Have you ever entered a hotel room and wondered how they made the bed so neat and tidy that you actually do not want to spoil it by sleeping on it? Well, you are not alone!

We all want to get that perfectly tucked in a duvet and aesthetically placed pillows on our beds. The very first thing you need to do is clean the place. Don’t just stick to surface dusting and moping, call the professionals! You can consider hiring maid services Las Vegas (or one near your place) to do thorough deep cleaning. The next step is a little bit more extensive and detailed. Keep reading, and make your bed look great!

Here’s how to make your bed

Considering our bed is the most sought-after place after a hard day at work, here are a few tips and tricks to follow that will help you succeed in having a five-star-hotel-type of bed. In reality, designing your bedroom is not as complicated as you might think it would be. All you need is (i) Padding, (ii) Sheets, (iii) Duvet and (iv) Pillows.

Step 1 – Decoration and Padding

This is an optional one but if you want, you can add a layer of a dust ruffle or a mattress pad. A dust ruffle is placed above the box spring such that is hides anything that is beneath the bed. It is like a pleated skirt worn by your bed. If you like a contemporary style of bed, you may want to give this a skip. A mattress pad is placed over the mattress that adds extra cushioning to the bed. Besides, providing extra comfort, the mattress pad protects the mattress from spill stains and dust.

Step 2 – Sheets

Once you have the mattress and padding in place, you lay the sheets. You can opt for fitted sheets or flat sheets. Additionally, you can also look for soft bedsheets that are usually provided in the hotels. If interested, you can buy a hotel quality sheet set from an online store like sheetmarket. Talking about fitted sheets, they usually have an elastic that easily slips over the corners of the mattress. When using a flat sheet, lay the sheet on the bed such that the four corners of the bed align with the four corners of your sheet. You should ensure that the sheet is evenly hanging on all four sides of the bed. Now, tuck the sheets under the mattress starting from the head board, the two sides and lastly at the foot board. Before you tuck the sheet at the foot board, slightly pull the sheet to ease out the wrinkles.

How to fold hospital corners?

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  1. Spread out the bedsheet such that all the four sides have even share of the sheet.
  2. Tuck the sheet hanging near the foot board making sure the extra sheet is hanging on either side of the bed.
  3. At the right corner, lift the extra sheet that is hanging and lay it over the mattress. While doing so, see that the sheet is smooth around the corner. Tuck all of the hanging sheet under the mattress
  4. Now, fold the sheet lying on top of the mattress at a 45-degree angle with the mattress cover and tuck it on the side.
  5. Repeat the above mentioned steps in all corners.

If you want your bed to not just look good but also feel good, invest in a good bedding set. Choose a cotton material bed sheet as it a premium product while keeping you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Thread count is another aspect that matters. Be on the look-out for anything between 300-430 thread count for a long-lasting good-quality bed sheet.

Step 3 – Duvet or Comforter

After the sheets, it is time to put the duvet. Spread the duvet or comforter evenly over the bed and fold one-third of it back from the head board to show-off the contrasting pattern on the other side. You may even tuck the duvet under the mattress for a neater look.

A duvet of a contrasting color or pattern adds a visual appeal to the bed. You can put a duvet cover on the comforter. Try getting one with natural or synthetic down that will keep the covers warm and cozy.

Step 4 – Pillows

It’s time to make the finishing touches. A bed is incomplete without the pillows. Just as it is important to choose the right mattress, it is also essential to pick out the perfect pillows.

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It is a good impression to have two shams, two sleeping pillows, and one decorative throw pillow to complete the look. The shams ought to be in the same color as the duvet cover, the sleeping pillows will be covered with the covers that come with the bedding sheet set and you can experiment with the throw pillow cover to enhance the aesthetics of your bed.

You may keep an empty basket near the bed to keep the shams and throw pillow at night.

Trust me, there is nothing more comforting than coming home to a beautifully made fluffy bed (and a welcoming family of course!). Once you have read all the steps in detail, here is a watch and learn video on how to dress a perfect bed with the soft sheets, fleecy duvet and comforting pillows, all arranged to style a king (or queen) bed. Go ahead, follow these steps and make yourself a luxury hotel bed each morning! And then at night, sleep like a baby in your perfectly made hotel bed night after night!