11 Tips to have a refreshing morning

Have a refreshing morning

Every day it’s the same thing: you turn off the 6 alarms of your alarm clock with your eyes still closed and you roll up again in your duvet on your oh so comfortable adjustable bed. Nevertheless, sooner or later, you will have to get up! Why is it so hard to wake up peacefully …

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Tired of nightmares? Read this!

Stop Nightmares

You miss those nights where you could sleep oh so peacefully and wake up calmly and smiling rather than terrified and sweating? Then you have to find a way to stop having nightmares. Nightmares can have many origins, but when they are particularly recurrent, it is important to have solutions to fight them. Indeed, knowing …

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How to sleep in your car

You embark on a long journey by car and find that the hotels are too expensive. You can not find a place to spend the night at and you have no choice but to stay in your car, until you hopefully find a solution to your problem. Regardless of what your reasons are, this list …

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Interesting facts about sleep [Part 3]

Grandma Sleep Facts

This is likely to be our latest post about funny and interesting facts on sleep. After reading this, you will be able to consider yourself as a master of sleep, as we have basically listed all the pieces of information you would probably have never been told before, so make sure to learn as much …

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How to share a bed with your partner

How to share a bed

He snores, she monopolizes the blanket. Is there any solution for a couple to have peaceful sleep despite the partners having different sleeping habits? If doing sports as a couple is often seen as a way to spend more time together, sleeping in the same bed can be a real hassle. We all have a …

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10 interesting facts you didn’t know about sleep

We have spoken about various tips and tricks related to sleep on the Bedroom Solutions’ Blog in the past. Even though we spend one third of our lives sleeping, we know very little about it and today we’re going to share some things that you probably didn’t know and therefore ignored about sleep; 14 facts …

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How dangerous can lack of sleep be?

Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

We have talked about the effects of music on sleep. Today, we’re going to discuss about the effect of sleep, or the lack of it, on musicians. According to some scientists, Michael Jackson may have died because of a severe case of sleep deprivation and lack of sleep. It seems that before his death, the …

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Does sleep increase productivity?

Sleep and Sex Drive

Dozens, if not hundreds of studies have proven that sleeping increases productivity. Below we highlight 6 reasons why you should not neglect sleep, for better productivity and better overall health. Sleep is really not to be taken lightly. This seems trivial and yet it’s often the first thing you forget when you’re energized and accumulating …

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