10 Best Adjustable Beds of 2017 – Reviews, PROS, CONS

Your question: What are the best adjustable beds in the current marketplace?

Our answer: Like most things in life, the adjustable bed that suits me best, may not be the one that suits you most. That’s why there isn’t a straightforward answer to that question. However, we’re determined to help you find the model that meets your needs best. To make this exercise worthwhile for consumers with all kinds of different needs and budgets, we have organized our adjustable beds reviews under the following 3 categories:

  1. 4 Best High-end adjustable beds with luxury specs
  2. Top 3 Mid-level adjustable bases
  3. Best Entry-level adjustable beds with relatively basic specs

Before we dive into fine details, here is a summary table comparing the main features of our top 10 adjustable beds of 2016/2017.

Best Adjustable Beds

Programmable Positions
Preset Positions
Wall Hugging
USB Ports
iOS/Android App Control
Basic, Mid or High-end

Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0

3-SpeedHead, Foot and Pillow


3-SpeedHead, Foot and Pillow

Serta Motion Custom

3-SpeedHead, Foot and Pillow

Reverie 8Q

10-SpeedHead, Foot and Pillow

S-Cape 2.0

3-SpeedHead and Foot

Classic Brands

3-SpeedHead and Foot

Reverie 7S

10-SpeedHead and Foot

Serta Motion Essentials II

NoneHead and Foot


NoneHead and Foot

Sealy Ease

NoneHead and Foot

Now that you have a general idea about the wide variety of features available on adjustable bases, do you think you would need

  1. An entry-level adjustable base without the bells and whistles,
  2. A mid-level adjustable frame with therapeutic massage and a few memory positions OR
  3. A high-end adjustable bed with pillow tilting, customizable memory positions, wall hugging, full-body massages, USB ports, wake-up alarms, sleep timers, under-bed lighting, anti-snore positions etc.?

Hopefully, you already have an answer to the above question and you’re ready to look at some in-depth adjustable bed reviews.

(1) The best adjustable frames in the ‘high-end’ category

#1 Recommended #2 Recommended
Also Recommended
Also Recommended
Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bedLeggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0

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Leggett & Platt Premier Series (P-232) Reverie 8Q Adjustable BedReverie 8Q

>> Check Out Customer Reviews on this page <<

Serta Motion Custom

These 4 adjustable beds were crowned ‘high-end’ because they have the following features:

  1. Pillow tilting: most adjustable beds have only head tilting and foot tilting. But the best of the best adjustable beds have an additional level of tilting know as pillow tilting
  2. Programmable/customizable memory positions: ‘ordinary’ adjustable bases have factory preset memory positions that are often not customizable according to your personal needs. In contrast, these high-end adjustable frames come with up to 7 programmable memory positions
  3. Wall hugging: most of these have wall hugging. We strongly urge you to stay away from electric beds that are not ‘wall hugger’ models
  4. Full body massage: we’ll be the first to admit that the massage you get from these adjustable beds is nowhere near what you get from your professional masseur. But, hey, if you can’t afford a masseur on a daily basis, this head-to-toe bed massage will do wonders to relax you down after a hectic day’s work
  5. USB ports: one may think it’s silly to have USB ports on an adjustable bed. But, if you use ‘smart’ devices on a daily basis (smartphone, tablet computer/iPad, MP3 player/iPod, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headphones etc.) that can be charged using USB ports, these can be really handy
  6. Miscellaneous ‘fancy’ specs:
    1. Alarm clocks (bed would vibrate without disturbing your partner on split-king models)
    2. Sleep timers (bed would automagically adjust itself to the ‘flat’ position from ‘TV watching position’ – once you fall asleep -)
    3. Under-bed lighting
    4. Bluetooth speakers
    5. Lumbar support
    6. Illuminated remote controllers
    7. ‘Whisper’ quiet motors
    8. High-safety standards
    9. Customized bedroom scenes
    10. Adjustable leg height

(1) These 4 Premium Adjustable Beds have “Pillow Tilting”

What is it and do you really need it?

  1. Head and foot tilt – if the ‘head’ and ‘foot’ of the bed can’t be adjusted, it’s not an adjustable bed… Sure, all 4 of the above models have head and foot tilting. Adjustable bed with head tilt and foot tilt
  2. Pillow tilting – In addition to head tilting and foot tilting, these 4 high-end adjustable bases have something called ‘Pillow Tilting’. Pillow tilting ensures that your head and neck are adequately supported by the head portion of the adjustable frame. This is especially useful when you are watching TV, reading a book, having breakfast-in-bed, checking out US politics on your new iPad/laptop etc. in the ‘sit-up’ position. Best adjustable beds like the Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 come with pillow tilting

Is paying extra for an adjustable bed with pillow tilting worth the extra cost?

Great question!

Pillow tilt vs head tilt comparisonWho needs pillow tilting?

Some of us ‘older folk’ are prone for head, neck, and backaches if we strain the neck a tad bit too much. Most of you may not belong to this category, but, if you’re planning on using your adjustable bed for reading, watching TV, working on your laptop etc. for long hours, it’s best to avoid excessive straining of your neck muscles to make sure you can do those activities pain-free for decades to come. And how do you do that? By buying a top of the range adjustable bed with pillow tilt. These adjustable bases have a third motor to make pillow tilting possible.

Who doesn’t need an adjustable frame with pillow tilting?

Those of you that have no intention of using your adjustable beds for ‘sit-up’ activities like watching TV, reading books, hours of Facebooking etc. etc.

If you’ll only use your bed for sleeping, lounging, relaxing in the zero-gravity position etc., forget spending extra for pillow tilting. An adjustable bed like this one with head and foot tilting would more than suffice!


Working from bed (i.e. working on your laptop, socializing on your iPhone) for long hours can be detrimental to your neck. Therefore, whether your adjustable bed has pillow tilting or not, do not make a habit of working from your bed for lengthy periods of time! You have been warned! If you work long hours on your adjustable bed, you could get a ‘text neck’, especially if it doesn’t have pillow tilting.

Working for long hours, even on the best quality adjustable bed, can sprain your neck muscles

Image credits: ormeauphysio.com

Check out the following top rated beds with pillow tilting:

  1. Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed – this has been rated the #1 adjustable bed for a reason. Read our Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed review to learn 15 PROS and CONS of the high-end power foundation.
  2. with Latex mattress is the best option. Almost always, when you buy the bed+mattress combo, it’s cheaper. However, if you already have a decent mattress that will work as an adjustable mattress, don’t worry about spending money on a new mattress. You can switch the existing mattress to a better memory foam mattress when you have some extra cash to play with!
  3. Reverie 8Q power foundation also has the pillow tilting function
  4. Serta Motion Custom Adjustable bed frame

(2) These 4 beds have “Programmable Memory Positions”

Aren’t “Factory Preset Positions” good enough?

Today's best adjustable bed frames have programmable memory positions for easy maneuvering First, what’s the difference between “PROGRAMMABLE” and “FACTORY PRESET” memory positions?

The very reason you buy an adjustable bed is because you want to adjust it to various ‘non-flat’ positions like the ‘sitting’ position for reading, watching TV, working on your laptop; ‘zero-gravity’ position for relaxing all your joints; and ‘lounging’ position for sleeping/napping. Let’s say you want to transform your bed to ‘TV watching’ from ‘sleeping’. What would you rather prefer? Pressing a single button on your remote or pressing ‘up’ and ‘down’ of your ‘head’ and ‘foot’ buttons multiple times until you get that perfect position? I certainly like the first option where I press just 1 button to adjust the bed from ‘TV watching’ to ‘lounging’ or from ‘lounging’ to ‘zero-gravity’.

The beauty of modern adjustable beds is that they have this feature called “programmable memory positions”. This basically allows you to adjust your bed to your favorite ‘book reading’, ‘laptop using’, ‘lounging’ position etc. and to store that position in the remote’s memory. Once you’ve stored your favorite positions, you can transform your bed to that favorite position with the press of a single button.

In contrast to ‘customizable memory positions’, some beds only offer ‘factory preset’ memory positions.

The problem with Factory preset memory positions:

The manufacturer decides YOUR favorite position. You have no say in this. If the manufacturer sets your lounge position to have a 40 degree incline, you have no option but to be happy with it. A 130 pound, 5 foot 4 inches tall person and 230 pound, 6 foot 2 inches tall person may not prefer the exact same ‘inclination’ when it comes to their favorite positions. Same with TV watching, feet raised, anti-snore positions etc. My favorite position may not be your favorite position.

This is where adjustable beds with programmable memory positions have a leg up on adjustable foundations with factory preset positions. That is exactly why you’ll see that the ones we have categorized as best adjustable bed frames always have programmable memory positions vs factory preset positions.

As pointed out on this adjustable beds review, the Classic Brands bed has 4 preset memory positionsIf you don’t intend to have a separate bed adjusted and fixed at each of your favorite positions, we highly encourage you to go with a bed that gives you the option of having programmable positions. Especially when you consider that such a bed is only ~$250 more expensive than a bed without programmable positions, we think it’s a no brainer. Think of the 1000s of times you’re going to adjust your bed within the next 10 – 20 years. We’re talking an extra investment of about $1/month here. But, don’t do it because we say so, visit your local mattress store, play around with an adjustable bed for 10 minutes and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

(3) These 4 best adjustable beds have “Wall Hugging”

What’s the big deal about wall hugging adjustable beds?

On some of the basic models of adjustable bases, when the ‘head’ is raised, your whole upper body moves forward, away from the wall/headboard. This motion also brings you away from your nightstand. So, if you had a book or TV remote on the nightstand, now you’re going to have to reach backwards to grab them. This is not very convenient. This uncomfortable movement can also cause some back problems, and you don’t want that.

The whole idea behind investing on an adjustable bed is to ‘cure’ back problems, not to ‘create’ back problems :scratch: That’s why more advanced models come with the feature known as ‘wall hugging’, where the head portion of the bed keeps hugging the wall. On ‘wall hugging’ models, when the head is raised, bottom half of the mattress moves towards the wall, instead of the top half moving forward, away from the wall. This way, whether on ‘sleeping’ or ‘sitting’ positions, you will always be right beside the nightstand with easy access to the night lamp, TV remote, book, coffee etc. We strongly urge you to purchase an adjustable base that is wall hugging. All of today's best adjustable bed brands have wall hugging

(4) These 4 high-end adjustable beds also offer full-body, therapeutic massage

Adjustable bed bases with full-body massage is almost a basic feature in 2017The difference between pulse and wave massage illustratedIn addition to pillow tilting, wall hugging and customizable memory positions, these high-end models also have a built-in massage feature. Multiple motors are built into the adjustable bases at the top/head region and the foot/bottom region. These motors will elicit a wave or pulse action massage giving you a soothing and relaxing massage at your command. Forget visiting massage parlors and paying up to the tune of $100/hour to masseurs!

Turn on your adjustable bed’s massage feature, set it to the exact intensity you want (low, medium, high or up to 10 speeds depending on the model), choose between pulse or wave, lay back and ENJOY! It’s really that simple.

Certain basic adjustable beds offer only upper body massage; but these high-end models offer both upper and lower body therapeutic massage.

Some models even have a massage timer; that way you can go to bed, turn on massage for 15 minutes and put the remote controller away. Massage motors will automatically turn off after 15 minutes and you can fall asleep with not only your muscles relaxed, but also with your mind relaxed!

Here’s a detailed comparison of these

Best High-end Adjustable Beds

#1 Recommended #2 Recommended
Also Recommended
Also Recommended
Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 is the best adjustable bed in the high-end categoryLeggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0

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Leggett & Platt Premier Series (P-232) Reverie 8Q is one of the best models in the 2017 marketplaceReverie 8Q

>> Check Out Customer Reviews on this page <<

The lumbar support feature of Serta Motion Custom foundation gives it a unique edge Serta Motion Custom
1) Head, Foot, and Pillow tilting Yes, all of them have an infinite number of adjustment possibilities. Adjustments of up to 60° head angle and 45° foot angle are possible. In addition to head and foot tilting, there is an additional level of tilting called ‘pillow tilting‘ which allows an additional adjustment to optimize head/neck positions when reading, watching TV etc.

Other adjustable beds only have TWO motors; but the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0, the Leggett & Platt Premier Series, the Reverie 8Q and the Serta Motion Custom adjustable beds have THREE MOTORS. They are:

  1. the first motor raises and lowers the head at the neck (this is the motor that is responsible for pillow tilting)
  2. the second motor raises and lowers the upper body at the waist
  3. the third one adjusts the feet at the knees
2) Programmable memory positions 4

This model has all the basic features and more! You can store up to 4 of your favorite positions, including but not limited to, Zero gravity, lounge, TV/PC, flat, anti-snore, breakfast-in-bed etc. positions. Here is a photo of the remote showing two of those memory buttons (M1, M2). You get two programmable positions on the remote and four on the iOS/android app


It has all the basic features and more! You can store up to 7 custom positions using the included 7″ touchscreen tablet remote controller.

Here’s an illustration of some of the adjustable positions that you can program this bed to.


You can store up to 4 customizable memory positions on the Reverie 8Q Power Foundation.


It doesn’t have programmable positions. However, it does have 4 factory preset positions (zero-gravity, flat, lounge, TV/PC positions). However, we don’t like these preset positions as nearly as we like customizable positions. All of us have different body sizes, structures, preferences etc. So, factory preset, uncustomizable positions may not suit you and I the same way. Nevertheless, we still included this as one of the top 5 adjustable beds because it has a host of other high-end specs.

3) Wall hugging Excellent wall hugging. You stay right next to your night stand even when you raise your head. Hence, you can easily reach that hot cup of coffee, your reading glasses, remote controller, phone etc. on the bedside table.

Check out our Reverie 8Q vs 7S vs 5D vs Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Comparison to check out a photo comparing the degree of wall hugging between the Prodigy 2.0 and the Reverie 8Q (Here’s a direct link to the photo)

The Reverie does have wall hugging; however, it is a comparatively poor wall hugger. When the head is raised, the base does slide back, but doesn’t slide back enough. The result is that you’re placed a foot or two away from the nightstand and you may strain your back when you reach for the table lamp or those spectacles. In fact, certain buyers felt that there was no wall hugging at all. Yes, the Serta Motion Custom has good wall hugging!
4) Built-in-massage Yes

Dual, full-body massage: upper and lower therapeutic body massage.

Wave action to relax those tired muscles from head to toe.

3 speeds (low, medium, high)


Dual, full-body massage. Choose among 3 modes of massage to relax those tensed, tired muscles: (i) wave action, (ii) pulse action, (iii) normal

Adjustable massage and rolling wave intensities


Dual, full-body massage: This has 10 massage speeds. Wave option is also available.


Dual, full-body massage: 6 speeds

5) Factory preset positions 2 4

(these are customizable and can be overwritten/reprogrammed if you don’t find them to be perfect)

2 4
if we’re given the choice between ‘factory preset positions’ and ‘user programmable positions’, we would choose the latter on any given day. Why? Because, if they’re “factory preset”, they CANNOT be changed. What if you don’t like the factory preset ‘TV watching’ position and you’d rather have it 100 straighter? You can’t change the factory preset position, that has already been ‘set in stone’. However, if you were given the option to ‘program’ your favorite positions, you could customize it to YOUR favorite position and NOT the manufacturer’s favorite position. Wouldn’t you agree?
6) Free fall during power outages

Yes, all of them have it. This model uses a battery backup while all others use natural gravity to lower the bed.

Allows you to lower the bed (e.g. from sitting to sleeping) in the event of a power failure either via ‘gravity fall’ or ‘backup battery’. If it wasn’t for this feature, you could be stuck on the zero-gravity position until the power comes back on. That can’t be nice, can it? However, I can only recall ONE power outage during the last 6 years, so you may never have to use this feature!

7) Micro-hook retention system Microhook retention system of the Prodigy 2.0 eliminates mattress retaining bars Most adjustable bed foundations have a single mattress retainer bar at the bottom end The Reverie 8Q has mattress retaining bars on all four corners Serta iComfort Full Size Motion Perfect Adjustable Bed Base Foundation
Notice that all but the Prodigy 2.0 have mattress retaining bars whose duty is to ensure that the mattress doesn’t slip out of the bed when the head/foot of the bed is raised. Mattress retaining bars are great, however, they can get in your way when you’re making the bed. Getting the bed sheets under the retainer bars can be challenging at times. This is why the microhook retention systems was introduced by Leggett & Platt. The MicroHook retention mechanism is somewhat similar to Velcro fasteners. It helps the mattress ‘bind’ the adjustable foundation and makes sure that the mattress stays in place.
7) Backlit remote

Yes, the 7″ touchscreen tablet remote is obviously backlit :good:

The remote controller of the Leggett and Platt Premier series is a tablet computer



A BACKLIT remote? Why on earth? Well, most of the time, you will be using your remote when the lights are off/under low-light conditions. At times like those, a backlit/self-lit remote controller can become real handy!
8) Bed can be adjusted using apps on your smartphone Yes Yes Yes Yes
9) Alarm
Yes, the bed will vibrate or the remote will beep. In case of split king models, this vibration won’t disturb your partner. You can even programme your bed to raise the upper body to when the alarm goes off! No
10) Sleep timer
Yes, the bed will automatically lower in to the ‘sleeping position’ from reading/TV positions, after a programmed, set time.Illustration of the Sleep Timer and Alarm setting of Leggett & Platt adjustable beds Yes, through its iOS/Apple iPhone/Android apps Reverie 8Q Sleep Timer No
11) Snore control
Yes. The capacitive-touch remote has a button for the factory preset anti-snore position Yes all of these top rated adjustable bed brands of 2017 have a one-touch anti-snore position. The anti-snore position comes courtesy of the pillow-tilt feature. Pressing the anti-snore button on your remote causes the adjustable base to flex at the ‘neck’ at a certain angle. This makes most people stop snoring! There’s really no rocket science to it!
12) USB ports
4 either side of the bed

Charge up to eight devices at the same time :yahoo:

1 either side of the bed 1 on the remote stand 2 either side of the bed
13) Bluetooth
Yes Yes Yes Yes
14) Under-bed lighting
Yes, the Prodigy 2.0 now has under-bed lighting!

This light can be set up to automatically turn off using the sleep timer

Yes Yes

15) Built-in speakers No No No Yes.

6-inch subwoofer and 2 X 3-inch satellite speakers that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth

16) One-touch flat button Yes, all of these best adjustable bed frames have a ‘flat’ button as a factory preset position.
17) A/C outlets None None 1 on the remote stand None
18) Safety Features The feature known as “LP Sense™” on Model P-232 allows it to sense human or pet presence and stops bed operation if pinch points between the platform and base are obstructed
19) Customized ‘bedroom scenes’ A feature known as “LP Connect™” on the Premier Series allows the bed to control room lighting, air flow, sounds etc. from the touchscreen tablet remote. LP Connect™ allows you to create customized ‘bedroom scenes’ of your choice for different activities. e.g. turn on a bedside lamp + sitting position of bed for reading OR turn off lights + turn on fan + sleeping position on bed. All these with touch of a single button on the tablet remote instead of having to turn on/off lights/fans etc. with 3 different switches. How cool is that?
20) Adjustable Legs 6 – 8 inch long, height-adjustable steel legs 4-inch square-shaped wooden legs on ‘furniture design’ or 6 – 10-inch long, height-adjustable steel legs on ‘foundation design’ 3 – 8 inch height-adjustable steel legs Square, wooden-finish legs
21) Manufacturer reputation
  • Leggett & Platt was established in 1833
  • Headquarters based in Carthage, Missouri
  • Member of S&P 500 (Standard & Poor’s 500)
  • The company is made up of 20 business units
  • Has 18,000 employee-partners
  • Has 130 facilities in 17 countries
  • Need we say more? :yes:
  • A relatively new company established in 2003
  • Headquarters in Michigan
  • Awarded a 2016 Top Workplaces honor by The Detroit Free Press
  • Serta was established in 1933
  • Arguably the #1 mattress manufacturer in the United States
  • Headquarters in Hoffman Estates, IL
  • 23 manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and four in Canada
  • distributed internationally in more than 150 other countries
22) Available models
  1. 2017 Model with Pure Talalay Bliss latex 12″ mattress (medium-soft)
  2. With Luxury 12-Inch GEL Tech Memory Foam Mattress
  3. With Luxury 10-Inch Cool GEL Memory Foam Mattress
  1. Leggett & Platt Premier P-232 (Furniture Design)
  2. P-132 Adjustable Base (Furniture Design)
  1. With 15.5-Inch DynastyMattress AtlantisBreeze GEL Memory Foam Mattress
  2. Without Mattress – Option 1
  3. Without Mattress – Option 2
  4. eBay
  1. Adjustable Foundation without mattress
  2. JC Penny (~$500 more expensive at the time of writing this)

(2) The best adjustable bed frames in the ‘mid-range’ category

What do these adjustable bed frames LACK compared to the high-end adjustable bases?

  1. NO pillow tilting
  2. NO wall hugging (on some models)
  3. NO customizable memory positions (on some models)
  4. NO USB ports (on some models)
  5. NO Android/iOS app control
  6. NO Built-in vibrating alarm clocks etc.
#1 Recommended Mid-level
#2 Recommended Mid-level
Also Recommended
2017 Leggett & Platt S-Cape 2.0 Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Base Reverie 7S Adjustable Bed
1) Head, Foot, and Pillow tilting Head Tilting and Foot Tilting only!

Pillow Tilting NOT available on these ‘mid-range’ models

2) Wall hugging wp-monalisa iconwp-monalisa icon wp-monalisa icon wp-monalisa icon
3) Programmable memory positions 2 0 2
4) Factory preset memory positions 3



***Price*** Price Check on the 2017 Model

Check Price and Availability

Check Current Price Here…
5) Built-in-massage
  • Two massage motors: one for the upper body and one for the lower body
  • 2 Types of massage: Choose between Regular or Wave modes (for a wave of massage running from head to toe direction)
  • 3 Speeds – low, moderate, high
  • Similar to the massage features of the S-Cape in many ways
  • Classic Brands model doesn’t have the “Wave action” like on the S-Cape and the Reverie 7S
  • 3 speeds

Note: the massage function isn’t comparable to the others. According to many reviewers, the vibration is weak and can be barely felt. Secondly, the massage motors/pads are relatively loud! As a result, we do not recommend the Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort adjustable bed for consumers that plan to use the therapeutic massage feature heavily.

  • Two massage motors just like the S-Cape
  • “Wave” mode available
  • 10 Speeds
6) Mattress Retainer Bar/s
Adjustable beds need mattress retaining bars more than any other bed. If not for this bar, the mattress will slide ‘down hill’ when the head region becomes elevated. There’s no doubt that mattress retaining bars are an awesome feature. However, these retaining bars can make your life slightly complicated, especially when you’re making the bed. Imagine having to slide the bed sheets under each retaining bar; doesn’t sound like an awfully fun thing to do, does it?

The Microhook retention system on the Leggett and Plattt S-Cape 2.0 and this model, eliminates the need for mattress retaining bars. As the name says, the adjustable bed foundation has built-in ‘micro hooks’ which ‘stick’ to the mattress cover and hold it in place without letting it slide off the bottom edge of the bed! These microhooks are somewhat similar to Velcro fasteners.

7) Remote controller
All three of these best mid-range adjustable bed frames have wireless, backlit, sleek remote controllers. Don’t let the design of the remote controller be the decisive factor :)
8) Smartphone app control Yes (Android or iOS) NO Yes (Android or iOS)
9) Under bed lighting Yes

(Not an essential feature to have; but can be very useful)

No No
10) USB Ports 8

(4 on either side of the bed on the S-Cape+ 2.0 model)

1 None
11) Legs 4 adjustable legs (adjust from 6″ to 10″ in height as you please; visit our Leggett and Platt S-Cape review for more details on the adjustable legs) 6 legs (can be adjusted to 4″, 7″ and 10.5″) 4 height adjustable legs (adjust to 3″, 5″ or 8″ in height)
12) Safety Features The remote controller has a ‘Lock’. Once locked, the bed will not move ‘up and down’ due to accidentally pressing the wrong buttons. Especially if you fall asleep with the remote on the bed, your turning and twisting during sleep can accidentally press the wrong buttons on the remote transforming the bed to the TV watching position from a sleeping position. ‘Lock’ your bed using the ‘lock’ button on the remote and sleep with complete peace of mind! No such safety feature No such safety feature
Special Remarks As you will agree, the Leggett and Platt S-Cape 2.0 easily tops this category. The only reason it didn’t make it to the ‘high-end category’ was because it lacked pillow tilting. If you can afford to spend $1000+ on an adjustable bed, I strongly urge you to go with an S-Cape 2.0. The Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort bed lack many of the high-end features. It’ll do the job for someone who doesn’t expect much from their adjustable bed; but if you expect something more from your bed, we urge you to stay away from this. The only reason we ranked this above the Reverie 7S is the cheaper priced tag of the Classic Brands adjustable bed. This may not have the bells and whistles of the S-Cape 2.0, however, it has the must have specs of an adjustable frame. Its massage function works as it’s supposed to work, it’s durable and it has a trusted name in the USA.

At the time of writing this, the S-Cape 2.0 is cheaper than the Reverie 7S, so you really can’t justify buying a 7S, when there’s a more feature-rich model available at a cheaper price.

(1) Is LACK of “Pillow Tilting” a Deal BREAKER?

Pillow tilt vs head tilt comparison

Pillow tilting is especially useful when you want to position your head really straight (vertically) when you’re ‘sitting up’ to watch TV, read a book, have breakfast-in-bed, check out president Donald Trump’s tweets on your tablet computer/laptop etc. Pillow tilting can save your neck!

However, an adjustable bed without pillow tilting will work out just fine:

  1. if you’re young and have never had neck/back problems
  2. if you have strong neck/back muscles and you’re not prone to neck/back sprains
  3. if you have no intention of using your new adjustable bed for ‘sitting up’ tasks on a regular basis.
  4. If you will only use ‘flat’, ‘lounge’, ‘zero-gravity’, ‘feet-raised’ positions
  5. if you have no intention of making use of the ‘anti-snore’ feature (this is essentially changing the angle of the head via pillow tilting)
  6. if you’re prepared to use a good, old-fashioned pillow under your head, if and when you decide to straighten your head more than your bed allows you to

Bottom Line

Lack of pillow tilting is NOT a deal breaker. It becomes a necessity only if you will be using your computer/tablet computer/smartphone on your bed for long hours and/or you will be doing a lot of reading or watching TV using the ‘sit-up’ position. Using an adjustable bed for working on a laptop for extended hours is not a good idea; that’s what tables are for! Apologies for sounding nasty!

(2) Is lack of “Programmable Memory Positions” a Deal Breaker?

This electric bed has only factory preset adjustable positionsHmm…. Yes, lack of “Customizable Memory Positions” can be a deal breaker. Based on our experience, the ability to customize memory positions, so that you can get to your favorite position with a single click of your remote, is critical. The most comfortable “TV watching” position for you may be an inclination of 75 degrees whereas the factory preset TV watching position may be 65 degrees.

This would mean that every time you want to watch TV, you’ll need to first, bring it to 65 degrees with the preset memory button. Then secondly, you’ll need to increase inclination manually from 65 to 66 to 67 to 68 ….. 73 to 74 to 75 degrees. It may not stop at 75 at once and may go up to 78 degrees. Now you’ll need to bring it down a tad until you hit that sweet spot. This can be a painful process for some of us.

The very reason you decided to spend thousands of dollars on an adjustable bed is because you want to be comfortable and get relaxed in quick time. If you have to pres the up/down buttons a 100 times to get to that favorite position, it can become really frustrating. This is why we say that programmable memory positions are a must! In fact, the more programmable positions, the merrier.

Don’t let the manufacturer decide your favorite position; it’s your bed and YOU need to be in control.

Here’s a mid-level adjustable with customizable memory positions.

(3) Best Entry-level adjustable beds

#1 Recommended Entry-level Adjustable Bed
Also Recommended
Also Recommended
Serta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Bed

>> Remember to Read Customer Reviews on this page <<

Leggett and Platt ShipShape Adjustable Foundation Sealy Ease Adjustable Bed Frame
None of these 3 adjustable beds have

  • Pillow Tilting
  • Wall Hugging
  • Programmable Memory Positions
  • Massage

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you want to keep it plain and simple, these wallet-friendly bases may work perfectly well!

1) Remote controller Wired.

Wired remote controllers are not as sexy as wireless remotes; however, the chances of you losing a wired remote are almost zero!

The wired remote controller of the Serta Motions Essentials II bed



2) Factory preset memory positions

(Flat and Lounge)


(Read our ShipShape Review here)



3) Customizable memory positions None of these 3 entry-level adjustable bases have customizable memory positions. However, recall that some of the other beds like this one had 4 programmable positions.
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4) Mattress Retainer Bar/s All 3 of them have a mattress retaining bar to ensure that the mattress doesn’t slide out of the bed when the head is raised. As you may recall, this model and this model DO NOT have mattress retainer bars; instead they have a micro-hook retention system.All of these entry-level adjustable bed frames have a single matress retaining bar the foot of the bed base
5) Smartphone app control, Bluetooth, USB ports, under-bed lighting, lumbar support, bedroom scenes etc.
None of these three “entry-level” adjustable beds have these luxury specs!
6) Who should buy an entry-level adjustable bed when there are fancier models with many bells and whistles?
  1. If all you want is to raise the head (e.g. you have heartburn) or feet (e.g.. you have restless leg syndrome), an entry-level adjustable frame would do just fine.
  2. If you have no intention of using therapeutic massage, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone compatibility etc.
  3. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend for features you’ll rarely use

If you don’t belong to one of the above 3 categories, we highly recommend you to go with a high-end or mid-range adjustable bed