If you read our review of the best adjustable beds, you already know that this Primo did not make the list of the top 5 adjustable beds. It is about $300 cheaper than the most basic Leggett & Platt which is the ShipShape. This price difference can be very attractive, however, if you look at the customer reviews for each model, you’ll understand that the Leggett & Platt beds are expensive for a reason. Read our Leggett & Platt S-Cape adjustable bed review and you’ll understand why it’s our #1 recommended entry-level adjustable bed.

However, if you insist you need the cheaper Primo, you’re welcome to read the rest of our review.

Features of the Primo International Fleet Adjustable Bed

  • Built to last longer with heavy duty metal
  • Two whisper-silent motors: one on head and one on foot
  • Wired remote control

Primo International Fleet Adjustable Bed (Twin XL) features 2 motors for head and foot adjustments and includes an easy to use push button wired remote control. Finished in heavy duty metal, so you can be sure that it will last for a long time. Unlike any other adjustable beds available today, the Primo International Fleet Adjustable Bed is sold in just a frame and foundation. Do not be misled with the representation in most online shops that it’s displayed with a thick mattress. It does not. Again, it DOES NOT!

You may not find the product full of extraordinary features but surprisingly it currently gained 4 stars in the amazon site. That’s because of its simplicity and it is stress-free to use. With two separately installed motors (one on the head part and the other on the foot) you can simply adjust your position until you meet your desired point of relaxation. Of course, it would help if you could get a memory foam use with this adjustable bed. Get one that would best fit to its platform so that it won’t give you a headache later on. Never get a smaller size or a bigger one than its platform because it might compromise the limited feature of this product.

In one of the reviews of this product over the internet, the reviewer mentions that it is simple to operate and very comfortable. She purchased a memory foam mattress for it and her 84 year-old mom finds it really comfortable. Her mother frequently preferred sleeping head raised, so it’s the perfect product for her. Certainly, this bed is not just good for old folks. This is also extremely helpful for people who just underwent surgeries and who has a problem sleeping in relation to how they comfortably position and relaxed when they sleep. The form and its design will really ease the problem of those people who can’t get into deep sleep every night. It can also be pleasantly used for those people who love watching TV, playing online games and reading books or novels at home.

However every good product has also its weak points, Fleet Adjustable Bed could have been innovated with a wireless remote control which is now getting common. All popular models like the Leggett & Platt S-Cape, Prodigy and Premier Series come with wireless remote controllers. Having a wired remote control is not a good thing for all. It sometimes causes a problem. The only good thing about the wired remote control is that for sure you won’t misplace it. But when we speak of convenience and mobility it’s not really that good. Primo International Company could have created it like the S-Cape performance model adjustable bed by Leggett & Platt. It has a wireless remote control – easy and convenient to use than the wired one. Thus, it’s just an added feature anyway. The real comfort is really when you are lying on those beds. Adjust them to the most comfortable position you want with either the wired or wireless remote control and fall into a deep sleep until you are rejuvenated.