Sleep Number Performance Bed Review (p5, p6 and pSE mattress reviews)

Sleep Number Performance Bed Review

Sleep Number Performance Bed Review (p5, p6 and pSE mattress reviews)

Welcome to our review on the Sleep Number Performance Series beds. Before you get into the details of the Performance series Sleep Number beds, we highly recommend you check out the following sections on our extremely detailed Sleep Number Bed Review.

Over the past few years, sleep number beds have revolutionized how people sleep at night by integrating some of the coolest smart technologies available. They have a lot of benefits to offer, from adjustable firmness to responsive air technology to sleep tracking (Sleep IQ technology). It’s no wonder why many residential and commercial clients have fallen in love with Sleep Number. The Sleep Number Performance Series beds (p5, p6 and the pSE) are one of the more in demand and high value series out of the four different series.

Before we get into the meat and bones of the Performance series mattresses, let us make sure that you’re aware of the differences between the Performance Series and the other series of air mattresses.

The Best Bed Frame for your Sleep Number Performance Mattress


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Can you spot where the three Performance Series mattresses are? The p6 can be inflated to give a ‘medium soft’ to ‘medium firm’ firmness. The p5 is slightly firmer and the pSE can be inflated all the way into the ‘firm region’.

Firmness Comparison of Sleep Number Performance Series to Other Beds

Sleep Number Mattress Firmness ScaleCan you spot where the three Performance Series mattresses are? The p6 can be inflated to give a ‘medium soft’ to ‘medium firm’ firmness. The p5 is slightly firmer and the pSE can be inflated all the way into the ‘firm region’.

Performance Series Thickness Comparison

Comfort layer thickness of sleep number mattressesAs you can see, the p5 and pSE are both 10″ thick whereas the p6 is the thickest at 11″. As you can see, this 1″ difference is due to the extra thick comfort layer. It is this additional inch that also makes the p6 softer than the other two. Cross compare this image with the previous one and you’ll appreciate that the thickness of the comfort layer (ranging from 2″ to 7″) is directly proportional to the softness/firmness of the different mattresses.

Sleep Number Performance Bed Review

Now you’re ready for Performance Series specific details 🙂

Sleep Number p5 Review

Sleep Number p5 Bed Review

Major Features of the ​Sleep Number p5 Performance Mattress are as follows:

  • 10″ thickness makes it the thinnest out of p5, p6 and pSE
  • ​4″ gel-infused comfort layer is what gives its characteristic medium firmness
  • Medium firmness ​​with a 5 – 7 reading is comparable to those of s3 and c4 air mattresses
  • At ~$2400 for a queen size, it ain’t cheap. This is why we recommend this split-king adjustable model with the optional 14″ mattress which has a lot more features yet cheaper than the p5 mattress.
  • ​The p5 comes with Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies
  • ​Pressure relief and Support is ​​very high compared to some other models

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Sleep Number p6 Bed Review

Sleep Number p6 Bed Review

Major Features of the ​Sleep Number p6 air bed are as follows:

  • 11″ thickness makes it the thickest in the Performance Group
  • ​5″ gel-infused comfort layer gives its characteristic medium soft firmness and superior pressure relief
  • The 4 – 6 firmness reading makes it comparable to the Innovation Series i8 and iLE. If you’re a back sleeper or combination sleeper that also sleep on your side, this will be the right Sleep Number mattress for you.
  • At ~$2900 for a queen size, it is fairly expensive. To get the best value out of such a mattress, we ask you to consider adding a high-quality adjustable bed like this to your purchase.
  • ​In addition to the Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies, the p6 comes with a Cooling Feature which helps absorb heat from your body helping you sleep cool even during warm summer months.

Sleep Number pSE Mattress Review

Sleep Number pSE Bed Review

Here are the major features of the ​Sleep Number pSE (Special Edition Performance Series) bed:

  • At 10″, its thickness is identical to that on the p5 (the 4″ comfort layer is also the same thickness as the p5)
  • The relatively broad firmness reading of 5 – 7.5 places it in a unique class altogether. This ‘broad’ adjustability allows you to change the firmness from ‘medium’ all the way to ‘firm’. In other words, if you like ’em firm or you’re a back sleeper, the pSE is what you’re looking for.
  • At ~$2800 for a queen size, it is one of the more expensive mattresses available in the market.
  • ​Similar to the p6, it has all of the Dual Air, Sleep IQ, and Responsive Air Technologies. But it has something unique in the Performance Series which is known as ‘Temperature Balancing’. This makes the mattress absorb your body heat when you’re hot and release heat when you’re too cold. That is just unbelievable!

Sleep Number Performance pSE Special Edition

Image courtesy:

Unlike other air mattresses out there, the Performance Series beds have a special and unique place in the air mattress/air bed market. With the high level of comfort and durability, it has become one of the leading solutions consumers can’t afford to ignore. For those who don’t have enough knowledge about beds and are looking for a high-tech mattress with adjustable firmness, this Sleep Number Performance review can be immensely helpful. Are you ready? Take a look at the following:

Before we get into the detailed review, let us run you through the three different models available from the Performance series. They are:

  1. Sleep Number Performance p5 bed
  2. Sleep Number Performance p6 bed
  3. Sleep Number Performance pSE bed

Compared to the Sleep Number Classic Series beds that are 8 – 9 inches thick and the Innovation Series that are 11 – 13 inches thick, the Performance Series mattresses have a 10 – 11″ thickness. In other words, they fall right in the middle of Classic and Innovation series in terms of mattress thickness.

The Performance series beds can be adjusted to a Medium Soft to Medium Firm firmness by pumping air in or out of the mattress!

Pros of the Sleep Number Performance Series Beds

Relieves and Prevents Pain

Compared to the average options online, Sleep Number Performance Bed has a pressure point relief and support features. That’s what the Performance series sets it apart from others. Not only can it relieve existing pain, but it can also prevent future neck and back ailments. The majority of users report reduced pain, especially in the hips, shoulders, and the back.

Another advantage that is a favorite of many homeowners with a painful condition is the raw materials with which the bed is made. These Sleep Number beds are made of the highest quality and the most excellent material, increasing its comfort level. The mattress cover is made of a Rayon and Polypropylene Blend while the air bladder is made up of dual air chambers. It can support correct spinal alignment, adjust to the body (auto-adjusting by the Sleep Number 360 smart bed), and place enough pressure on sensitive areas to relieve pains. This allows people to experience maximum convenience while taking a nap.

Sleep Number Performance Mattress Cover
Image courtesy:

It can Accommodate Different Positions

As the name suggests, Sleep Number Performance beds ensure they give you a functional and flexible performance. This means that the Sleep Number Performance Bed can accommodate a variety of sleeping positions. Whether you love sleeping on your stomach, side, or back, Sleep Number got your back. It won’t hassle you with off gassing odors etc and it’s something that you can recommend to your closest friends and relatives. It is specially tailored to mold or cradle every part of your body. This enables you to settle in your most stress-free position without other health issues.

Are you a back sleeper? Great news! Sleep Number Performance Series Beds can curve around and cradle your spine like a glove. This offers excellent support, allowing your back to relax. It works with side sleepers as it accommodates shoulders, hips, and waist. For stomach sleepers, the mattress helps avoid painful pressure points and keeps your back in shape.

Superior Motion Isolation

Motion can make waves in traditional beds that can disturb your partner. But with the Sleep Number Performance Series, this is not a problem anymore. It absorbs motion and isolates it more effectively than you can imagine. When you get out of bed or roll over, your spouse won’t bounce around. Both of you would sleep for enough and hassle-free hours.

Here’s a video that demonstrates high quality motion isolation on the Sleep Number Classic Series C2 mattress.

As with the Sleep Number Classic Bed, it is known to have an enhanced pressure-relieving comfort. It comes with dual adjustability (the two partners can adjust firmness on their side of the mattress independently from the other), responsive air technology (automatically adjusts firmness when you twist and turn), SleepIQ technology for tracking the quality of your sleep, and enhanced pressure-relief. While the classic series has a nostalgic design, the Performance series has a more impressive performance.

Blocks Dust Mites

Dust mites are one of the most common concerns of homeowners. Studies show that every home out there has them. The exact pace they grow is the bedroom. Even though they are harmless, they are the number one cause of indoor allergies and other health conditions.

An average bed may have around 100,000 or 10 million dust mites inside. Thanks to the fluffy fiber padding or large open spaces. These have been the reason why dust mites can easily burrow in and congregate.

Worry no more! The materials and the dense structure of Sleep Number Performance Bed discourage dust mites as more efficiently as possible. These insects don’t have the opportunity to live and thrive. With a combination of this product and a hypo-allergenic cover lessens your risk. Plus, don’t forget the utmost importance of regular surface vacuuming. Not only can it help you control the number, but you can also mitigate these insects or pests in your bedroom.

Cons of Sleep Number Performance Series Beds

It can be Expensive

Sleep Number Performance Beds aren’t cheap. Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford them. Expect to pay up to $5000 when you can buy a high-quality mattress for 1/10th the price from online dealers like or Despite the expensive price tag, its features make it worth considering. You may get a 100 day free trial so that you can give it a try and see the difference with your existing mattress!

Durability issues

There are more than a few Sleep Number complaints floating around the internet. Then again, you need to understand that there will be complaints against almost everything on the internet. Nothing is perfect; however, if more than 5% of the buyers give a 1 out of 5 star rating, we want you to be cautious.

Since Sleep Number beds are air mattresses, it’s only natural that they’ll have durability issues like ‘air leaks’ and ‘sinking/trenches’ with time. The only problem is that if you’ve spent $4000 on a mattress, you wouldn’t feel good about throwing it away after a few years. But if you’ve spent only $500 on the mattress, you won’t feel as bad if you had to throw it away after a few years.

Tech issues

As we mentioned earlier, these are some of the most high-tech adjustable beds available in the current market. The higher the ‘techiness’, obviously, higher the glitches to expect. There are so many things that can potentially go wrong with Sleep Number beds from their 360 smart, auto-adjusting technology to Sleep IQ sleep tracking technology; but in reality, you don’t see so many Sleep Number consumers complaining about these technologies failing.

Sleep Number Performance Series Conclusion

Nothing in this world is perfect and the Sleep Number Performance beds are no exceptions to that rule. While they have many strengths and benefits, they also have a few glitches. If you’re ready to face the potential challenges and can afford the extra cash, we have no reservations in recommending the p5, p6 and pSE Performance Series beds from Sleep Number.

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