What’s So Healthy About Memory Foam Mattresses?

Are you having to change how you normally comfortably sleep because of your formally flat-plain mattress? Do you wake up feeling much less reinvigorated than before your restless nap? Do you find it easier to fall asleep on your couch than on your bed–for some strange reason lately? The dark under-eye circles could have everything to do with what you lie on to sleep. They’ve made all the rage about it, but you still don’t get what all the fuss is about memory foam mattresses…

So what’s actually healthy about memory foam mattresses?

Health buffs just love memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers, and here are the top reasons why…

Asthmatic? Allergic? You’re sorted out with a Hypoallergenic memory foam mattress!

Common triggers that set off your allergic reactions are such as dust and the resultant dust mites, pollen and dirt. This is no health alert with a quality memory foam mattress which boasts among other features: hypoallergenic material, antimicrobial, dust-free, allergen resistant polyurethane foam which is commonly known as memory foam. Setting itself apart from the average regular mattress, polyurethane mattresses do not attract dust or pollen and dirt, you’ll never lack sleep from fits of allergic attacks momenta after you’ve just tucked in for the evening off. Among most affected respondents of scientific research studies into sleep deprivation, a great majority of those suffering from sleep apnoea actually have underlying medical history of asthmatic attacks and sleep disruption due to allergic reactions.

Health benefits of a memory foam mattress

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A good alternative to a memory foam mattress is a memory foam mattress topper for half the budget of the former and not any less a great substitute especially for the hypoallergenic feature. With the right density, a topper can do you wonders! Just like the full mattress, the average cost of a quality memory foam mattress topper can hover around as little as $12.50 on the shyest budget. A decent LUCID 2 Inch memory foam mattress topper for a Queen-sized bed, inclusive of a 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty at ~$60 would be a cheap price to pay for an allergen-free peaceful sleep for no less than 3 years. If you don’t mind scoffing up a little more, anything from double that, say ~$120 to a generous ~$380 for a high-end 5-inch plus thick memory foam mattress topper; and for one that’s highly reviewed by consumers thanks to it’s health benefits, you only need to spare on average ~$50.

Clean-freak? Relax, the memory foam’s got you covered!

The very nature of polyurethane foam, shortened PUR, as used in memory foam mattresses and toppers is that it’s rather effective in staying germ-free and dust-repellent. Not only will cleaning require far much less effort but so will maintenance be no more a trying affair. Not to put a damper on the memory foam mattress bandwagon, but with regards to featured anti-microbial capability, the gel memory foam mattress takes a higher seat just under the latex memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is light enough to be lifted

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Memory foam has something for your poor posture

Your sleeping posture can make all the difference on how good you feel after a long night’s sleep. It goes without mentioning that memory foam boasts higher density than regular mattress foam and therefore offers better back support, spinal-cord alignment, lumbar support, neck and head placement. All the tire-prone sore areas of your body will enjoy full mattress support with a quality polyurethane memory foal mattress. If this doesn’t account for the price difference there are more features that ultimately do…!

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Hello to suffocation-free nights!

Many are the types of adult sleepers, be it the “buried sleeper” who covers all up from head to toe under the bedding; the “snugly tucked” who sleeps tight and doesn’t let the bugs bite; or the “loose-cover” and “lose-cover” sleeping folk, just to mention a few. To all sleepers, a non-porous stuffy mattress could rob you a good night’s sleep and stand only second to poison substances in your home in the list of most hazardous things in your house. It’s settled, a breathable mattress is much more suitable and a memory foam mattress is the way to lie down!

Good-bye to sleeplessly hot sweltering nights!

Having first been designed and manufactured for NASA Research Center facility upholstery, thermo-regulation of the mattress foam was without a doubt a major design consideration. …One that regular non-NASA affiliated consumers of memory foam mattresses also get to enjoy to date, only with a much lower costing price since it’s no longer a reserved product for futuristic scientific space research centers.

Out mattress shopping? Don’t Forget To…

So you’re convinced you’ve made the right decision to invest in a memory foam mattress, here’s a checklist to go by and all will be well.

Test by Lying:

Don’t let the pun fool you, the only way to know for sure what a mattress feels like is not by calculating it’s foam density but actually testing it by lying on it. There should be some non-invasive way to do this at your local store while window shopping for your memory foam mattress or topper.

Review the Manufacturer’s Warranty:

A durable memory foam mattress brand that’s a household name should you afford very decent package in the manufacturer’s warranty. Unless if you’re buying a pre-loved polyurethane mattress from the former user, a valid guarantee document is very much in order. On the minimum, you should be looking at a 3-year warranty cover from the manufacturer covering essential product features.

Beware of short warranty periods when you purchase a foam mattress
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Check what the Return Policy says:

If you’re especially just jumping onto the memory foam bandwagon and are not too sure what to expect even after that brief test-run while window shopping, the next best thing to ensure of is that the product not only has a Return Policy, but one that would be useful to you. Terms like “Eligible for Credit Reward,” “Product Reimbursement,” “Full Refund for Goods once sold” should have your senses on full alert, lest you’ll have fewer options than desired.  Learn more from Bedroom Solutions!

Inspect your memory foam mattress package delivery:

Some loopholes to look out for include: stains, signs of property damage, broken product seals, or anything unusual–even for a memory foam mattress!