Sleep Number Classic Bed Review & Sleep Number C2 vs C4 Comparison

Sleep Number Classic Bed Review

If you’re here, the chances are that you’re looking for detailed reviews on sleep number beds. Our Sleep Number bed reviews have been sub-divided into the following 4 sub-sections.

  1. Sleep Number Value Series Review
  2. Sleep Number Classic Series Review
  3. Sleep Number Performance Series Review and
  4. Sleep Number Innovation Series Review

Before going on to the details on this Classic series review, I highly recommend you to go check out the Pros and Cons of Sleep Number beds as a whole which we discuss on the above-mentioned pages.

Why would you want a Sleep Number Bed/Mattress?

Are you tired of neck pain, body pain, or a headache after you wake up? Do you feel overwhelmed with the discomfort because of that recurring back pain? Worry no more! Sleep Number Classic Bed can help you resolve all of the above. It is primarily designed to address such pains related to sleep. Taking a rest on such a comfy, yet smooth bed is very relaxing and fulfilling. Despite a tiring experience in the office, you would face the next day with a big smile.

Sleep Number Classic C2 Bed

Major Features of the Sleep Number Classic Bed

  • Air mattress with 1 or 2 air chambers
  • Adjustable comfort aka DualAir™ adjustability
  • Responsive Air™ technology
  • SleepIQ® technology
  • 8 to 9 inch profile mattress thickness
  • Foam core
  • 2 – 3 inch gel-infused ‘Comfort Layer’ made of polyurethane foam
  • Breathable and soft polyester/polypropelene knitted mattress cover

Gel-infused comfort layer of Sleep Number Classic bed

DualAir™ adjustability of Sleep Number Classic Series Beds

The Sleep Number Classic is basically an air mattress. But unlike air mattresses from various other manufacturers, all Sleep Number air beds give you the luxurious ‘adjustable firmness’. You can adjust the firmness until you have your perfect ‘Sleep Number’.

However, note that this adjustability of Sleep Number beds is different to the adjustability you get on real adjustable beds. On Sleep Number beds, just the mattress firmness is adjustable, whereas on real adjustable beds, the bed frame or base can be adjusted with its head and/or foot being raised and lowered.

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Responsive Air™ technology of Sleep Number Classic Series Mattresses

In addition to adjustable comfort, with the latest 360 smart bed feature, the Sleep Number Classic now has Responsive Air™ technology which basically means that the C2 and C4 beds automatically and effortlessly adjusts its firmness as you flip and turn in your sleep.

SleepIQ® technology

Another awesome feature of the Sleep Number 360® c2 smart bed is the in-built SleepIQ® technology which tracks how good or bad you are sleeping. This technology lets you know how different things that took place during the day affects your sleep at night.

Sleep Number C2 Bed Review

With the growing number of modern beds on the market, Sleep Number Classic C2 and C4 remain the top-notch option among those who want an affordable, yet modern Sleep Number bed with the newest sleep technologies. Why? Despite the new designs and styles that come out on the market, people still love to use a bed with a classic theme. It’s very nostalgic, bringing every user in a world of past and happy memories.

Developed by a reputable company, Sleep Number Classic Bed is worth the investment. All excellent features are available in one option. Whether your existing bed is below-par or high quality, there are impressive choices you should add to cart. One of those is the Sleep Number Classic Bed. At first, you’d feel hesitant. But as you give it a try and experience its amazing benefits, you’ll realize that you make the right decision. The goal of this Sleep Number Classic Bed review is to help you realize if the C2 or C4 is right for you or not.

Let us now walk you through the major pros and cons of the Sleep Number classic series beds.

Sleep Number C4 Bed Review

Pros and Cons of Sleep Number Classic Series C2 and C4 Beds

Major Pros of the Sleep Number Classic adjustable beds

Smart and Effortless Sleep

Long hours of sleep cannot provide ample energy without a comfortable bed. Even you sleep early at night using a rock-hard bed; you’ll wake up with body pains and a headache. But there are ways to avoid that. All you have to do is replace your existing solution with a new and soft one.

Sleep Number Classic Bed got your back. The company made it to the point that responds to your expectations. They understand what kind of stress you’re going through. That’s why they make this product available and accessible for all. Whether you want to achieve a quick or effortless sleep, this product won’t give you a hassle. It is one of the best that’s worth the cost.

Sleep Number 360 c4 Bed

Comfortably Priced

As you would have already seen on the graphics we provide on our overall Sleep Number Review, the Classic Series is one of the cheapest Sleep Number mattresses. A smooth and comfy bed does not need to be expensive. However, not all manufacturers provide competitive pricing. The fact that the demand is high, companies make their prices costly to acquire high profits.

Good news! There are still service providers that you can trust, and one of those is the Sleep Number Classic. Compared to Sleep Number’s Performance and Innovation series beds, the C2 and C4 are available at an affordable and fair price. It won’t really cost you an arm or a leg. Plus, it won’t cause a dent in your bank account. While purchasing a high-quality option, you can gain huge savings over a long run.

Dual Air Adjustability

Another advantage homeowners would love about Sleep Number Bed Classic is its dual adjustability. This means that the bed adjusts on both sides, leading to a relaxing and satisfying rest or nap. It’s very easy to use because of its highly flexible feature. Every time you take a rest, it would perform according to your requirements. You don’t have to sleep on a couch because of comfort issues. You can sleep well without worries the other day.

Responsive Air Technology

Since the launch of Sleep Number Classic Bed, high comfort level has been associated with the product. Thanks to the relevant and excellent air technology. The fact that it comes with the cutting-edge material, it effortlessly and automatically adjusts, reaching your expectations.

SleepIQ Technology

Not only that, there’s more! Sleep Number Classic Bed can help you track how you’re sleeping. You’ll be aware how a long day affects your night. Because of this SleepIQ technology, the product stands out from other solutions online and offline.

Major Cons of the Sleep Number Classic Series beds

Less feature-rich compared to Sleep Number Performance and Innovation series beds

Like we mentioned earlier, the Classic Series is the entry level adjustable bed from Sleep Number. The Performance Series and Innovation Series obviously are more feature rich (and also more expensive) compared to the Classic Series. If you want a more comfortable and supportive bed, you ought to check them out.

The initial Use is Complicated

Given the relative complexity of this bed, trying it for the first time can be quite confusing. People buy Sleep Number beds with the expectation of finding that magical Sleep Number setting and falling a sleep in heaven right away. But, it’s not that simple; you have to give it a few days/nights and play with it until you find that dream Sleep Number for you and your partner. Give it a few days and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Overall, the Sleep Number Classic is worth many times your investment. Hope this Sleep Number Classic review helped you decide whether the C2 or C4 is right for you or if you should look at upgrading towards a Performance or Innovation series bed.

Sleep Number Classic Video Reviews

Last, but not least, here are some Sleep Number Bed Video Reviews that you can go through leisurely.

Sleep Number C2 Unboxing Video

Sleep Number C2 Video Review

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