All parents have been confronted, one day or another, to a situation where their baby cannot fall asleep. If you are in this case, let the sandman lean over your baby’s cradle to whisper some particularly effective magic formulas.

So here are some magician tips for you to help your baby fall asleep easily.

We give you the tips and it is up to you to show do the magic tricks!

Tell your baby gently about sleep and why they need to sleep

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Many parents are unaware of the fact that their child does not understand why he has to go to sleep while the adults are still up and awake. One of the most effective secrets to getting baby ready for sleep is simply to talk to him and tell him that bedtime is approaching.

Why does it work?

To tell him and explain to him every day will give him a habit that he will let in little by little.

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Talking to him gently, calmly, with sweet words also has a soothing effect that will probably make him actually want to go to sleep.

Good to know: do not raise your voice if your little one is reluctant to sleep. He will then associate your hard tone with the bedtime ritual and you will not achieve anything that way, which is quite unfortunate if you have been putting a lot of efforts in that.

Some parents have the bad habit of taking their baby on a ride. Even though most babies will fall asleep in the car, this is not a good habit to develop.

Create a ritual for your baby to get him ready to bed

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Ritual is a magic word that can seriously do wonders. This privileged moment with the baby’s parents i.e. you makes it clear to the infant that it is time to go to bed, it soothes and reassures him.

We have talked about the importance of sleep routines in the past as well. The bedtime ritual should of course apply every day, at the same time, always using the same methods, the same gestures, the same words.

For instance, you ought to convince them to brush their teeth before bed or give them milk before getting them ready to bid everyone good night. Well! These only apply if your child is between one and two years old. However, if they are quite a few months old, you might want to speak with a dentist to find out when to begin brushing a baby’s teeth. You can introduce these routines once you sort out these things. You can carry your infant in your arms and walk him to the bedroom. Additionally, you assure him that he will get “a big sleep” so that he can rest well and be in good condition the following day. Then you either sing him a lullaby or tell him a story.

Good to know: when a baby is born, its hearing picks up more sounds than adults. Very quickly, he assimilates words, music and sounds. Do not hesitate to enrich his vocabulary and make him discover funny noises whenever you can!

Check the temperature of his room

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Too hot or too cold, the temperature of your baby’s room has a big role in whether your kid finds it easy or difficult to fall asleep. For an optimal rest and a good night of sleep, the temperature of your child’s room should be between 18 and 20 C. If you want to use a weighted blanket for the baby, make sure the room is not too warm and also that the baby has reached the recommended age of 2-3 years. If you don’t know the best type of weighted blanket that suits you, please refer to our weighted blanket reviews for more information.

But how do you maintain a perfect atmosphere in a baby room?

Well, you could ventilate the room, once in the morning and once in the evening, to circulate the air. Or you could install a small thermometer to check the correct temperature when in doubt. You can also turn down the heat when the room is empty and put it back up when you put your child to bed.

Good to know: maintaining an average temperature of 19 C at home is actually a legal requirement. If you can not get this temperature in your building, you can sue your trustee.

They most likely wouldn’t feel chilly at the optimal temperature. Besides that, for them to sleep well, you may want to get them the best diapers possible to prevent colds from spreading to them from the continual moisture of the nappies. You may read the blog entries on websites like to learn more about what things to consider before buying items (just like diapers) that could be best for your infant.

Make your baby’s room pleasant

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To be able to sleep easily, your baby needs to sleep in a room with a soft, warm and reassuring atmosphere. For that, take a good care of the decoration of his room. Your baby must love his room and feel good!

You can decorate it, for example, with:

– soothing colors;

– soft toys;

– pretty pictures of his family;

– with a small night light;

– drawings of his brothers and sisters, etc.

Also, see if you can include a collage of family photos as well. It can have a positive effect on the baby to see known faces. You can hire a photographer who can capture a handful of memorable pictures.

Good to know: you can also try to change the layout of his bed, move it in the room, he may well prefer this new arrangement.

Let your baby hear noises

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Many parents think that the slightest sound could wake up the baby. This is a mistake because the surrounding noises in the household help to reassure the baby and help him fall asleep.

For example, sounds like those of his house show the baby that he is not alone, the sounds of meals, the voices of his family, the crackling of the floor, etc., are all sounds that will give a feeling of safety to your baby, thus helping him fall asleep.

However, be careful of not confusing noise with din. Aggressive sounds or loud music may disturb your baby’s sleep and maybe even destroy all of your efforts as your baby will become frightened of falling asleep by himself in his room.