The Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort adjustable bed is very popular on The same model is seen on too. We’ve seen similar looking adjustable beds on several other retailers. They look very similar to the Classic Brands adjustable foundation and seem to have the same features, but oddly enough, they have different names. Whether manufacturers sell the same bed under different brand names at different retailers or not, we don’t know. But it certainly looks like it… you be the judge! Either way, we advise you to purchase from a reputed retailer like Amazon or Walmart. This Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Review was compiled to give an accurate depiction of the pros and cons of the model, so that you can make the right call (this looks awfully similar to the Nectar adjustable base ;).

Despite its popularity on and many other ‘independent’ reviewers rating it very high, our rating on the Classic Brands bed is a little low. It cannot compete with the big guns in the market! However, for an entry-level adjustable bed, the Classic Brands works OK, but even for that level, there are better models in the same price range. Don’t take our word for it; study our Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort review and decide for yourself!

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Review – 5 Pros and 5 Cons

Four Customizable Memory Positions

Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Remote ControllerMost adjustable beds in this price range generally don’t have programmable or customizable memory positions. In other words, you have to be content with whatever the manufacturer gives you. Don’t take it wrong; you CAN adjust the bed to any position you like. But, you have to press the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons a gazillion times to get the position right. You can’t program the remote to ‘remember’ your favorite position, which may be a 37 degree elevation of the head section and a 14 degree elevation of the foot section.

However, the Classic Brands base is an exception. It comes with 4 factory-preset positions that can be overridden. In other words, you can reprogram the pre-programmed positions based on your liking.

The four factory-preset positions are:

  1. TV/PC
  2. Lounge
  3. Zero-gravity, and
  4. Flat

Let’s say you don’t like the preset ‘Lounge’ position. You can adjust the bed to a lounging position that you like best, long-press the ‘lounge’ button for 3 seconds and that will override the factory setting. This is a very neat feature not many entry-level adjustable beds have.

The only ‘negativity’ of this setup is that if you want to program a ‘feet up’ position; it will replace one of the above four positions which means that your ‘feet up’ position may be named ‘flat’ on the remote. This is not a big deal at all.

Three-Speed Upper and Lower Body Massage

The fact that you get full body therapeutic massage on a $500 adjustable base is great. However, if you expect the quality of massage of the Classic Brands to be comparable to the massage quality of a high-end adjustable base, you will be disappointed. As this reviewer found out, massage was “barely noticeable”. Some other complained that it was too loud. Others said you need to be right in the middle of the bed to feel it… so on an so forth.

Our recommendation is that if you buy the Classic Brands electric bed, don’t buy it for the massage; expect less and you won’t be disappointed with the massage you’ll get!!

Adjustable Legs

Some people are tall, some are not. Some will have 4 inch mattresses, others will have 12 inch mattresses. Not everybody wants their beds at the same height. This is why adjustable legs is a must for all beds whether adjustable or otherwise.

Fortunately, the Classic Brands adjustable comfort comes with six legs that can be adjusted to 4″, 7″ or 10.5″ in height.


It’s not often that you find USB ports on cheap adjustable beds like the Classic Brands. But the Classic Brands adjustable comfort bed is an exception to the above rule. It has two USB ports  to charge your favorite devices like your smartphone and iPad.

Unfortunately, both these ports are located on the right side of the platform. One on each side or two on each side would have been better if it’s a queen or king-sized adjustable bed shared by a couple. However, two USB ports on the same side isn’t a deal breaker.

Cheap price-point

High-end adjustable beds can go all the way above and beyond the $5,000 mark as of 2021. Only a handful economically priced adjustable beds like the Classic Brands bed can be found for less than $500 for a queen size. If that is your budget, Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort bed is the right model for you.

NO Pillow Tilting on the Classic Brands adjustable base

Pillow tilt vs head tilt comparisonIf you have read our reviews on the top rated adjustable beds, you know that we really like the ‘Pillow Tilting’ feature. Pillow tilting simply allows you to straighten your head further, taking away any and all tensions on the neck when you’re watching TV, reading a book or working on your laptop, using the sit-up position on your adjustable bed. On a bed without the pillow tilting feature, there is a limit to the level you can straighten your head/neck. This is not to say that the Classic brands is not suitable to you; but just to say that if you plan on doing a lot of ‘sit-up’ activities on your bed, you may want to consider an adjustable bed with pillow tilting. Of course, pillow tilting comes at an extra price… which you probably guessed yourself :wacko:

The Classic Brands base is NOT a Wall Hugger

Again, if you’ve read our adjustable foundation reviews, you know how useful wall hugging is. Wall hugging allows the headboard to ‘hug’ the wall so that you stay close to your nightstand when the upper body is raised. On non-wall hugger models, when the upper body is raised, you move away from the headboard, towards your footboard, taking you away from your nightstand. So, should you need to reach for something on the nightstand, you’re going to have to reach back, which can potentially sprain your neck, back, arms etc.

Again, this is not to say you shouldn’t buy the Classic Brands; but just to make you aware of a limitation of the bed. If you generally will not use a nightstand to reach for a glass of water, your spectacles, or the TV remote, wall hugging is of no value to you and this base will do just fine.

On the other hand, if you think you’ll need wall hugging, do check out our Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 Review which comes with not only wall hugging, but also, pillow tilting and all the other high-end features you’d want in an adjustable base.

NO under-bed lighting

Some of the fancy beds of modern times come with an under-bed light which acts as a night light. The Classic Brands doesn’t have one; but it’s not a deal breaker. If you must have night lighting, simply buy a night light for five bucks and plug it in near your bed!

Not smartphone-ready

Another feature of modern, high-end adjustable beds. Some adjustable bed brands like the Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0, the Reverie 8Q etc. have Android and Apple smartphone apps that can control certain features of your bed like alarm clock, memory positions, sleep timer etc. As you would have already expected, the Classic Brands foundation, priced ~$500, doesn’t come with these fancy features.

No Alarm, No Sleep Timer

Some adjustable beds come with a sleep timer which will automatically lower the bed from TV watching position to a sleeping, flat position after a set time. These same, high-end beds also come with an alarm ‘clock’ that will wake you up by turning the vibration on at a set time. The split-king models even have an extra feature where only one side will vibrate without disturbing the other partner.

Aren’t these features awesome? They sure are; but are not absolutely essential features to an adjustable bed… obviously, for $500, Classic Brands can’t include those in their bed!


It’s got the majority of the features you can see in a 2017/2018 adjustable bed. However, the lack of wall hugging and pillow tilting have to be listed down as considerable drawbacks. But then again, you’d be crazy to expect such features on a $500 adjustable bed. You’ll need to pitch in with another $500 to own those features as well.

While it does have great reviews on Amazon, we’re a little bit concerned about quite a few consumers complaining of breakdowns after a few months of use. Don’t take our word for it; check out the customer reviews on the Classic Brands adjustable bed, yourself.

Read our Hofish Adjustable Bed Review and let us know what you think of it. It has a similar price bracket; however, has a generally higher quality standard as the adjustable foundation is made in Germany.

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