Hofish Adjustable Bed Review – TOP 10 Pros and Cons

7 Pros and 3 Cons of the Hofish Adjustable Bed

Simple Assembly

It only takes THREE MINUTES to put the Hofish adjustable bed together. No other adjustable bed can match this feat.


Two Customizable/Programmable Memory Positions

Generally, this is a feature found on $1000+ adjustable beds. But, this <$700 Hofish adjustable bed comes with two memory positions that you can customize as you wish. The remote has two factory-preset memory positions for TV watching and Zero gravity. These can be customized to your preference. This is a rarity for adjustable foundations in this price range.


Anti Crushing Motor Technology

Again a feature seen in high-end adjustable beds. We all adore the comfort of adjustable beds; but did you ever stop to think that something could potentially get caught and crushed between the bed base and the frame. It could be your shoe, it could be your pet, it could be your hand or even a small child. Doesn’t sound like fun at all, does it? This is where this ‘anti-crushing’ technology comes in handy. If and when something gets in the way of a lowering base, the Hofish bed instantly ‘senses’ that and quits lowering/raising preventing ‘crushing’ of your shoe, your clothes or even your hand.



Again a rare feature for a $700 adjustable bed. The four USB ports will undoubtedly come in handy to charge your smartphone, iPad/tablet computer, Bluetooth headset etc. etc. overnight, just by your side, should you need to reach for them in the middle of the night!


Lightening Protection Adaptor

Another rare spec for an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds don’t come cheap. Why take the chance of getting your investment fried with lightening? Hofish seems to have got that covered as well. No wonder this is being voted as one of the best adjustable beds for the entry-level category


Noise-free operation

Sure, the high-end adjustable beds are obviously very quiet; you can barely hear them going up and down during regular operation. If the electrical beds do make any noise, that will be during massage sessions.

But, when it comes to cheaper, entry-level adjustable beds, they’re very noisy (in an unpleasant way)… not the Hofish electric bed; it’s as quiet as a sleeping baby!


750 lbs of weight lifting

If you thought that this cheap adjustable bed was weak and won’t be able to lift up a heavy, strong individual… you’re wrong my friend. This beast of an adjustable bed is fixed with a super-powerful German motor that can lift to the tune of 750 lbs without breaking a sweat!

Note: 750 lbs is including the weight of the adjustable mattress. Mattresses are generally no more than 150 pounds; they can even be as light-weight as 50 pounds.


No Pillow Tilting

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Pillow tilting is awesome; but it’s not a deal breaker. If your neck easily gets sprained when you read/work on the bed, you need pillow tilting in your adjustable bed. If you’re young and strong and you don’t even know what a neck sprain is, forget worrying about pillow tilting. Just grab the Hofish with both hands, while the good price lasts!

Today's best adjustable beds have pillow tilting in addition to head and foot tiltingPin

No Massage

You’re spending $600, and complaining that it doesn’t offer full body, therapeutic massage? You gotta be kidding me! Some cheap adjustable beds do offer massage; but read a few reviews of those beds and you’ll find dozens of actual users complaining about what a joke it is on those cheap models. If you want an adjustable bed with high-quality massage, go for one of our top-of-the range adjustable beds; or to a skilled masseur from your local spa!


Hofish is NOT a Wall Hugger

A pity… but it’s the truth and it’s probably too much to expect wall hugging from a $600 adjustable bed. Is it a deal breaker? Probably yes, if you’re not 25 anymore and you will be constantly reaching for your nightstand while watching TV from your adjustable bed.


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8 thoughts on “Hofish Adjustable Bed Review – TOP 10 Pros and Cons”

  1. Thank you for a great review. I have narrowed my choice to the Hofish or the Classic Brand Adjustable Comfort. However, most reviews (including yours), fail to mention what I consider to be a very important and distinguishing feature of the Hofish, which is that the mattress platform itself (what lies under the gray upholstered area) is built of solid wood Eucalyptus slats instead of compressed wood like most other adjustable bed bases are. This not only enhances the durability and structural integrity of the base, but also, Eucalyptus is well known for being impervious to bugs such as termites and other insect infestations, much like Cedar. Many unsatisfied customer reviews I have read on other brands show damaged/broken compressed wood components from bad shipping, or mishandling at a warehouse. I believe this important feature merits the consideration of some extra points. Thanks again.

    • @ Fernando,

      Many thanks for your compliments. I will make it a point to incorporate the point about the Eucalyptus platform. I would like to request you to add the LUCID L300 also to your list. It too is a great entry-level adjustable bed.

      Thanks again!

  2. The Hofish frame seems to be the only adjustable bed we would be able to get up our narrow stairwells.
    the fact that it is folded in half in the delivery box makes that possible.

    • @Kathleen Walsh,

      Hmm… I’m not sure that could be true. You see, in the good old days, ALL adjustable beds came un-assembled in boxes. These boxes were relatively ‘narrow’ and you could carry them through any narrow corridor, if you had a couple of ‘weight-lifters’.

      However, starting about 2016-2017, a few adjustable bed manufacturers introduced models that were pre-assembled and delivered to you. Like the Hofish, they’re nearly 100% assembled; you only need to put the legs on etc. and spend 5 minutes to complete the assembly. Classic Brands, Lucid, and Leggett and Platt also manufacture such ‘pre-assembled’ adjustable beds nowadays. However, still, all the high-end models come unassembled in boxes.

      In summary, you’re correct that the pre-assembled Hofish raising bed can be carried upstairs; but all other unassembled ones also can be carried through narrow passages.

      Hope you enjoy your bed for decades and decades!

  3. All the comments were very helpful to me. I am planning on buying my dad this who is 94 years old. My concern is what type of mattress to buy for him to put on this Hofish adj. bed. Would a mattress topper be perfectly fine and if so how many inches or do I actually need to buy a thick mattress? What mattress is best for this bed?

  4. Thank you for a great resource…..

    The only thing I can think of that would help even more to make a decision would be a comparison of warranty periods and/or coverage on the recommended models. Do you happen to have that information?

    • @Bernard, Thank you for appreciating our work. The only reason we didn’t include the warranty information is because it depends on who you buy it from. Although we refer to online stores selling adjustable beds, our readers may buy it at a local bed/mattress store. Some of these stores have their own coverage guidelines and it is impossible for us to include this information for all stores in the country. What we will tell you is most reputed adjustable beds come with at least five years of free parts and free labor; the next five years come with free parts. Some manufacturers give 5 years on the motor/mechanics and 20 years on the chassis. What I will tell you is that, if these things breakdown, generally it happens within the first few days-weeks. If your electric bed survives that period, it will last at least a decade if you maintain/service it at regular intervals.


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