The sun has just risen, it’s time to join the office for a thrilling day full of action and adventures! It does not matter if you get up on the wrong foot this morning, thanks to our pieces of advice, you will not have any more reason to be grumpy. Objective: to be in a good mood when your alarm clock goes off!

Go to bed early!

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The duration of sleep remains variable from one person to another. In general, it is around 8 hours on average.

The body needs this time to recover and recharge. Thankfully, going to bed early allows you to wake up in shape and without dark circles. Don’t watch any movies that will give you nightmares at night.

The trick to fall asleep: create for yourself a ritual of simple gestures that will put your body in a better condition to fall asleep.

Good to know: for children, the bedtime ritual helps chasing away night fears. By performing the same actions in the same order, every night, parents reassure their children and establish a familiar atmosphere that helps them feel safe enough to fall asleep fast.

If reading has incomparable benefits on sleep, this is not the case of electronic devices however. They stimulate the brain and prevent it from relaxing. To make sure you have a calm and serene setting, you must:

  • switch off the television at least 15 minutes before bed;
  • not carry your cell phone or tablet with you to bed because that means that you are going to use it for sure.

Good to know: Electrical devices produce electromagnetic waves (blue light) that can disrupt the brain and prevent it from finding restful sleep. Better to switch them off before going to bed!

A gentle awakening

When the radio is triggered at high volume or a bell screams that it is the time to wake up, the body is surprised and that makes it even more tired, rather than recharged. The best type of alarms comes pre-built on certain adjustable beds that give off a gentle vibration/massage instead of a noise. Now that’s a nice way to be woken up, wouldn’t you agree? The DynastyMattress DM9000s adjustable bed may not have this alarm feature, however, it has many other built-in features that will ensure you get a great night of sleep.

Think about investing into some sophisticated yet soft alarm clock in a good store:

  • a natural ring with a soft atmosphere (savannah, sea, countryside, etc.). Scientific research has repeatedly shown the importance of a peaceful awakenings.
  • a song that you like
  • a sound that grows gradually, little by little to make you emerge gently;
  • a light that turns on gradually so as not to dazzle you.

Once you are fully awake, gently warm up by moving your head to the right and to the left or simply make circles with your feet, while being on your bed.

Have a good breakfast!

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It is essential to give yourself some time for breakfast in the morning. Indeed, without a good breakfast, you tend to feel a little bit hungry around 11AM which may create an irresistible urge to empty the candy dispenser.

So what does a good breakfast look like?
It isn’t complicated in any way. All you need is to have a stimulating drink such as tea, coffee, or chocolate where you use honey rather than sugar if you like your drinks sweet; have a bowl of cereals; eat fruit for the vitamins. You can also eat a dairy product if you are still young and not intolerant to lactose.

Good to know: the natural glucose contained in honey is much less caloric than that contained in sugar.

A progressive light to mimic the sunrise

Some alarms propose to emit a progressive light to simulate dawn. But in order to get the proper effect of that artificial sunrise, you have to remember to close your curtains and to be careful not to blind yourself with the violent light of a ceiling light.

In order to do that, you could for instance invest in a bedside lamp.

Organize your awakening according to the path followed by the light: from the bedroom to the kitchen without forgetting the bathroom.

Good to know: a low energy light bulb can help you modulate your light. Indeed, its progressive lighting, first soft, then more intense will not dazzle you and will help you wake up gently.

Fight against the desire to go back to bed!

The snooze function is ravaging the big sleepers! Indeed, it allows to push the alarm a few minutes away.

But going back to sleep is the thing that you should absolutely avoid in the morning if you are hoping for waking up well, because that can cause unfortunate delays. So it is much better to wake up slowly once and for all to avoid drowsiness.

Good to know: on an alarm clock, if the snooze function is well known to sleepers, the function “nap” is more unknown. This feature allows you to have a nap after lunch, if the night has been shorter than expected. To do this, simply pre-set the time of your nap, between 10 and 120 minutes, and your alarm clock accompanies you during this time of recovery.

Do some yoga

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Yoga lovers love to commune with the sun when it rises. Simple gestures allow you to stretch your body and awaken it to start the day. But yoga can also help relax the body at bedtime. There are a lot of sites that could help you start your yoga routine by giving you an array of options for workout outfits and equipment (you might want to continue here to know more here).

Additionally, you could use cannabis to supplement your yoga practice for added benefits. THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, is an analgesic that has been shown to be just as effective at relieving pain as opiates. Marijuana is used during yoga practice to help people relax and focus on their breathing while performing poses. That is why people frequently choose weed delivery in Fresno or wherever they live to enter that meditation zone where they feel relieved and stress-free.

So, when to practice yoga?

– When the sun is rising is the ideal option;

– You can also doing it during the day to relieve various stresses.

Good to know: a yoga session aims to relax the brain and physical tensions of the body. This “letting go” frees you from tension, physical pain and worries. So you start the day, stronger and more serene.