Serta Motion Custom II Adjustable Bed Review

Serta Motion Custom II Adjustable Bed Review

The Serta Motion Custom II used to be our 3rd best adjustable bed. It was one of the very first adjustable beds to come out with the lumbar support feature. But, the last couple of years saw an influx of adjustable beds with Lumbar Support and as a result, the Serta Motion Custom adjustable base was removed from our list of best adjustable beds.

This has a special feature the previous two models didn’t have. It has something called “Lumbar Support”. Can you see the horizontal bar like thing that spans across the top section of the bed? You can make it come out to support your back/lumbar area. It can be soothing for those who have lumbar pains. However, depending on the height of a person, it may or may not hit the sweet spot. So if you’re interested in purchasing this model, we highly recommend that you visit a local mattress store that has this model on display and check out the feature to see if you like the area supported by this apparatus!

Like the other high-end adjustable bases, the Serta Motion Custom II also come with pillow tilting, wall hugging, full body massage (6-speed) and customizable memory positions. Further, it comes with 4 factory preset memory positions, a sexy backlit wireless remote controller, 4 USB ports, underbed lighting, Bluetooth speakers and smartphone controllability.

However, like I mentioned earlier, I strongly urge you to check this out at a local mattress store before you jump in on this!

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