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We’ve talked on and on about the importance of sleep on this website. Sleep is as important as eating to ensure optimal health, but you can not always do it right for a variety of reasons: hunger, sickness, stress, a bad dream…

We have given you on this website many tips to help you with your sleep quality, such as:

etc. And now, we have now a new tip for you, that may seem a bit weird at first, but we will try to show you why it is so important and why it can be effective to make you fall asleep both fast and better!

The benefits of sleeping without clothes

Did you know that sleeping without clothes could bring important benefits for a good night’s sleep and therefore for a better health and an overall better condition? Check the following points and see if you would challenge yourself to do this if you are looking for solutions to have a restful sleep and an overall better health.

First things first, sleeping naked helps to balance cortisol levels

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Having a restful sleep is great for reducing stress. Sleeping without your clothes on helps with keeping your body temperature at an optimal level, which helps with keeping cortisol levels down. When we sleep while covered in layers and layers of clothes, cortisol levels remain high even after we wake up. Cortisol is the hormone that controls stress; having a high rate can make you wake up with anxiety and with more appetite than usual, so a tendency to eat more. High levels of cortisol and sleep patterns get completely disturbed and messed up, fat in the belly increases and all of that actually also affects libido.

Secondly, sleeping without your clothes on promotes a restful sleep

The temperature of the body must fall during the night by about half a degree. If you sleep without clothes, the body cools in an easier way and keeps the temperature at optimal levels, so that you will get better rest and sleep.

Sleeping in a deep sleep is something that very few people can do because of our altered life rhythms. Which is quite unfortunate as being able to have a deep and profound sleep will make you wake up really rested; a good night’s sleep will keep you more concentrated during the day which strengthens the growth hormone, which is important at the cellular level to repair and develop new cells.

Third of all, sleeping naked helps maintain the health of your intimate parts

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For men, sleeping with the optimum temperature means that the testicles are also at an appropriate temperature, which will keep your fluids healthy and your reproductive system functioning properly. In women, the area of ​​the genitals will remain dry and ventilated, which is excellent because it is a part of the body that can be very humid from time to time and that you have to keep it airy.

It may sound far-fetched but sleeping without having clothes around your body helps with improving intimate relationships

If you live with your partner, this practice will definitely have some positive influence on your libido. Moreover, the skin being free and unhindered, a hormone called oxytocin will be able to free your body of all the stress it has been accumulating and maintain a state of well-being. Oxytocin also improves blood pressure.

This as well will sound a bit weird but sleeping naked helps with improving your self-esteem

Sleeping without clothing allows the body to feel free and unhindered. Gradually, you will do it in a normal way, without even hiding and you will gain confidence in your body. If you get used to spending so much time of your life naked without being bothered by it, then for sure you will feel more and more confident about your body. At the same time, qualities like courage will be developed by you as it may be a bit awkward for you at first to just strip and get into bed.

Sleeping without your clothes on regulates growth hormone and melatonin

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Growth hormone and melatonin, these two substances are essential for good health and also prevent premature aging. Growth hormone increases bone density, reduces the risk of diabetes, repairs tissue, builds muscle, reduces the risk of heart problems, helps keep your weight optimal, and boosts the immune system.

Finally, sleeping naked helps with maintaining healthy skin

In addition to the genitals, freeing your feet and underarms from clothing will help your skin be better repaired, it will stay dry and free of moisture. If these areas are more exposed to the air during the night and especially during the summer, will definitely thank you for freeing them!