Today, just like the conventionally-heated blankets, there are also heated-weighted blankets; the big difference is that the latter also has additional therapeutic benefits. Weighted blankets are unique in that there are heated ones as well as cooling blankets.

Who can benefit from a weighted heated blanket?

benefit from a weighted heated blanket

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Cold weather

Just like a conventionally-heated blanket, a weighted heated blanket can also be used during the day and night while sleeping during cold weather. These weighted blankets come with a control panel that allows for the amount of heat generated. The blanket is plugged into the electricity socket and provides steady heat. With the winters in North America being fiercely frigid, the weighted heated blanket is the best way to get a good sleep in a warm bed.

Muscle, Back and joint pain

The weighted-heated blanket is highly recommended for people who not only feel cold while sleeping but also have muscle, back, or joint pain from arthritis or other related disorders. The heated-weighted blanket applies pressure over the body that simulates a massage and at the same delivers heat. This can help reduce the pain and swelling in the joints and at the same time keeps the body warm. However, in cases of severe pain, this blanket might not be as effective. People in the latter category may first need to get their problem treated from the roots, likely with the help of a medical professional. Possibly, he can also advise better on whether a blanket like this can be used post-treatment or not.

Recovering from an illness

Individuals who are ill or just recovering from an illness or surgery can also benefit from a heated-weighted blanket. In general, these individuals tend to have low energy reserves because of the trauma of surgery or acute illness and tend to feel cold. Some may even have pain from the surgery. Thus, a heated weighted blanket not only keeps the body warm but also soothes the body due to its pressure effects. It is unlikely to help you recover from a sleeping disorder like Narcolepsy because weighted blankets will make you sleepier!! But with sleeping disorders involving insomnia, these can be really helpful.

Want to avoid multiple layers of heavy blankets

A heated weighted blanket is a better option for people who don’t like to have many layers of heavy blankets on the bed during winter. The heated weighted blanket is usually less than 20-25 pounds, is usually a single layer and is easy to use. The bed does not feel overburdened by many blankets. Plus, once you get up, you just have to fold one blanket. As we mentioned earlier, this is a major attraction for weighted blankets in comparison to conventional blankets.

Save money on energy bills.

For individuals who live in cold climates or have ferocious winters, a heated weighted blanket can save you an enormous sum of money. Anyway, these blankets are powered by electricity and only require minimal energy to operate. The bill to run a heated weighted blanket is usually less than $3 a month, which is much less than if you had to use gas or furnace heating every day.

What fabrics are heated weighted blankets available in?

Today heated weighted blankets are available in many fabrics, styles, lengths, and colors. Most heated blankets have a fabric (polyester or cotton) that is fire and flame resistant. In addition, the fabric is such that the blanket will maintain its shape after washing. Some of the heated weighted blankets come with an external cover, which protects the inside of the blanket. In this case, only the external cover needs to be washed when it gets dirty.

Heated weighted blankets

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Couple blankets

All heated weighted blankets come with a control panel with adjustable heat from around 90 – 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The control panel is visible at night and easy to adjust. The latest heated weighted blankets can be used by a couple and come with dual control. Hence, if one partner prefers the blanket to be warmer or colder, this can be adjusted on the control panel.