Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Review

​​Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Review

Reviews on 5 Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Frames

Did you know that there are 5 models of Blissful Nights adjustable bed frames? The five different models have different features and cater to different requirements. Since the manufacturer has not given any specific names to these 5 adjustable beds, we have given them the following 5 names for convenience.

  1. The bare-minimum ​adjustable base
  2. The basic Blissful Nights adjustable base
  3. The Pillow Tilting Blissful Nights ​base
  4. The ​Wall Hugging Blissful Nights ​base
  5. The ​Zero Clearance adjustable bed frame​

​Hope our Blissful Nights review which compares the 5 different models ​will help you understand ​the pros and cons of this budget-friendly adjustable bed brand..


​Pillow Tilting Model

​Wall Hugging Model

Zero-Clearance ​Model

Basic Model

Bare-minimum ​Model​

​Pillow Tilting

Yes No No No No

Independent Pillow Tilting

Wall Hugging

Zero-Clearance/ Storage-bed friendly

Programmable Memory Positions






​Preset Memory Positions

​Zero gravity, Anti-snore, Flat

​​Zero gravity, Anti-snore, Flat

​​TV watching, Zero gravity, Anti-snore, Flat

​​Zero gravity, Anti-snore, Flat


​USB Ports






Head & Foot Dual-Massage

Under-bed Night Lights

​The 5 Blissful Nights ​Beds

Pillow Tilting Model

Wall Hugging Model

Zero-Clearance Model

Basic Model

Bare-minimum Model

Height-adjustable Legs

​Mattress Retention Bar
Smart Bed/ Smart Apps
Lumbar Support
Furniture-Style Decking
Elevation Lift

​Microhook Mattress Retention

​Bluetooth Speakers







​Major PROS of ​Blissful Nights Adjustable Beds

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​1. ​Cheap ​Pricing

​One of the most striking features of Blissful Nights adjustable beds is their relatively cheap pricing structure. The most economical one, the one that refer to as the ‘Bare Minimum’ model starts as low as $500 for a queen sized adjustable bed. This is a great option for anyone looking for an entry-level, budget-friendly adjustable bed frame.

Customizable Memory Positions Blissful Nights Bed Frame

​2. Programmable Positions

Programmable Memory Positions used to be very rare and exclusive to high-end adjustable beds. But since about 2017, they have become a common feature even among the non-luxury adjustable bed frames. All Blissful Nights bed frames except the bare minimum model have customizable positions which gives you the luxury of programming to and switching to your favorite position with the press of a single button on the remote.

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed wall hugging comparison

​3. ​Wall Hugging/ Wall Gliding

​​​You know that every adjustable bed in the market has the ability to raise your upper body. But did you know that, 90% of those beds take you ​away from the nightstand while doing that? ​This might be OK for some, but for those who like to stay within ‘hands distance’ ​to the nightstand, this cannot be good news. If you’re even a foot in front of the nightstand, you’ll have to twist backwards to reach ​the nightstand. Unless you have an ​athletic physique, ​this can give you a ​bad neck/back. This is why wall hugging (aka wall ​gliding) was ​invented. ​Wall huggers are fitted with ​an extra motor that slides the bed frame back ​while the upper body is being raised. This backward ​slide ensures ​that the nightstand stays within reach at all times and importantly protects your neck and back! ​​Again, this is a luxury feature usually found on beds priced at over $2000; but ​this Blissful Nights model makes it possible for you ​to ​enjoy wall hugging for ​much less! Not to mention, most other beds do not provide this mechanism, and could possibly end up damaging your walls. This would then require you to call for a drywall repair service, which although not very expensive, would only drive up costs in the long run. Getting a wall gliding bed, therefore, is the option that’ll give you the most bang for your buck!

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed pillow tilting comparison

​4. Independent Pillow Tilting

Only about 1/10th of the adjustable bed frames in the market are equipped with pillow tilting. Even out of them, only a fraction have INDEPENDENT pillow tilting. Independent pillow tilting lets you straighten the top-most section of the bed, independent of the other articulations. This adjustment is powered by a 3rd motor dedicated just for that. This feature is most useful for watching TV, working from bed, reading books or having breakfast in bed. You can read more about Independent Pillow Tilting here. Just remember, independent pillow tilting is a high-end feature usually included on luxury adjustable beds that are priced over $2000. This is the cheapest bed we know of to have independent pillow tilting. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly pillow tilting adjustable base, look no further!

Preset Memory Positions of Blissful Nights Adjustable Bases

​5. Preset Memory Positions

Blissful Nights beds have up to 4 preset memory positions. The zero-clearance model has the following preset positions:

  1. TV watching
  2. Zero gravity
  3. Anti-snore
  4. Flat

This gives certain Blissful Nights adjustable bases up to 7 memory positions in total (4 preset + 3 customizable). We’re yet to see an adjustable bed offering more than 7 memory positions on its remote!

Zero Clearance Storage Bed from Blissful Nights

​6. ​​Zero-Clearance

​You would have seen all those adjustable beds with piston like structures jotting down from the bed platform. They are the gears that raise and lower the head and foot sections of the platform. They are an essential part of any reclining bed or chair; however, because they ​jump out of the bed downwards, they prevent you from keeping such beds on a platform bed. ​This makes it impossible for you to use most adjustable beds on a storage or wooden platform bed.

Blissful Nights has the solution for this. They have a zero-clearance model whose pistons are located in such a way that they don’t ​interfere with the wooden bed below. ‘Zero-clearance’ means that these beds don’t need any clearance underneath. You can even keep it on the floor and ​you would still be able to raise the head and feet. How cool is that!!

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7. Head and Foot Dual Massage

All but the bare minimum adjustable bed come equipped with head and foot massage motors. However, be informed that this is more a vibration than a massage and the massage intensity will depend on the thickness of your adjustable mattress. Don’t expect to get a great massage if your mattress is 14″ thick.

Blissful Nights Adjustable Bed Review

​8. Miscellaneous Features

  • ​4 USB ports – all except the ‘bare minimum’ model has 2 USB ports ​on ​each side
  • ​Under-bed night lighting – ​3 out of the 5 models have this feature. There is a dedicated button on the remote called “UBL” to turn the night-lights on and off.
  • ​​Mattress retainer bar stops the adjustable mattress from sliding down and you falling off the bed 🙂
  • Smart bed – who would expect a budget-friendly brand like this to have smart phone app control? The manufacturer did! ​Pillow tilting and wall hugging models come with Bluetooth app controllability ​via ​your smartphone
  • 6 – 12″ adjustable leg height
  • ​Backlit wireless remote controller
  • Free shipping
  • ​10-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty with In Home repair service​

​Major ​​Cons of ​Blissful Nights Adjustable Beds

​There’s hardly anything wrong with the ​Blissful Nights beds given the budget-friendly pricing structure. ​They have beds with all the features one would expect to have on his/her bed like pillow tilting, wall hugging or zero-clearance. However, there are a few drawbacks of Blissful Nights compared to some other high-end adjustable frames.

  1. ​No model with lumbar support
  2. ​No model with ​elevation lift
  3. ​No model with ​furniture-style decking
  4. ​No model with ​pillow tilt + wall hugging

Blissful Nights Adjustable Beds Review – Summary

​There are 5 different models altogether. Three of them can be categorized as Mid-Range models while the other two are entry-level adjustable beds.


  • ​Great pricing structure​
  • ​Variety of models available with different features so that consumers can pick and choose the appropriate model without paying for features they won’t use


  • ​Doesn’t have specialty features like Lumbar Support, Elevation Lift or Upholstered furniture-style decking​
  • ​No models with pillow tilting and wall hugging together


​The Blissful Nights adjustable bases ​are some of the most ​budget-friendly and affordable adjustable beds ​in the current 2020 marketplace. ​The most unique feature about this brand of beds is that there ​5 different models on offer which ​creates tailor-made options for different consumers with different needs!

​Hope ​our reviews on Blissful Nights adjustable beds was an eye opener for you. ​​Please let us know ​what you think about ​our review and comparison. ​Would you buy a Blissful Nights adjustable base? Or are you looking for something more feature rich? In case of the latter, please refer to our reviews of the best adjustable beds here. ​Thank you!