Pollution and sleep

Is sleep affected by pollution? We sleep almost one whole third of our lives, which corresponds to a little over 23 years. As we have been saying over and over again, sleep is one of the foundations of our health, our well-being and therefore our quality of life. In short, there are countless health benefits …

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Sports and Sleep

You should consider going back to doing sports. And seriously! This should be one of the top 5 resolutions at the beginning of the year for every single one of us. If you play sports in order to sleep well at night and facilitate falling asleep, then you should know that being good in sports …

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Grandma tips for better sleep

Grandma Sleep Facts

There is nothing better than a good restful sleep to get back on your feet after a tough day. If in theory it is enough to lie on a comfortable bed and close your eyes until you fall asleep, the reality is very different. 10% of the population happens to be insomniac. Upon waking up, …

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Help baby to sleep!

help a baby sleep

All parents have been confronted, one day or another, to a situation where their baby cannot fall asleep. If you are in this case, let the sandman lean over your baby’s cradle to whisper some particularly effective magic formulas. So here are some magician tips for you to help your baby fall asleep easily. We …

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How to fall asleep despite being sick?

Sleep During Illness

Imagine being extremely sick but unable to fall asleep? That sounds like a nightmare in itself, right? You are dead tired and all you wish for is a good night of sleep to feel better, but you just don’t seem to be able to fall asleep. Rather than that, all you do is tossing in …

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How to manage your sleep during winter

Sleep During Winter

Winter comes with not only lower temperatures, but also with a whole lot of changes that leave their own impact on our habits, especially our sleeping ones.  So how to cope with the dryness and the cold that perturb your sleep? Keep on reading to find some answers! A warm bed means a warm and …

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Food you should avoid before bed

Sleep Foods

We wrote an article beforehand about how tightly linked sleep and the food you eat are. It showed how there were plenty of food to eat in specific ways and in a specific time to get the most peaceful sleep out of your nights. We also viewed a series of hormones and neurotransmitters responsible for the …

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