average adjustable beds come with ‘preset’ memory positions instead of customizable memory positions. With preset positions, you have to be content with what the adjustable bed manufacturer programs for you. In contrast, customizable memory positions give you the power to control your favorite memory positions based on your personal preferences!

Some adjustable bed companies give the option to reprogram their presets on the remote.

23 Miscellaneous specs

  • Smartphone / iOS or Android App control via Bluetooth
  • Weight-lifting capacity (up to 900 lb per base including mattress weight)
  • Remote controller flash light
  • Finish/ upholstery finishes
  • Adjustable bed company / manufacturer reputation
  • Price – cheap vs expensive adjustable bed pricing
  • Ease of setup
  • White glove service and delivery option
  • Consumer Reviews
  • Customer Support
  • Warranty

Here is a detailed breakdown of how we calculated the ‘Scores’ for each bed frame.

Adjustable Bed Feature

Maximum Marks Allocated

Pillow Tilting


Programmable Memory Positions


Wall Hugging


Lumbar Support


Furniture Style Decking


Head and Foot Massage


Under-bed Storage/ Zero-Clearance


Elevation Lift


Adjustable leg height


Under-bed lighting






Miscellaneous Features


Total Points


Adjustable Bed Scoring Sample Explanations

  • If a particular adjustable bed offered 3 programmable memory positions and another offered 2 programmable memory positions, the former would have received 10/10 marks and the latter would have received 7/10 marks.
  • If a particular adjustable bed was manufactured by a popular company that has been in the furniture/mattress industry since the 1930s, it may receive the maximum of 5/5 points allocated for ‘brand’. In contrast, if another company was only formed in 2015, that bed may receive only 2/5 allocated for brand.
  • If a particular adjustable bed is priced $500 for the queen size, and another $1500, the former may receive the maximum of 15/15 points allocated for ‘price’ while the latter may receive only 5/15 allocated for price. The following is the detailed breakdown of the scoring system we followed for price.
    • Less than $750 for a Queen adjustable bed = 15/15
    • $750-1250 for a Queen adjustable bed = 10/15
    • $1250-2000 for a Queen adjustable bed = 5/15
    • $2000-2500 for a Queen adjustable bed = 2/15
    • More than $2500 for a Queen adjustable bed = 0/15

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