Sleep Number Reviews – Pros, Cons and Ratings of Sleep Number Beds

Our Sleep Number Reviews are unique because we discuss both the positives and negatives of Sleep Number beds. On this page, we provide an overview of Sleep Number adjustable beds as a brand. In addition, we also provide detailed reviews on all the different Sleep Number beds available in the market. The links to those individual Sleep Number bed reviews have been provided towards the latter part of this page. Sleep Number Reviews

What’s Unique About Sleep Number beds?

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Adjustable beds

Generally, when we refer to adjustable beds, we refer to a bed whose frame/base/foundation is adjustable. i.e. you can raise the head, feet or both in various positions.

Sleep Number adjustable beds

When people refer to a Sleep Number adjustable bed, they’re referring to the adjustable firmness of the mattress, not the bed base. You have the option of either increasing or decreasing the firmness of Sleep Number mattresses, as and when you wish. You can’t do this with a typical spring, memory foam or latex mattress. This is THE UNIQUE FEATURE of Sleep Number beds.

Sure, you can put an adjustable Sleep Number mattress on an adjustable base; however, the majority of Americans use Sleep Number mattresses on non-adjustable bases like platform beds. Even then, they’re still considered ‘adjustable’. Hope we haven’t confused you too much 🙂

Sleep Number mattresses have adjustable firmness

You can adjust (increase or decrease) mattress firmness as and when you wish. Your partner can even have a different firmness setting according to his/her individual preference. And the two partners can live happily ever after enjoying their own preferred firmness.

Sleep Number beds are air mattresses

Sleep Number adjustable beds alter their firmness by increasing or decreasing air pressure inside the mattress. Yes, Sleep Number mattresses are essentially air mattresses. Each mattress has two air chambers within them. When you increase or decrease firmness, you are essentially further inflating or deflating these air chambers. An electrically operated air pump connected to the mattresses does all the pumping in/out of air to inflate/deflate.

A ‘Sleep Number’ for your favorite firmness

You can assign a number to your favorite firmness. You can simply type in that number and instantly recall that particular firmness. Let’s say you like watching TV at 50 and you like sleeping at 70. When you switch from TV watching to sleeping, simply punch in 70 and your bed will magically transform to your ‘Sleep Number’ within a few seconds.

Manufacturer of Sleep Number Beds

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Select Comfort, the Minnesota-based company founded in 1987, is the creator of Sleep Number beds. However, in November, 2017, they changed their name to – no prizes for the correct guess – Sleep Number Corporation. No surprises there! Currently, they have two manufacturing plants in South Carolina and Salt Lake City (Utah).

Now that the major features of the brand have been discussed, let’s get to the meat and bones of our Sleep Number Review.

Sleep Number Reviews

This section of our Sleep Number reviews is dedicated to discussing the pros and cons of Sleep Number beds as a whole. You can find individual bed reviews at the end of this section.

Major Pros of Sleep Number Beds

  1. You can adjust the mattress firmness as and when you wish
  2. You can recall your favorite firmness with the press of a single button
  3. Each partner can choose their preferred firmness independent of the other
  4. When you twist and turn in your sleep, certain Sleep Number beds are able to automatically adjust firmness according to your sleeping position. How cool is that? Built-in pressure sensors on air chambers detect your body position and make adjustments accordingly. That is as advanced as sleeping technology can get in 2018!
  5. Similar to a memory foam mattress, Sleep Number air beds can conform around your body
  6. Most parts are made in the USA
  7. No off gassing like on memory foam beds (there can be a slight rubber-like/chemical smell; but you get those on most things brand new)
  8. No need to let the mattresses ‘decompress’ to their original thickness once delivered to your home (unlike with memory foam mattresses). You can sleep on it as soon as it is assembled
  9. Mattresses are relatively light weight – Sleep Number air mattresses are ‘feather weight’ compared to most latex, memory foam and spring mattresses
  10. Decent motion isolation (motions/waves created by your partner’s twisting and turning won’t (hopefully) wake you up)
  11. Good therapeutic support – great for back pain
  12. Good customer service, parts readily available and easily repaired. Therefore good longevity

Major Cons of Sleep Number Beds

  1. EXPENSIVE – goes all the way up to and beyond $10,000 (for a Sleep Number 360® Split California King i10 Smart Bed on a FlexFit™ 3 adjustable base). As all online Sleep Number reviews will agree, this brand of beds are more expensive than most mattresses in the market.

    Sleep Number Bed Prices
    Screenshot showing the price of a relatively expensive Sleep Number bed with an adjustable base
  2. Malfunctions are not uncommon – there may be no rocket science behind Sleep Number technology; nevertheless, they are pretty complicated beds compared to most other adjustable beds. This ‘complexity’ makes them a little vulnerable. As a result, it’s not uncommon to see Sleep Number bed reviewers complaining about a few malfunctions. But like we mentioned earlier, their customer support is good and most of these issues can be fixed
  3. Complicated initial use – finding that perfect Sleep Number of yours may not be as easy as it sounds. It’s not uncommon to see Sleep Number bed reviews complaining about this initial, difficult period of adapting to it
  4. Noisy – some people simply hate the sound of the air pump operating
  5. Sex-unfriendly – this is not the best mattress for sex. It’s not Sleep Number’s fault. Generally, all air mattresses get an average rating for sex-friendliness. If you have not inflated them much, you tend to sink in it. If you’ve inflated the mattress too much, then it’s too hard. Neither one of them is a winner, from a sex point-of-view. Ideally, sex-friendly mattresses should have good bounce and good edge-support. You don’t want to roll off the edge in case you try to get adventurous. Sleep Number air mattresses aren’t generally that great on bounce and responsiveness.
  6. Online availability is limited to none. 🙁 This brand of beds is not available on 3rd party e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Overstock etc. Availability on those marketplaces would have potentially brought the Sleep Number bed prices down. Buying at your local mattress store is probably the most expensive option; but that is also the only option available to you and I 🙁

Hope this section helped you understand how Sleep Number beds differ from the rest. Like we mentioned earlier, there are several different models of Sleep Number beds. The next section is all about these different models.

Sleep Number Bed Reviews

Here we review each of the Sleep Number beds/mattresses. Sleep Number beds come in three different product series. They are:

  1. Classic Series
  2. Performance Series
  3. Innovation Series

Sleep Number Classic Series Bed Reviews

This is the ‘entry-level’ series of Sleep Number beds. It is available as three models: the C2, and the C4.

Sleep Number C-2 Review

The Sleep Number C2 is a plush-type 8 inch air bed. One of it’s major features is its dual air adjustability. In other words, you can have two different comfort settings for the two partners. It is also Sleep IQ-ready; so if you want to make use of the one-of-a-kind sleep IQ technology (costs ~an extra $150), remember that the C-2 is compatible with it. Note that the C2 is also FlexFit adjustable bed-friendly.

If you’re really interested on the C2, we have you covered! Check out our detailed Sleep Number C2 Review for up-to-date information.

Sleep Number C4 Review

The Sleep Number C4 is a 10 inch air bed with zoned cushioning comfort. This is a high-end feature rarely found on mattresses. 1 1/2 of the 10 inches is a soothing foam comfort layer. Similar to the C2, the C4 also has dual air adjustability. Like the C2, the Sleep Number C4 is compatible with the Sleep IQ-technology and adjustable bases.

If you’d like a detailed Sleep Number C4 Review, we have you covered!