Behind The Scenes: What Changes Occur While You Sleep?

Other than assuming a temporary “dead” state, one in which you’re predominantly immobile, unresponsive, unaware and disconnected from your usual conscious state, much much more happens beyond the visible, even from the perspective of an onlooker observing someone who’s asleep. Physical activity may be limited and inhibited but the physiological activity in your body certainly …

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The Significance Of Dreams In Your Sleep

( Dreams and Sleep - Image Courtesy of )

  Yes, “dreams can come true” as the song goes, those in your waking life when building castles in the air and also those in your sleep–which is the subject matter of another write-up altogether… But where do dreams in your sleep come from?   When do Dreams Happen? There are 2 stages of your …

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Diagnosing Your Sleeping Position: How Do You Sleep?

How many sleeping positions do you know, rather and more importantly, what’s your dominant sleep position? Not to venture into the wealth of literature you’ve read on the topic at hand, but scientifically speaking, there are only just 3 sleep positions: Sleeping on your stomach, sleeping on you back, or sleeping on your side. Then …

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The Science of Sleep – Know What Defines Your Sleep

How can you tell if you’re sleeping enough? And are you suffering from Fatigue, or Sleepiness? And what is the difference, if any? Fatigue or extreme tiredness, exhaustion and weariness may be a secondary or direct consequence of sleep loss or sleep deprivation which is easily identified in constant sleepiness better known as Excessive Daytime …

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Your Sleep and Sleeping Disorders

Sleeping Disorders

  Sleep disorders may be more prevalent than how much is understood of them… With many people all over the world suffering in silence, unaware that they are actually victims of one or more of the various sleeping disorders as discussed here, it only becomes a concern when other health concerns arise to which more …

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