The Leggett & Platt S-Cape is our #1 recommended entry-level adjustable bed. Please refer to our comparison of the best adjustable beds which compares the S-Cape to the Leggett & Platt ShipShape, Prodigy and Premier Series beds. We have also done a more detailed review of the Leggett & Platt S-Cape adjustable bed elsewhere which discusses the major pros and cons of the S-Cape system.

Features of the New Leggett & Platt S-Cape Adjustable Bed

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  • Max lifting capacity at a total of 700 lbs. (head and foot side)
  • Comes with 4″ legs with casters
  • Dual massage with on-off button
  • Two programmable position buttons
  • Emergency power-down feature
  • Ultra-quiet high-performance motor
  • Proudly made in the USA with 25 year warranty
  • Back-lit wireless stand-up remote control
  • Ultra-quiet high-performance motor

Wallhugger® technology

Created through Wallhugger engineering, the new 2015 Split King S-Cape Performance Model Adjustable Bed by LEGGETT & PLATT is a state-of-the-art design that everybody may love. Built not just to bring comfort but at the same time delivers a peace of mind to the buyers the fact that it gives more than the value of money spent.

Nearly all Leggett & Platt adjustable beds other than the ShipShape has this feature. As we emphasize on our ShipShape adjustable bed review, this is the very reason why we recommend the S-Cape over the ShipShape.

Heavy weight lifter

With its maximum lifting capacity at 700lbs., hefty individuals will worry no more about damaging the motor of their adjustable beds when they want to switch their position even to its maximum reach. The ultra-quite high performance motor is a heavy duty mechanism that operates silently but powerfully. You shouldn’t worry about messing the motor of your bed even if your kids are playing on it when the platform is elevated. This is strong as elephant. In addition to that relevant feature, it has a wireless remote control that has two programmable position buttons that you can instantly press whenever you want to station to the usual position you like. Furthermore, it has a dual massage that you can instantly use when you want to depress stress and rejuvenate your life.

Health benefits

One person who reviewed this product titled his review as “Life changing purchase”. It’s a beguiling review that really rouse my attention and curiosity; what exactly this person had bought? Well it is the new Split King S-Cape Performance Model Adjustable Bed. He mentioned on that review that the price of this product could not be beaten and best of all it is made in the USA! Well he’s pointing out the durability of it considering that it’s made in the USA and offered in a very affordable price. The previous model of this product cost more than this one that only cost $1,839.00 with free shipping. The catch is this product has more impressive features that have helpful functionality than the previous model which is more expensive. No wonder that so far, for those people who provided their reviews on this product, gave a prefect star as its rating. It’s an amazing product.

Split or non-split?

Nonetheless, as split design that comes in two, Leggett & Platt could have made it like the S-Cape Adjustable Bed Set Sleep System that can be controlled separately by two remote controls. It would really be nice when you and your partner lying on the bed having each a remote to control it and adjust to your most comfortable sleeping positions. And when by chance one remote control gets damage the other one could still be used. Thus, in general the innovation of this product was quite remarkable I’m pretty sure a lot of buyers will love this bed this 2015 – this will surely bring them comfort and happiness. Thanks to Leggett & Platt for making this wonderful bed.

Various size options

The Leggett and Platt S-Cape is available in Eastern King, California King, Queen, Full and Twin sizes. The King and Queen sizes are available with ‘Split’ models too.