Best Mattresses

It is a very easy to ask what the best mattress is. However, finding the answer to that question is bound to take hours and hours. Why? Because, there are so many variables when it comes to mattresses and all these variables decide what the best mattress is for different persons.

What are these variables that decide what the best mattress is?

  1. Material/Composition – modern mattresses are manufactured using memory foam, latex, springs or a combination of them. Add to that air beds and water beds and it becomes really complicated. You can read about the various similarities and differences among mattress types on our memory foam vs latex vs inner spring vs air bed comparison. Broadly, latex mattresses are considered the most durable (up to 25 year lifespan). Latex mattresses are also the most expensive. Memory foam mattresses are relatively cheaper, however, their durability is also a little lower (around 10-15 years maximum). They too have many health benefits. Inner spring mattresses are probably the cheapest and least durable out of these three (can you guess why spring mattresses are so popular?)
  2. Mattress Firmness – OK, let’s say you do hours of research and decide that you need a memory foam mattress. Now, can you go online and buy any memory foam mattress that’s on sale? We really wish it was that simple! Mattresses (whether they’re memory foam, latex or inner springs) come in various comfort levels and densities. There are soft mattresses, medium-firm mattresses and firm mattresses. You got to choose the best firmness that suits you!
  3. Sleeping position – “I’ve always wanted a soft mattress and I have no doubt in my mind” you say! Stop there a second, buddy! It’s really not that easy. The firmness level that suits you best is NOT what your heart yearns for, but rather what your sleeping position years for! That’s correct, health experts recommend different firmness levels for different sleeping positions. For example, medium-firm mattresses are best recommended for back sleepers, medium-soft mattresses are recommended for side sleepers and relatively firmer mattresses are recommended for stomach sleepers. See what we mean? Learn all about the best mattress firmness levels for different sleeping positions on the above page. We even give examples of best luxury and budget-friendly mattress options for each firmness levels there.
  4. Cost – After hours and hours of research, you may have now decided that you want a memory foam mattress with medium-firmness and you think you’re ready to make a purchasing decision now! Well, you’re almost there, but there’s one more thing you need to decide on. For almost every firmness out there, there is also a high-end model and a budget-friendly model. What do you want to go for? Some people are ready to ditch out $5000 for a Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress because they know they’re getting a nationally renowned branded mattress. However, there are also many others that are willing to spend some more time researching on whether there are cheaper memory foam mattresses that are comparable to, if not better than Tempur-Pedic. Some of these sell for less than $500 and this HUGE price difference is very tempting for people to go with the budget option. So what do you actually want to do? Go with the budget option or branded luxury option? It’s not an easy decision to make?
  5. Adjustable mattress – well.. you may also be looking for a mattress for your newest adjustable bed. We discuss about most suitable types of adjustable mattresses for adjustable beds on

Also note that mattresses don’t necessarily come cheap these days. If you’re looking for a temporary solution for a couple of years, we suggest you consider a mattress topper which will probably cost ~1/4th – 1/3rd of the cost of a fully fledged mattress.