Pollution and sleep

Is sleep affected by pollution? We sleep almost one whole third of our lives, which corresponds to a little over 23 years. As we have been saying over and over again, sleep is one of the foundations of our health, our well-being and therefore our quality of life. In short, there are countless health benefits …

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Sports and Sleep

You should consider going back to doing sports. And seriously! This should be one of the top 5 resolutions at the beginning of the year for every single one of us. If you play sports in order to sleep well at night and facilitate falling asleep, then you should know that being good in sports …

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The 7 best drinks to sleep well tonight

Do you regularly have trouble sleeping? Are you agitated, stressed or do you perhaps have trouble digesting your dinner? Do you have trouble sleeping during hot summers? Here are the 11 best drinks to drink in the evening to cool down and fall asleep easily. Roles of yoga, meditation, magnesium, sleeping naked, lavender or putting …

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Narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder

You fall asleep suddenly, in the middle of a meeting (that’s normal!), while driving (that’s much more serious), in the middle of a conversation (this, sadly, can be misinterpreted by your interlocutor…) or in your Leggett & Platt S-Cape adjustable bed you recently bought. You are neither lazy nor a party addict nor impolite: you …

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How to fall asleep when you are stressed-out?

Sleeping when stressed

You are agitated, you spend your nights tossing around on your bed. A blow to the right, a blow to the left. On the back, on the belly. The cushion asks for pity. Because it keeps on being returned too, it has seasickness. In your head, you ruminate a film. Holidays are just around the …

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How to take care of your sleep during holidays

Hammock effect sleep number sagging

Less and less people nowadays feel « rested » after returning from vacation, according to a recent survey. Despite the mornings spent sleeping and the reduced pace, it is not that easy to get rid of the accumulated lack of sleep, especially if you encountered a shifting of clocks with daylight saving time coming into …

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Daylight Saving Time and Sleep

Daylight Saving Time

Tips for a smooth transition into daylight saving time change Nice, they have just changed the time in the whole country which means they saved us an hour! This phenomena, which seems to be something easy to disregard, upsets our circadian rhythm and our biological clock. So how should we prepare for the change of …

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Grandma tips for better sleep

Grandma Sleep Facts

There is nothing better than a good restful sleep to get back on your feet after a tough day. If in theory it is enough to lie on a comfortable bed and close your eyes until you fall asleep, the reality is very different. 10% of the population happens to be insomniac. Upon waking up, …

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