Every day it’s the same thing: you turn off the 6 alarms of your alarm clock with your eyes still closed and you roll up again in your duvet on your oh so comfortable adjustable bed. Nevertheless, sooner or later, you will have to get up!

Why is it so hard to wake up peacefully in the morning? And why does our body’s batteries feel empty after 8 hours of sleep? Especially in winter, where the lack of brightness makes us want to extend our nights. A shower, a good breakfast … and some extra tasks are enough to get you up on the right foot and give you a refreshing morning!

11 tips to get more energy in the morning

Do not skip breakfast!

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This can not be emphasized enough: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet about 15% of people skip it at least once a week. Lack of time, not being very hungry … The reasons to start your day without taking your breakfast are various. But it’s essential to give your body the energy it needs after a whole night of fasting. In addition, studies show that skipping breakfast can have some significant health consequences.

What are the effects of no breakfast?

  • A body that resists insulin and the rate of diabetes skyrocketing.
  • The risk of death from coronary heart disease and heart attack increases by 27%.
  • A temptation to eating snacks and junk food.
  • An increase in cholesterol (thanks cravings!).
  • An increase in the rate of hypertension.
  • A tired body, deprived of its morning “fuel”.
  • Unwanted stress due to fatigue.

Eat proteins to prevent hunger

Proteins basically serve as cement for your body. They are found in all our cells, such as skin, hair, nails and even bones. In short, they remain essential to the proper development of the body. So, the ideal breakfast for an adult should be 13% protein and 10% for a child.

Meats, very rich in protein, are little consumed during breakfast, except when under the form of bacon is some countries. They are actually often replaced by dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, glass of milk) and eggs. You can also take a glass of whey protein shake, which can provide you with around twenty grams of protein. Whey protein can be an effective supplement for people following a protein-deficit diet.

Eat fruits for vitamins!

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Fruits contain a large number of vitamins, minerals, fibers and zinc. Whether they are eaten dry, fresh, or in juices. Fruits are a natural energy cocktail that your body needs every day. And why not eat several fruits at once, preparing a delicious smoothie? You can also make a small compote, certainly sweet, and at the same time full of fruits. So, if you can’t get your vitamins through fruits, you may want to see how a supplement can help you keep your body in check and ticking over.

You can also get yours fruity vitamins through:

  • Juices (pure and without added sugars): oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, etc.
  • Apricots, prune or raisins for the tone.
  • Fresh fruits: kiwi (good for complexion), apple, banana, etc.

Eat slow sugars to avoid snacking

All athletes know the trick: You must consume slow sugars in the morning to boost your energy! In fact, the body assimilates these foods more slowly, which gives it a reserve to make up for the 11-hour strokes.

Choose bread with whole grain cereals because they contain complex carbohydrates that keep you going all morning.

Allow yourself to eat some fats

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Breakfast is the meal of the day where everything is allowed. So please have fun! If you take the time to eat it deliciously, then there is no reason to deprive yourself of a small buttered toast. Consumed in moderation, the fat has no effect on your weight. Butter even provides a very significant supplement in vitamin A.

You can also spread generously, but sparingly:

  • salted butter;
  • jam ;
  • chestnut cream;
  • honey (excellent for your throat).

Recharge with light

Why, in winter more than in summer, do we find it harder to get out of bed? Well it is because without light, it’s even harder to open your eyes (and yes, besides, it’s cold, and that definitely doesn’t help!). Only here, the light is essential to get up smoothly and on the right foot.
If you can not fall asleep without total darkness, open your curtains and shutters every morning when your alarm rings. Then you hang out a few minutes in bed, but the light wakes you up and it’s less difficult to start the day!

Choose a hot drink

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It is advisable to accompany your breakfast with a drink, in order to rehydrate the body after a night’s sleep. Rich in amino acids and vitamins B, C, E, tea is a good companion in the morning. Consumed without sugar and cream, it has the significant advantage of not having any calories. In addition, it is an excellent antioxidant and an excellent fat burner.

Choose the variety that suits you: green tea, black tea, red tea, white tea … and if you really do not like tea, choose fruit juice, a cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

Take a shower (but not too hot!)

When you get out of bed, nothing beats a shower to wake up gently. But the trap is there: a shower that is too hot can do the opposite and make you lazy! After the difficulty of getting out of bed, there is the one of getting out of the shower … Even if it is cold outside, your body will get used to the ambient temperature, so give it some time.

For a dynamic shower, start with a trickle of hot water. Then lower the temperature a few degrees.

Come on, that’s stimulating!

Walk instead of driving your car

Traffic jams, stress, delays … There is nothing worse than your car or public transport to work. If you can, take some time in your day to walk.

A few exercises and a breath of fresh air will give you the energy to start your day full of energy! Take the opportunity to breathe, relax, meditate, and do not keep your head down looking at your phone!

And if you really do not like walking, cycling is also a good option.

Do some push-ups

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Muscle strengthening exercises are easy to do at home, and even in a small space, so push-ups are ideal to get motivated after waking up.

Even without doing it with a powerful rhythm, push-ups will give you some sort of boost to start the day. It may appear to be hard at the beginning and that is completely normal, but with some practice, you will get better! Remember, practice makes perfect.

Be careful not to hurt your back though! Numbed by sleep, your body may take a little time to respond to the effort.

Stretching, breathing

In the morning, your body and your mind wake up gently and gradually learn the essential gestures. To avoid painful movements and allow your body the time it needs to relax, practice some stretching when jumping out of bed. Start by stretching different parts of yourself:

  • the neck
  • the back
  • thighs, calves and ankles
  • shoulders, biceps and wrists

During this exercise, gradually approach a source of brightness in order to wake yourself up. Remember to breathe deeply during each exercise.


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