Split King Adjustable Beds – Everything You Need to Know

split king adjustable beds

​Below we provide a detailed guide including pros and cons of split-king and split-queen adjustable beds. While split king adjustable beds have several benefits to them over non-split king size beds, they are not without drawbacks. We discuss them all here for both split king and split queen type adjustable beds. We also have a complete adjustable bed buyers’ guide elsewhere.

What are the Best Split-King Adjustable Beds?

Before we look at the best brands of split king adjustable bed frames, let us look at some of the major features of split-king and split-queen bases.

Split King and Split Queen Adjustable Beds

split king adjustable beds

Split-king adjustable bed frames and their pros and cons

  • These are basically 76″ X 80″ king sized beds split in to two 38″ X 80″ halves.
  • You can also purchase split-California King size adjustable frames. Each side measures 36″ X 84″. Together, they measure 72″ X 84″.
  • The main advantage of split-king adjustable beds is the relative independence it offers to a couple. 
    1. While one partner sleeps at a 10 degree inclination, the other could sleep completely flat or in the zero-gravity position. 
    2. While one partner has raised his upper body to watch TV or to read a book, the other can go to sleep in the flat position.

    Best split-king adjustable bed

    The best split-king base we can recommend currently is none but the DynastyMattress DM9000s if you’re looking for a high end split-king bed. If you’re looking for a entry-level model, please refer to our adjustable bed comparison table to select a suitable model.

    Disadvantages of split-king adjustable beds

    Not everything about split-king models is a rosy bed. There are a couple of minor limitations too.

    1. If you already have a King or California King mattress, it will perfectly fit the adjustable bed frame; however, you won’t be able to operate the two sides independently, until you get two Twin XL mattresses. So, the mattress becomes an additional expenditure.
    2. A gap can get created between the two twin XL mattresses. There are ‘gap fillers’ or ‘twin bed connectors’ aka ‘twin to king converters’ that can fill this gap. However, this works only in the flat position.

Split Queen Adjustable Bed

Split-queen adjustable beds and their pros and cons

  • These are basically 60″ X 80″ queen sized beds split in to two 30″ X 80″ halves.
  • Each half of the base will be fixed with separate motors for head and foot articulation. There will be 4 additional massage motors and more motors for pillow tilting and lumbar support where applicable. For example, on a one-piece king size base, one motor is sufficient to raise the entire head section. In contrast, on a split-king bed, there should be a motor each to raise the head sections of each sleeper.
Disadvantages of Split-Queen Adjustable Beds

The disadvantages of split-king adjustable beds also apply to split-queen bases. In addition, the split-queens specifically have the following drawbacks.

We personally don’t recommend split-queen bed frames because each bed is only 30″ wide (2′ 6″). That is really narrow and you’re bound to ‘fall’ in the gap between the two mattresses sleeping on such a bed. So unless you have a very strong reason to justify buying a split-queen, I say, stay away from them!

Best split-queen adjustable bed

Currently, the iDealBed Custom 4i split-queen adjustable bed is what we recommend most.

We hope this detailed guide on split king and split queen adjustable beds was useful to you. If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to visit our page on the Top 10 best adjustable beds to learn about the newest ratings, trends and reviews on adjustable beds.

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