Almost everybody has heard of heated blankets but not many know about cooling blankets on the market. These are also a type of infused blankets. Innovations in technology have now led to the availability of cooling weighted blankets, which serve the following dual purpose.

  1. Cooling the individual
  2. Providing a therapeutic benefit

But who needs a cooling weighted blanket?

Cooling blankets have all the benefits of weighted blankets plus the following. Some of the reasons why a cooling weighted blanket may be necessary include the following.

The North American climate

The summers in North America are unbearably hot and humid. For most people sleeping under these conditions can be difficult. Hence, a cooling weighted blanket is one way to solve the heat problem. The weighted cooling blanket is made out of special fabrics that keep the skin cool; further the weighted blanket also generates a soothing massage at specific points on the body. The combination of a cool sensation and gentle pressure is the ideal way to sleep.


When someone has a fever, it makes it difficult to sleep or become comfortable. Children can be very irritable when they develop a fever. Hence a great way to lower fever and at the same time relax the individual is to use the cooling weighted blanket. Cooling blankets are routinely used in hospitals to lower the body temperature.


Many women develop hot flashes during menopause and this makes it almost impossible to sleep. Other women get drenched in sweat at night. Thus, a great way to obtain relief from symptoms of menopause is to use a cooling weighted blanket. Besides reducing the symptoms of hot flashes, the weighted blanket also eases stress and relaxes the muscles.

Cooling Weighted Blankets

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Hormonal therapy

There are many men and women who are managed with anti-hormonal therapy for a variety of reasons. These anti-hormonal therapies induce a menopausal-like state which also presents with fever, hot flashes, drenching sweats, and insomnia. The individuals are simply not able to sleep because of the profuse sweating and hot body sensation. In these individuals, the cooling weighted blanket can be a lifesaver. Individuals who use the cooling weighted blanket not only have a reduction of their symptoms but can also sleep well.

Obese individuals

Overall, overweight individuals often find it difficult to sleep because of the excess heat sensation and sweating. For these overweight individuals, a cooling weighted blanket can provide good relief from the symptoms of heat and sweat.


Similar to regular weighted blankets, these can be the solution to insomnia as discussed here.

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How soon does a cooling weighted blanket work?

No matter how hot and humid you feel, once you apply the cooling weighted blanket you will start to feel comfortable within a few minutes. In addition, the weighted blanket will provide a soothing massage-like feeling that will lessen the stress, ease any discomfort and reduce any muscle or joint pain.

What is a cooling weighted blanket made of?

Sleeping Under the cool Weighted-Blanket

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The cooling effects of the weighted blanket are due to the small plastic beads, which are more effective than plastic. The external cover can be of any fabric including bamboo, cotton, wool, cozy mink, or nylon. Most of the cooling weighted blankets come with an external cover that can be removed and washed. The other great feature of the weighted cooling blanket is that they can be used in all types of weather. The internal fiber structure will also keep you warm on a cold day.

Finally, another benefit of a cooling weighted blanket is that in the long run, it saves you money from running the air conditioner all the time.

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