Leggett & Platt Premier Series Adjustable Bed

Review of the Leggett & Platt Premier Series Adjustable Bed Frame

January 2018 Update

Eventhough the Leggett & Platt Premier Series adjustable bed has excellent specs, it didn’t become too popular. Consumer ratings on this model  are relatively poor. This may partly have been because when the customer pays $5,000 + for a bed, he/she (obviously) expects it to be magical. Unfortunately, the Premier series models have not been able to do that and consequently, has drawn some mediocre ratings. Therefore, we DO NOT recommend this model anymore. We encourage you to visit our 10 Top Rated – Reviews, PROS, CONS to find out the top rated adjustable bed at the time of your reading.

The Premier Series of adjustable beds may very well be Leggett & Platt’s flagship in adjustable bases. It marries the standard ‘LP adjustable base attributes’ with welcomed additions and advancements in both functionality and technology employed. It therefore goes as no surprise that the price equally stands out for the Premier series compared to the other top rated adjustable beds and, as you are going to find out, there rich convolution of specs validates the price tag. If you thought you take your comfort seriously, wait till you immerse yourself in the luxurious comfort that is the Premier adjustable base which features 2 lines of products: the P-132 bed and the later P232 bed.

The Leggett & Platt Premier series adjustable bed checklist:

Do you need an additional supporting bed stand for the Premier Series bed? No. The Premier Series beds are built as complete beds on their own.

Touchscreen remote controller

Leggett & Platt Premier Series Tablet Remote ControllerForget the wireless remote controls for the S-Cape and Prodigy adjustable beds, and don’t even mention the ShipShape bed’s wired remote control… The Premier Series remote control for the P-132 and P-232 adjustable beds in the series takes remote control to a whole other touchscreen tablet level!

So the Premier adjustable beds use a 7 inch touchscreen tablet powered by the Android operating system. Of course it goes without saying, the tablet remote control should be kept safely away from children’s reach as there’s no imagining what one mistake can ripple to…

As you can already see, the Premier Series is a different beast compared to most others, Leggett & Platt or not! However, if you feel that this is too much of a beast for you, feel free to check out our Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed review. The Prodigy is also a high-end adjustable bed, ranked just one step below the Premier series.

Premier adjustable beds lift functionality

Both the P-132 adjustable base and the P-232 bed can accommodate lifting up to about 700 pounds in weight (equivalent to 204 kilograms) which is the optimal operating load. Beyond this, you would be risking a malfunction, or much worse, mechanical damage to the motion motor of the adjustable base.

Multiple adjustable bed positions

The P-132 and P-232 Premier Series beds are modeled to have 3 sections of the platform/base that are adjustable, and these are the foot, head and pillow sections that can be raised or lowered through a number of levels. This is maneuvered from the bed’s phone app with a simple sliding and holding of a button on the touchscreen.

Leggett & Platt Premier Series Custom Positions

Premier Series Remote Head Foot Pillow PositionsFactory preset base positions

Preset factory adjustments come enabled for Sleep position, Zero Gravity position and TV position. The one-touch safety ‘Flat’ button is not left out in the Premier beds as well, alongside the ‘Free Fall’ feature which is the gravity responsive position.

Programmable custom set base positions

You’re not limited from storing your own preferred bed position and you can conveniently save it in your ‘Favorites’ alongside factory preset positions. This gives you a total of 7 slots for bed positions you can quickly save to memory for regular use. It is also the most number of programmable positions you will get with any of the other LP adjustable bases. Even the Serta Motion beds fall shy of this, with only 2 available memory set positions you can program for the Serta Motion Signature and only factory preset positions available for the Serta Motion Perfect adjustable beds.

Pillow setup and tilting

Coming as an extra bed position in the Premier Series, which features an adjustable pillow section in the base. You can easily tilt and adjust your pillow by raising or lowering it via the smartphone app while you lay on your haven of a bed…sweet life!

Exclusive signature technology for Leggett & Platt adjustable bedsPinch points for LP Sense

  1. Wallhugging ® engineering – This technology auto-adjusts the relative position of the bed with respect to the altered distance between the wall and the bed as a result of changing bed positions. This is to say that whenever you raise your head section for instance, the Premier bed will automatically ‘hug’ or draw closer to the wall as the upper base lifts.
  2. LP Connect technology – Featured in both the Premier P-132 bed and the P-232 bed, LP Connect ® technology enables you to integrate your bedroom setup so that you can control your bedroom lighting, sound, flow of air, and much more straight from the tablet.
  3. LP Sense technology – This safety feature (pending patent) is only available in the latter P-232 Premier series bed and is not included in the design of the P-132 adjustable bed. LP Sense ® technology stops/prevents bed motion during adjusting whenever there’s an obstruction between the base and etched pinch. In this way, should anyone be in the way of your bed’s position adjustment, including your pet, then the bed will not move as a safety measure.

Full body massage with target areas

Massage functions on tablet remote

If you thought the full body massage of the S-Cape and Prodigy adjustable beds couldn’t get any better, brace yourself for an even better package with the Premier series beds which feature:

  • Dual action full body massage (targeting the head and shoulders upper body section, and the foot and leg lower body section for an all-round therapeutic treat that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated)
  • Wave massage action (through moving waves that roll deep into your muscles for deeper relaxation and better relief)
  • Pulse massage action (that occurs intermittently with varying intensity and speed that can be adjusted to medium, low or high with the tablet remote control)
  • Normal massage action (that basically rolls out a continuous, uniform massage)

From the phone app’s interface, you can conveniently alternate between massage options which could run simultaneously on both the head and foot sections, or individually on one of the sections.

The massage functionality of the Premier series beds is not only remote controllable but can also be timed so that you can set the timer to recalibrate the pulsations, say increasing the pulsations in 15 minutes and then setting it to lower the intensity of the pulses 30 minutes thereafter.

Bedroom scene setting and bedroom control

The Premier series of adjustable beds takes adjustable bedroom comfort beyond the confines of the bed-space and into the surrounding environment as well. Being part of the space only means that you cannot ignore your background and this is what makes these beds extra special… That added touch of mood-setting, which allows you to control the lighting of the room, turn on/off a fan etc. etc. And all this, with a single touch of the tablet remote. How cool is that?

The following video shows many of the functions of this amazing adjustable bed and how they’re controlled with the table remote controller.

Under lighting for the bed

Carefully fitted into the Premier Series bases is under-bed lighting which is a neat addition for those who need to vary the lighting in the room. Two advantages are presented by this feature… You can set the mood or adjust to reading light by dimming the lights at will right from the touchscreen tablet. You also don’t have to use your room’s light or bed lamp and can just use the bed’s adjustable under-lighting alone.

Timer setting and Alarm system

The Premier Series adjustable beds incorporate an integrated timer (which allows you to set two timers – Sleep and Nap) and an inbuilt alarm clock system (which can be coupled with audio or the massage system so as to use audio or a massaging action as the alert).

Dual Universal Serial Bus ports (USB)

Premier series USB port on the sideYou can conveniently plug in your device via USB to any of the dual USB ports strategically placed on both sides of the P-132 and P-232 Premier beds (and this feature is exclusive to all other Leggett & Platt adjustable bases). You can easily plug in your iPod or MP4 player to transfer soft audio music to set your alarm ring, or plug in your smartphone when synching it with your tablet remote control via a dedicated app, your options are endless!

Remember not all the adjustable Leggett & Platt bases are controllable via your smartphone; more specifically, only the Prodigy bed and the Premier Series have this very handy feature, as well as the Serta Motion Perfect and Motion Signature beds.

Child-Lock functionality

Your children’s safety should come first as not the best bed in the world would afford you sound sleep were your child exposed to any hazard. Rest assured, pun intended, that your children will not be in harm’s way thanks to this safety feature which enables you to prevent inadvertent changes to the bed settings by your child. The feature comes enabled by default with the Passcode 4321 which can be changed later on. Be sure to remember your Child-Lock Passcode as you will be forced to uninstall and reinstall the app afresh should you lose the code.

Android/iOS app integration

Only a very sophisticated bed comes with its own dedicated app, and that’s the kind of a bed the Premier series adjustable base is…so be sure to download the official Premier Series ™ app to tuck you in bed for the most soothing night of your life! (Get it from either the Google Play store or the App Store on iTunes and sync it with your tablet remote control for seamless operations and adjustments on your LP Premier bed.)

Size availability

Twin beds are becoming more and more popular and getting the perfect fit of a comfy mattress to don your twin bed can be tricky…more so with an adjustable bed! But not so with the Leggett & Platt Premier series adjustable bed bases which come in 5 sizes for twin beds (split King size mattress, split California King size mattress, split Queen size mattress, a twin mattress and an XL twin size mattress); as well as 3 more standard sizes for a full size mattress, an XL full size mattress, and a bigger Queen size mattress.

With the Tandem Syncing feature, automatically applying changes to either of the sides of a twin or split mattress on the Premier adjustable base is synchronized and thereby operate as one.

Other brands for adjustable beds in the market that are comparable to the Premier Series P-232 and P-132 beds from Leggett & Platt are the Serta Motion beds. For instance, the Serta Motion Perfect and Serta Motion Perfect also offer full body massage with dual action, only with more options for adjusting the massage intensity levels.

What are some of the key differences between the P-132 bed and the P-232 bed?

While sharing almost all features from the series, certain features set apart the latest addition to the family, P-232, which uniquely features:

  • 6 inch squared wooden legs as opposed to the 4 inch steel caster legs of the P-132 adjustable bed
  • LP Sense® technology which, being absent in the P-132 means that the P-232 adjustable bed is safer than the former

Here’s another video showing various functions of the Leggett and Platt Premier Series bed.

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