Adjustable Bed Buyer’s Guide for 2021

Adjustable Bed Buyers Guide

Below we provide a detailed and complete adjustable bed buyers’ guide that can help consumers decide not only the type of adjustable bed you want, but also the best brands of adjustable beds that can be most recommended.

The Adjustable Bed Buyer’s Guide

Below we outline a 3-step adjustable bed buying guide that shows you how to choose the #1 adjustable bed & mattress that suits YOU best.

Step 1 – Ask yourself exactly what you need an adjustable bed for?

The answer could be any one of the following:

  1. To watch TV, read, knit, work on your laptop, go online from bed
  2. To improve quality of sleep, to fight insomnia or to fall asleep quickly
  3. To alleviate back pain while sleeping
  4. To ease breathing or to combat asthma flare-ups during sleep
  5. To stop snoring of yourself or your partner’s
  6. To relieve chronic pains from arthritis, sciatica, aching joints during sleep
  7. To reverse swollen feet and ankles
  8. To prevent heartburn or acid reflux during sleep
  9. To ease Restless Leg Syndrome
  10. To move/ sleep independently from your partner

The list is really long… for the complete list, please refer to the section on Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Step 2. Decide on the adjustable bed features you want to accomplish the tasks you mentioned in Step 1 above.

To accomplish most of the above tasks, all you need is simple head tilt and foot articulation. But for certain tasks like easing back pains and joint pains, watching TV, combating GERD, stopping snoring etc., you will need a few specialized functions like the following:

  1. Pillow tilting adjustable beds – for sitting up activities (e.g. watching TV, reading, laptop, go online etc.)
  2. Wall hugging adjustable beds – to easily reach the nightstand without spraining your back
  3. Lumbar support – to adjust the level of support/ pressure on your lower back while you sleep
  4. Programmable memory positions – so that you can go to your favorite sleep positions with a single click
  5. Zero-gravity position – takes the pressure/tension out of your back and joints while you sleep
  6. Anti-snore position – for this to work properly independent pillow tilt is a must
  7. Split-king adjustable beds – for those seeking independent operation of the two sides
  8. Head and foot massage – to improve blood circulation, to reduce swelling on legs, to sooth RLS, to relax muscles and for an overall relaxation during sleep

Step 3. Based on the features you need, now select the suitable model that fulfills your needs

Select the right adjustable bed frame. Make sure it

  1. Has the functions you want
  2. Is from a reputed adjustable bed company / manufacturer
  3. Has a good warranty (best frames have up to 10 years on mechanical and motor with a lifetime warranty on the frame)
  4. Has a reasonable price for the features it offers

Adjustable beds for different functions

Below we list a variety of adjustable beds under various categories ranging from the most basic entry-level models to most sophisticated advanced bed frames.

  1. Overall Best – DM9000s base has been the top adjustable bed since mid 2019 through 2020
  2. Best for Back Pain – DM9000s (cheaper option), Leggett and Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite frame (more expensive)
  3. Best for Seniors – Layla foundation (for the budget conscious), DM9000s (for all others)
  4. Best Beds for GERD/Acid Reflux – DM7500, Glideaway Vesta and Odessa adjustable beds
  5. Best Mid-Range Adjustable Beds –  iDealBed, Nectar adjustable bed
  6. Best Anti-Snore Beds – Any model with the anti-snore preset and independent pillow tilting
  7. Best Value Budget-friendly models – iDealBed 4i Custom bed base and Milemont adjustable bed
  8. Best Value Split-King adjustable bed – DM9000s
  9. Best Entry-Level Model – Milemont adjustable bed
  10. Best Luxury Adjustable Beds – Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ (Prodigy 2.0), Sleep Number FlexFit adjustable bed and TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend adjustable base
  11. Best model with a Sectional Platform – Bear and Yaasa frames
  12. Best Adjustable Mattresses –  Layla adjustable mattress

We hope this detailed guide on choosing an adjustable bed frame was useful to you. Please visit to find out about the latest adjustable bed ratings. Please don’t hesitate to let us know of any questions or concerns you may have on adjustable beds or mattresses.

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