A good night’s sleep is one of the most beloved rituals in a human’s life. A relaxing nap in the night helps you rejuvenate your body and mind for the following day. Given the anxieties and stress one feels in today’s competitive world, many people find it difficult to shut off their brains while hitting the hay. Many attribute this to a bad mattress or pillow; but there are many other factors that affect sleep other than your bed or pillow.

Don’t worry! It is a problem faced by many and you don’t always need something fancy and expensive like an adjustable bed to fix it. There are certain products that you can use to induce sleep. Cannabis (check out a vape shop, if interested) can be vaped to make yourself feel relaxed. Another way is to consume beverages. There are certain beverages that you can consume and avoid before you go to bed that will accentuate your sleep hormones.

There are a number of beverages that you can drink in order to induce sleep, but there are also many you should avoid drinking before bedtime. There are also beverages like Kombucha (also read: can kombucha go bad?) that do not affect your sleep unless you drink too much of them. You must therefore watch out for what you should and shouldn’t eat, as well as how much of it you should consume if you wish to sleep like a baby at night. So give the brainwave of those easily available sleeping pills a skip and try one of these relaxing and sleep-inducing drinks that will help improve your quality of sleep.

Best Drinks to Consume Before Bed-time

  1. Milk

This a very well-known drink that people consume before sleeping. I am sure since childhood, all of us associate a glass of warm or cold milk to bed-time. Milk contains an amino acid called Tryptophan. This amino acid is an originator for the hormone called melatonin that induces sleep. Milk just powers the onset of sleep while the rest is done by the human body depending on its level if fatigue.

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  1. Cherry Juice

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Cherries are known to have anti-inflammatory properties that help you fall asleep quickly. It is ideal to consume 100 percent sugar-free cherry juice in a 14-ounce or 16-ounce glass at evening to get more sleep in the night. You can even make a concoction of cherry turmeric tea by adding a cup of cherry juice in your tea along with a small amount of turmeric. Cherry juice is so powerful that even workers who work in night shift can drink it in the morning to fall asleep.

  1. Hot Chocolate

You can never say no to hot chocolate. A steamy cup of cocoa with a dash of peppermint and cashew butter guarantee a full night sleep that results in a healthy and relaxed you in the morning. Make sure you do not add sugar as it heightens endorphins that give you a ‘happy high’ feeling.

  1. Mushroom Coffee

Now, you might wonder how coffee can help you sleep better. Well, mushroom coffee has several potential benefits to prevent oxidative stress and inflammation issues, which can in turn help with better sleep habits. You can get lions mane coffee or similar products to reap the benefits of these amazing ingredients.

  1. Chamomile Tea

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In my article about essential oils to fight sleep deprivation, I had mentioned Chamomile oil and how it has a calming effect on you helping you to sleep better. Chamomile tea has the same effect on you. You may drink the tea with plain water or combine the water and lavender oil or passion fruit along with honey to give it that extra zing. The tea has a straight impact on your nervous system calming it from stress and tension that you feel during the day.

  1. Banana Smoothie

Banana is a direct source of natural muscle relaxants – magnesium and potassium. It also contains the amino acid L-tryptophan and has the same effect as a glass of milk does. To fight sleep deprivation and enjoy a night full of lovely dreams, combine bananas with cherry, chamomile oil and oats in a mixer and enjoy that cup of sleep wonder.

  1. Blueberry Marvel

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Blueberries are rich in sleep-promoting polyphenols that make is a great bed-time drink. You can blend it with other sleep-inducing agents such as avocado, lavender, or banana to make a delicious blueberry marvel. Besides, it is also full of fiber so you can get that dose fulfilled too.

  1. Bone Soup

A hot cup of bone soup is an ideal before bed-time drink especially in the cold nights of winter. Embrace a wide-mouthed cup in between your hands and enjoy the snowfall. The slow fall of flakes and the warm cup of bone soup will definitely calm your mind and slowly put you to sleep.