iDealBed Reverie 5i, 7S, 8i and 11i Adjustable Bed Reviews

iDealBed Reverie 5i 7S 8i and 11i adjustable beds reviewsPin

Who manufacturs iDealBed Reverie 5i, 7S, 8i and 11i adjustable bases?

If you haven’t guessed already, it’s “Reverie”, the popular adjustable bed and mattress manufacturer of course.

Then, why are they sold as iDealBed adjustable beds?

Great question, this is how the industry works. Beds and mattresses are not the only goods that are sold under multiple brand names. Basically, Reverie manufactures them, iDealBed has a deal with them that allows them to sell the beds under the brand iDealBed. Now with most other such instances, two stores (e.g. Macy’s and Sam’s Club) would sell the same product under two completely different brand names. But in the case of these iDealBed adjustable beds, they have hung on to the ‘Reverie’ brand. There is no attempt to hide that they’re from Reverie. iDealBed openly (and proudly) admits that these are ‘powered by’ Reverie. If you saw our other reviews like the iDealBed iD5 adjustable bed review, you may have noticed that the iD5 and iDealBed 4i Custom adjustable beds are manufactured by Leggett & Platt, another giant in the industry of adjustable beds.

Below we review the major features of the iDealBed Reverie 5i, 7S, 8i and 11i adjustable foundations.

iDealBed Reverie 5i Adjustable Bed Review

iDealBed Reverie 5i adjustable bed reviewPin