For people who have difficulty falling asleep, have anxiety or stress, a simple remedy that works is the use of infused weighted blankets. Also known as gravity or weighted blankets, infused weighted blankets have been used for many years to manage anxiety in certain groups of children. Latest evidence is indicating that infused weighted blankets may also be beneficial for adults.

What exactly are infused weighted blankets?

exactly infused weighted blankets

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Infused weighted blankets are specially made with a filler material inside the blanket fabric. The filler material can be fine grains, rice, beads, silicone, plastic polymer, an artificial sand-like material or weighted feathers. The fillers are evenly spread in such a way so that they will not all accumulate in one spot.

How do infused weighted blankets work?

Over the years, it has been noticed that when infused weighted blankets are used in children with behavior disorders, the child quickly becomes calm and restful. Now it is believed that infused weighted blankets work similarly to acupressure or massage therapy. The additional weight on the skin, muscle, and joints, stimulates sensory nerves which transmit a signal to the brain, which in turn releases neurochemicals that lower stress, decrease pain and improve sleep. The infused weighted blanket act as a body-hugger and overall provide a comforting sensation. You can read more about ‘The Science of How Weighted Blankets Work’ on our detailed review of weighted blankets.

How heavy should the infused weighted blanket be?

In general, the infused weighted blanket should not be more than 10% of the adult body weight. The maximum weight of the blanket should be 25 pounds. Most individuals will find that an infused weighted blanket of 15-20 pounds is ideal for sleep, comfort and stress relief. Kids’ weighted blankets typically weigh only 3 – 5 pounds.

Who should not use weighted blankets?

The infused or gravity weighted blankets are not recommended in infants. In general, one should avoid these blankets in children under the age of 3. In infants, there is a risk of sudden infant death syndrome which may be triggered by the blanket.

What fabrics are used to make the infused weighted blankets?

The infused weighted blankets are made of many fabrics including cotton, flannel, satin, fleece, wool, and Minky. The choice of fabric is entirely based on personal preference. However, if you have heat-sensitive skin, go with satin. If you feel cold all the time, go with cotton, Minky or fleece. The latest infused weighted blankets come with an external cover, which makes it easier to maintain the blanket. Only the cover needs to be removed for washing.

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Are the infused fillers in weighted blankets harmful?

The only potential danger of a weighted blanket is suffocation of a baby due to the extra weight. That’s in fact why weighted blankets are not recommended for kids less than 2-3 years. Other than that there are no harmful effects of these blankets. The fillers for the infused weighted blankets are harmless materials that have no adverse effects. The fillers are inserted meticulously inside the fabric so that the chances of a leak or perforation is very low.

Infused weighted blankets

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Are the infused weighted blankets durable?

Yes, just like the conventional blanket, the infused weighted blankets will last you a long time with simple maintenance. This mainly depends on the durability of the glass beads and the seam strength. You can use them every night or whenever you feel anxious, can’t sleep or have anxiety. Today, the infused weighted blankets are also made of cool filler materials so that they can be used by individuals who constantly feel hot while sleeping. Also, there are heated infused weighted blankets that can be used during winter.