Sleep Number Innovation Bed Review and i8 vs i10 Comparison

Sleep Number Innovation Review

Hope you have already witnessed our Sleep Number Innovation Bed Review under our overall Sleep Number bed review. It is very unique because we provide an overview of all 11 Sleep Number mattresses there before we get in to the nitty-gritty of the innovation series. It discusses both the benefits and drawbacks of the Sleep Number Series as a whole and then under each of the three series. For many years, we’ve seen how beds developed from wooden material to state-of-the-art elements. When a fluffy material has been a trend, most products on the market don’t have a unique and special feature. Many solutions have the same style, design, and structure. And even up to this day, it’s hard to find something new and customized because of the universal appearance.

Sleep Number i8 Review

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But worry no more! The long wait is over! With Sleep Number Innovation Bed, all outstanding features are available in one option. This won’t be named with innovation when its designs are not different from other brands. Everything about the Sleep Number Innovation adjustable bed is amazing. For those who want to transform your experience at night into an incredible journey, this is catered to go beyond all your expectations.

For individuals whose biggest concern is sleepless nights, the Innovation mattress from Sleep Number may be just what you’re looking to rectify the situation. Here’s everything you need to know about the Sleep Number Innovation Series.

Sleep Number Innovation Series Beds

  1. i7 Series
  2. i8 Series – Sleep Number 360 with FlixFit 1, FlixFit 2 or FlixFit 3
  3. i10 Series – Sleep Number 360 with FlixFit 1, FlixFit 2 or FlixFit 3

Sleep Number Innovation Series Review

Like we said at the onset, this Sleep Number Bed Review series is different from the typical adjustable bed review you’ll find online because we list not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of everything we review, whether it’s a bed, a mattress, a pillow or anything else. This particular review on the Sleep Number Innovation series is no different and let’s get started with the obvious benefits of the Innovation bed.

Sleep Number Innovation Series – Advantages

Adjustable Firmness

Of course, comfort is your number one priority when looking for a bed. Remember that a good comfort level goes beyond the smooth texture. It does not mean that a soft bed is already an excellent choice. It should be flexible enough to meet your needs. With Sleep Number Innovation 360 smart Bed, it automatically adjusts according to your requirements. You don’t have to endure sleeping problems because there are effective ways and this is good to go!

Sleep Number Innovation Bed has a cutting-edge technology that determines your sleeping position. Whether you are a slide or stomach sleeper, this can adjust for your convenience. The manufacturer understands how tiring your workload is. That’s why they make this amazing choice possible. Not only can it help you forget everyday stress, but it can also support you to face the other day with a more refreshed mind and energetic spirit.

Lightweight: Easy to Maintain

Beds need maintenance, and a heavy one is hard to use. Perhaps, you change its cover every weekend, and a large bed is a hassle. With Sleep Number, your experience is going to be different. It’s not the typical beds you see on the market. It comes with a particular material, making it a highly portable option for everyone out there.

You don’t need to hire a cleaning team to do the job for you. You can do it alone. The high portability and usability would help you avoid a headache from extensive maintenance. For a large and heavy bed that bother you all the time, give this innovative solution and be happy all nights.

Dual Adjustability

As with other Sleep Number Beds, this has a dual adjustability feature, meaning it can provide responsive and relevant service depending on the user. Thanks to its Air Technology. It also comes with paramount pressure-relief. Each composes of luxurious and pressure relieving layers. Whether your back, neck or shoulders hurt, it provides pain relief, and this has been the most favorite advantage of users around the globe.

Ideal fit for Adjustable Beds

Over the past few years, adjustable beds have been popular, and Sleep Number Innovation Bed remains one of their most compatible partners. It readily flexes with the base. It contours to the base’s various positions without affecting durability.

The nature of Sleep Number Innovation Bed means that users are well-supported. Whether the bed is flat or angled, pressure points are properly relieved.

Awesome Durability

The other benefit offered by Sleep Number Innovation Bed is its durability and lifespan. It lasts around a few years or decades. It is high quality that helps you avoid replacement expenses. Compared to innerspring and other solutions, it is less likely to sag.

Aside from lasting comfort, it contributes to a good night’s sleep. Users who purchase Sleep Number Innovation Bed are more likely to report complete satisfaction.

Sleep Tracking

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Sleep Tracking

The SleepIQ® technology built into all Sleep Number 360® smart beds, including the Innovation i8 and i10, allows you to learn and track your sleep quality (via the SleepIQ® score) eventually helping you have more of high-quality sleep.

Sleep Number Innovation Series Disadvantages


For those who are looking for a budget-friendly choice, this bed may not be right for you. A California King size i10 360 smart bed can cost over $5600. Most Americans won’t be willing to spend that much on a bed, regardless of how comfortable the bed might be. Despite the high price tag, it’s packed with features that make it money-saving.

Can be Noisy

The air pumps can be a bit noisy, but not so uncomfortable to hear.

Sleep Number Innovation Review – Conclusion

Compared to the Sleep Number Classic Series beds, Sleep Number Innovation series beds are of a higher quality overall. They have so many high-end features second to none! If you can afford the high price point of these beds, we can recommend the innovation series without any hesitation whatsoever.