This is merely a adjustable wedge system and it would be incorrect to call it an adjustable bed. This does not come with an adjustable base like the ones seen on Leggett & Platt or Serta Motion adjustable beds. The 3 wedges can be helpful, but it can also be a pain to get them adjusted to the right ‘position’. Imagine having to get up, move the wedges backwards, to lay down again to find out that the position is still not correct and now to get up again and now to move them forwards a little, sit back again, check if you’ve got the adjustment right … you see where I’m going?

If you cannot spend the extra cash to buy a Leggett & Platt ShipShape adjustable bed, we urge you to at least go with the Primo adjustable bed. Read our Primo International Fleet Adjustable Bed Review for more information.

Features of the Comfort Dreams Zero Gravity Adjustable 3-Piece Wedge System

  • It has the following 3 pieces: Head support, Foot support, Wedge pillow
  • Materials: Made from memory foam – the durable fire-resistant high-density foam and micro-suede/cotton/poly
  • Naturally antimicrobial: The memory foam is resistant to dust mites. This will make your bed more comfortable and durable as time goes by with the help of its natural antimicrobial elements, present in the materials used.

  • 3-piece Adjustable Zero Gravity System: Acknowledging individual’s differences, this system features a curved back wedge that adjusts to any angle and a wedge support for your legs that is adjustable to fit any body size.
  • Removable covers for easy cleaning: As you might not want lying on your bed for months without cleaning it up, the removable covers will give you an ease of cleaning your own bed. Its covers can easily be removed and reattached, one thing that is a very important with furniture. One that doesn’t need some tools for you to dismantle and put back together.
  • Built in durability
  • Designed for NASA, it is a space age foam which can cradles your body, reducing pressure points that may cause tossing and turning.
  • Dimensions:
  • Wedge base: 18 inches wide x 24 inches long x 9 inches high
  • Back support: 28 inches wide x 24 inches long x 6 inches high
  • Leg support: 18 inches wide x 24 inches long x 6 inches high

See how this product helped one of those people who have used it already. This reviewer used it after having surgery for sinusitis and found it extremely helpful. However, he’s of the opinion that this is not suitable as a permanent piece of furniture, but rather for temporary use such as relief after surgery. He’s probably right, unless you plan on using it every night to sleep, it best stays on a spare bed which you can use for reading, relaxing when the need arises!

Reviews are definitely just a guide for people who wants some answers and perhaps a recommendation for their quest of some products over the web. Yet, people may have a second thought of the items that they might have read on internet sites and even magazine. But the fact that there are people who believe and has tested already how the product works, this is already something that tells us what the product can do and deliver to its user. On the other hand, Zero Gravity Adjustable 3-Piece Wedge System could have been more wonderful if it has a lounge with foot incline like the Contour Backmax Support System which will not allow one to slide down while conveniently reclining on it. This is one of the items that Comfort Dreams Company might need to improve to make this product absolutely awesome to use by everyone.

Things to remember when buying this product:

  • To make sure that the material will expand to its maximum level, remove from packaging within 72 hours of receipt.
  • This product has been tightly packed when it goes out from the factory to keep its quality. After unwrapping allow 48 hours for this product to return to its original shape before using them.
  • An ideal airing or allowing the product to breathe after unwrapping removes the odor. As it is sealed in plastic packaging for days sometimes it traps manufacturing odors.
  • Variances in the dimensions might exist between finished products due to machine cutting manufacturing processes.

Again, if you can afford, we highly urge you to go with a Leggett & Platt ShipShape or S-Cape. Sure, they’re both more expensive than the Comfort Zone wedge system, however, if you think of it as a long term investment, you’re only spending about $1 per night for the next two years. Considering the enormous health benefits this investment can bring you, we highly recommend you opt for a Leggett & Platt instead of this wedge system.

 Here’s a video that shows the different positions of adjustments