Your bedroom should feel like the consummate haven, an inviting restful place where you take shelter (or refuge) away from the bustling world outside; an escape where you can switch off completely and focus on nothing, a place to fully relax and catch some quality R&R…A fully loaded Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed would be the ideal solution, but for many, even catching a siesta is a bonus if it happens! Beyond health reasons and environmental disturbance, the bedroom atmosphere could be robbing you of a good night’s sleep and curtailing your much needed vacation in Slumberland! Designing your bedroom to be suit your relaxation needs could be fun — or painstaking, but worth the effort, else your other option is to keep enduring sleeping in a sleep-free zone.


( Romantic Bedroom - Image Courtesy of )

( Romantic Bedroom – Image Courtesy of )


Basics of Designing your Bedroom

Your bedroom decor should blend in a harmonic structure of shapes and colors that complement each other and compliment the bedroom space. The outcome of such meticulous decor is a positive influence that impacts your mood and imparts harmony in what you feel which will be nothing short of a sense of inner peace and calm…

It is obviously imperative to have your bedroom space being a reflection of the different aspects that significantly define your personality, your lifestyle, your likes – a picture of your character, depicting your tastes and exhibiting your passions. We don’t have to be artists to have an aesthetic eye or artistic value, and this too would be the icing on your bedroom cake. Bedroom_Mitcham

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Key things to have in mind are the profound and inevitable need for not just utmost comfort, but for practical functionality as well. Just like you could be visionary or even philosophical about your bedroom design, so should you be keen on ensuring that your bedroom does indeed boost the quality of your life – aesthetically, restfully, comfortably, and otherwise. 4587654971_fa46d02d19

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Everything in your bedroom space will dictate on how comfortable, harmonious, inviting, and sophisticated your sleeping haven will be…including: the furnishings, furniture accessories, lighting and lamps, fabrics and drapery, rugs and carpeting, among other objects. While some bedroom design aspects will be conspicuous and statement elements, others will still add value in subtle and moderated capacities; nothing should seem to be competing for the bedroom space. For instance, stylistic design features could be subtly and intricately merged with technology without clouding or crowding the bedroom atmosphere.


Planning and Budgeting for your Interior Bedroom Design

Melding your comfort, well-being and pleasure all rolled up into one package between the four walls of your bedroom could be a personal D-I-Y project, or the assignment of an interior designer. All this, depending on your bedroom design budget; the available time (whether you’ll be living there while the bedroom is being redesigned, or if you’ll have to temporarily move out of the bedroom for some renovation works.


( Bedroom Design - Image Courtesy of )

( Bedroom Design – Image Courtesy of )


Hoarding and Bedroom Design

Designing your bedroom also goes further than just the aesthetic appeal and artistic effects…it also and often necessitates the need for some (if not a great deal of) de-cluttering which will involve: some replacements – say with modern furnishings or new beddings and drapery; and disposing off of items that no longer serve their purpose, or, are much worse, killing the zen in your bedroom space and therefore ruining your vacation in slumberland. wall-panel-416041_960_720

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