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Idealbed Adjustable Bed Review
With this iDealBed adjustable bed review, we will compare and contrast several models of adjustable bases currently available under the brand name “iDealBed”.

Who manufactures iDealBed adjustable beds?

Great question! We ourselves initially struggled to find a good answer to this question. It appears that iDealBed has partnered with the leading adjustable bed companies like Leggett & Platt and Reverie.This is not uncommon in the world of beds and mattresses. The same mattress will be known under two different brand names at Walmart and Macy’s for example. But in this case, iDealBed clearly acknowledges that their beds are manufactured by Leggett & Platt and Reverie. I suppose that’s a good way to win consumer trust. Would you buy an adjustable bed from a popular brand OR a manufacturer that is unheard of?

Are iDealBed adjustable bases any good?

It’s still early days for iDealBed adjustable foundations. At the time of compiling these iDealBed adjustable bed reviews, their models have a relatively small number of consumer reviews. The reviews to-date are very good; but we can’t comment on the durability of a newly released bed from a brand previously unheard of.For this reason, we have not included any of the iDealBed beds in our best adjustable bed list; however, judging by the strong positive nature of iDealBed reviews already published online, there is a high probability that especially, the iDealBed 4i Custom adjustable bed will penetrate our top list. Especially considering they’re manufactured by L&P and Reverie, chances are iDealBed bases will eventually become a force to reckon with.

Different models of iDealBed adjustable bases

Here are the common models of iDealBed adjustable foundations currently available for sale on places like, and Kmart.
  1. iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed (powered by Leggett & Platt)
  2. iDealBed Leggett and Platt Designer iD5 Adjustable Base
  3. iDealBed Reverie 5i Adjustable Bed
  4. Reverie iDealBed Signature 8i Adjustable Foundation
  5. Reverie iDealBed Signature 11i Adjustable Bed

iDealBed Adjustable Bed Reviews

We’re still in the process of studying each of the iDealBed models. We have so far published the following two iDealBed reviews.
Idealbed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Review

iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Review

iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Review - Major PROS We like to start off this iDealBed adjustable bed review with its major positives. Then we discuss the minor positives followed by the major drawbacks. Hope...
iDealBed Designer iD5 Adjustable Bed Review

iDealBed Leggett and Platt Designer iD5 Adjustable Bed Review

This is the 2nd iDealBed adjustable bed review we've done. We have already published a iDealBed 4i Custom adjustable bed review and we urge you to read that too, and choose a model that...
iDealBed Reverie 5i 7S 8i and 11i adjustable beds reviews

iDealBed Reverie 5i, 7S, 8i and 11i Adjustable Bed Reviews

Who manufacturs iDealBed Reverie 5i, 7S, 8i and 11i adjustable bases? If you haven't guessed already, it's "Reverie", the popular adjustable bed and mattress manufacturer of course. Then, why are they sold as iDealBed adjustable beds? Great...