Here we provide a detailed Craftmatic Adjustable Bed review, specifically on the Craftmatic Monaco adjustable bed. Further, we provide a comparison of the Monaco with the Craftmatic Model 1 adjustable base.

Note: we did not originally include any Craftmatic adjustable bed reviews because (1) they are expensive, (2) they are not sold online, and (3) their website lacks vital information. The only way to purchase a Craftmatic adjustable bed is by calling their marketing personnel. However, due to the popular request of our readers, we have decided to review Craftmatic motion beds too.

Bottom Line: it doesn’t come anywhere near our #1 recommended adjustable bed which is the DM9000s

Craftmatic adjustable bed review

Craftmatic Monaco Adjustable Bed Review

Here, we will discuss both the pros and cons of the Monaco adjustable base. No bed is perfect (but my husband is 😉 ) and the Monaco is no exception. There are two models; they are The Monaco Royale and the Monaco Grande Supreme

Top 10 Pros of the Craftmatic Monaco Adjustable Bed

  1. It has 2 programmable memory positions.
  2. It has dual, full-body therapeutic wave massage (not the best massage I’ve had from an adjustable bed)
  3. Its full body soothing heat control function is very unique
  4. It comes with a Snore Silencing feature. This is the same ‘anti-snore’ position of other brands of rising beds
  5. Like most high-end adjustable foundations, this too comes with an automatic Sleep timer. You can watch TV in the sitting up position and then programme the remote to make the bed go down to the flat position in 40 minutes. How cool is that?
  6. The ‘gentle’ wake up alarm clock wakes you up in the morning with a ‘nice and soothing’ gentle massage
  7. It’s a wallhugger (thank god for that)
  8. It has a wireless Wi-Fi remote controller with an LED screen. It also has the remote locator feature, in case you lose track of your remote
  9. It’s equipped with Whisper Quiet motors
  10. It has a lifting capacity of up to 600 pounds (including the mattress)

Top 6 Cons of the Craftmatic Monaco Adjustable Foundation

  1. It does NOT have Pillow Tilting. Our Top Review have Pillow Tilting.
  2. Not available for ready purchase online. You have to phone them and talk to a phone operator
  3. No Lumbar support unlike our overall best recommended adjustable bed
  4. Too expensive (some models over $6000)
  5. Doesn’t look all that modern compared to some of the other brands. Craftmatic was great in the 80’s and 90’s (check out these Craftmatic commercials from decades ago) Can you spot any new commercials?
  6. A split-king model is not available
  7. You have to buy the adjustable bed + mattress combo. If you already have a good mattress, that’s a waste of money!

Compare the Craftmatic to our #1 Ranked DM9000s

Best Overall Adjustable Bed

A lot more features, yet, a lot more cheaper

Craftmatic Monaco Royalle Adjustable Bed vs Grande Adjustable Bed

What’s the difference between the fancy sounding Craftmatic Monaco Royalle and the Grande?

The difference between the Royalle and Grande has nothing to do with the adjustable foundation. The Royalle comes with an innerspring mattress while the Grande comes with a memory foam mattress. They both carry the same Monaco adjustable base.

Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Price Comparison

  • Craftmatic Monaco adjustable bed – expect to pay over $6,000*
  • Craftmatic Model I adjustable bed – expect to pay over $4,000*

* above quoted prices are for the King size and may have changed after publishing this review

Our Best Premium, Best Mid-Range and Best Entry-Level Adjustable Beds

Feature DM9000SNectar
Rating Overall Best Premium Highest Quality Budget
1. Approx. Price (Queen - Split-King) Up to $900 off!!$200-400 off Sale!!
2. Warranty Lifetime on metal frame; 10 years everything else 3-year limited warranty
3. Independent Pillow tilting Yes No
4. Wall hugging Yes No
5. Lumbar Support Yes No
6. Furniture-style Decking Yes No
7. Programmable memory positions 3 3
8. Zero Gravity button Yes Yes
9. Head and Foot Massage Yes Yes
10. Massage Features 3 speeds, pulse and wave modes, massage timer, and quiet motors 3 speeds, massage timer, pulse and wave modes
11. Remote features 18-buttons, Wireless, Backlit, Built-in flashlight 16-buttons, Wireless, Backlit
12. USB Ports 4 4
13. Height-adjustable Legs Yes Yes
14. Micro-hooking mattress retention/ Non-skid surface Yes No
15. Under-bed Lighting Yes No
16. Storage-bed Compatibility (aka zero clearance) Yes No
17. Bluetooth Speaker & Sub-woofer Yes No
18. Smartphone / iOS or Android App control via Bluetooth Yes No
19. Free-fall during power outages Yes Yes
20. Weight-lifting capacity (including mattress weight) 900 lb 1000 lb
21. White glove service and delivery option Yes No
22. Money back No Yes, 50 days

Craftmatic Monaco vs Craftmatic Model I Adjustable Bed Comparison


Model I

Full-Body Wave Massage Yes Yes
Personal soothing heat control Yes Yes
Wireless Remote Controller Yes Yes
Remote has LED screen and digital clock Yes No
Remote locator feature Yes No
Smartphone App controllable Yes No
Whisper Quiet motors Yes Yes
Lifting Capacity up to 600 pounds up to 450 pounds
Snore silencing/anti-snore feature Yes No
Automatic sleep timer Yes Yes
Gentle wake alarm Yes No
Wallhugger Yes No
Programmable memory positions 2 2