Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed Reviews: 15 PROS and CONS

On this detailed Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 review, not only do we review the adjustable foundation in detail, but we also compare it to two other leading bases from Leggett & Platt: namely, the S-Cape and Premier Series models. This Prodigy 2.0 review is organized in to:

  1. TOP 10 Pros of the Prodigy 2.0
  2. TOP 5 Cons of the Prodigy 2.0
  3. The Verdict

1. TOP 10 PROS of the Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0

Feature S-Cape Prodigy 2.0 Premier Series
DynastyMattress S-Cape Adjustable Beds Set Sleep SystemLeggett & Platt S-Cape 2.0 Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed

Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0

Make sure you read the customer reviews on this page AND this page before you make a decision!

Leggett & Platt Premier Series Adjustable BedLeggett & Platt PREMIER
1. Pillow Tilting

Most adjustable beds have only two types of adjustments. They are:

  1. Head Tilting
  2. Foot Tilting

But the Leggett ande Platt Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed comes with 3 levels of adjustments. They are:

    1. Head Tilting
    2. Foot Tilting
    3. Pillow Tilting – an additional head adjustment that supports the head and neck during reading books, watching TV, working on the laptop etc.

Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 ReviewThe Prodigy 2.0 as well as the Premier series adjustable foundations come with a third level of tilting defined “pillow tilting”. Pillow tilting is especially useful when reading books, watching TV, having breakfast, checking email on the laptop etc. in the ‘sit-up’ position. You can adjust the pillow tilt so that your head and neck are properly supported by the adjustable base.

Other adjustable foundations with Pillow Tilting:

Out of all the differences between the Prodigy 2.0 and the S-Cape, “Pillow Tilting” is the most critical! Pillow tilting alone is enough for us to recommend the Prodigy 2.0 over the S-Cape. The S-Cape, ShipShape and many other adjustable beds ‘only’ have head tilting and foot tilting. However, this should not worry you too much because until ~2014, all adjustable beds only had these two levels of tilting!

We want to emphasize that pillow tilting is NOT an absolute must. Tens of thousands of Americans that have bought adjustable beds in the past are perfectly happy without pillow tilting! Even this EXTREMELY popular adjustable bed frame doesn’t have pillow tilting.

We recommend that you go for an adjustable base with Pillow Tilting:

  • If you will be using your adjustable bed for reading books, watching TV and working on the laptop on a daily basis
  • OR if you already have text neck or general neck pains/sprains

On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to go for one without Pillow Tilting:

  • If you won’t be excessively using your adjustable bed for reading books, watching TV and working on the laptop
  • OR if you have strong neck muscles and you’re used to staring at your smartphone/iPad without any clinical symptoms whatsoever

If someone asks us to pick the single most biggest thing about the all new 2016 Prodigy 2.0, we’d say it’s “Pillow Tilting”!

2. Programmable Memory Positions
The S-Cape has 2 programmable memory positions The Prodigy 2.0 has 4 programmable memory positions The Premier series has 7 programmable memory positions
What’s the BIG deal about programmable memory positions?

Adjustable beds are all about varying positions! You wanted a break from the monotony of sleeping in the same position; that’s why you bought an adjustable bed, correct?

Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Positions

Basically, there are two types of memory positions stored on your remote controller.

  1. Factory preset memory positions – these are already preset by the manufacturer. These positions may or may not be YOUR favorite positions. On some models, these can be overwritten; on others, …… you can’t!
  2. Programmable memory positions – these can be personalized and manually set by YOU depending on YOUR favorite positions

Programmable memory positions on the Prodigy 2.0 Remote ControllerSimply put, we prefer programmable memory positions over factory preset memory positions. Assume that a particular model has 4 factory preset positions for (A) TV watching (45 degree incline), (B) book reading (60 degree incline), (C) zero gravity/lounge position, and (D) flat position for sleeping.

Let’s say someone has heartburn and his ideal sleeping position should be a 5 degree incline. Now, because there isn’t a programmed memory position for 5 degrees, he’ll have to first bring it down to the ‘flat position’ and then manually raise it 5 degrees every night! As for the 45 degree and 50 degree positions, they may not be the ideal TV watching and book reading positions for everybody. Based on the various heights, weights, preferred postures and medical conditions, people may want these set at slightly different angles. If you had the option of customizing the memory positions, you could set each of those favorite positions to YOUR PERSONAL favorite positions. If you only had the option of factory preset positions, either you have to be content with what the manufacturer assumed your favorite positions were OR you’ll have to adjust the bed to your favorite positions manually every time you wanted to change the position. This won’t be fun because it’ll be pressing down, down, down, ooh that’s a little too low; then up, up, oh now it’s a little too high, down again… you get the idea. It can be frustrating to set the position manually every time, rather than pressing a single button to recall that personalized position stored on your remote.

We have gone to great detail about why programmable memory positions are preferred over factory preset memory positions on our Prodigy 2.0 vs S-Cape vs Premier Series comparison. Please refer to it if you’d like more details on this!

In summary, the more programmable memory positions an adjustable foundation has, the better. Thus, if model X has 4 factory preset positions and model Y has 4 programmable memory positions, model Y wins the battle hands-down! With that in mind, the 4 programmable memory positions on the Prodigy 2.0 compared to the 2 on the S-Cape make the Prodigy 2.0 the clear winner on this comparison.

Update late 2017: Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see customizable memory positions even on entry-level adjustable beds like the Hofish Adjustable Bed Base

3. MicroHook retention system

Adjustable bed with 4 mattress retaining bars

Mattress retainer bars are unheard of on regular beds. Did you realize that the mattress could slide down when the head is raised on an adjustable bed? Yes it could! This is where the mattress retainer bar comes in. It holds the mattress in place and makes sure that it doesn’t slide down every time you raise the head to read a book or watch TV. However, unfortunately it gets in the way when you make the bed in the morning or place a bed skirt. In fact, if you decide to dress your adjustable bed with a bed skirt, you’ll need to drill two holes on the skirt and work the retainer through those holes. This can be a real hassle.

The Prodigy 2.0 overcomes this problem with a technology known as the ‘MicroHook retention system’. This new system prevents the need to have a retainer bar. Just raise the head (or feet) as much as you want; the mattress won’t slide a single inch, despite the lack of a retainer bar.

In contrast, Leggett & Platt S-Cape and Premier Series adjustable beds have traditional mattress retainer bars.

4. EIGHT USB Ports Prodigy 2.0 USB HubThe Prodigy 2.0 has 4 USB ports on either side of the adjustable foundation. That’s a LOT!! An iPad, a smartphone, Bluetooth headphones…. you name it! Let your imagination run riot!
5. Wall Hugging Wall hugger vs non-wall hugger comparisonOn certain popular, yet basic models of adjustable beds, when the head is raised, the entire top half of the bed slides forward. This is great, however, when this happens, you suddenly find yourself way in front of your nightstand. This is NOT a good thing because what this means is that it’ll be extremely difficult to reach back if you ever wanted to reach for something on the nightstand like the TV remote controller, your reading glasses, or that cup of tea! Reaching back at this strange angle may well result in you getting a sprained neck/back.

However, the Leggett & Platt S-Cape, Prodigy 2.0 and the Premier series are equipped with this feature known as ‘wall hugging. It does exactly what it says it does; it makes sure that the headboard HUGS the wall and doesn’t leave it however much you raise your head! Instead of the headboard sliding forwards, now, the bottom half slides back towards the head. How cool is that?! Thanks to wall hugging technology, you have the luxury of staying right by the side of the nightstand regardless of the position you’re enjoying on your adjustable bed (no we’re not referring to missionary position etc…)

Check out our Reverie 8Q vs Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed comparison and you’ll see that even those beds that are considered wall huggers aren’t always good wall huggers. Check out the image on the above page and you’ll understand the difference!

6. Built-in Massage After a long day at the office, come home to your personal Prodigy 2.0 masseur.

  • Dual, full-body massage: upper and lower therapeutic body massage
  • Wave action: to relax those tired muscles from head to foot.Adjustable bed massage
7. Sleep Timer Unlike the S-Cape, the Prodigy 2.0 comes with a sleep timer. The bed will automatically lower in to the ‘sleeping position’ from reading/TV positions, after a programmed, set time.
8. Alarm Prodigy 2.0 alarm on iPhoneThe Prodigy 2.0 has a built-in vibrating alarm. The bed will vibrate or the remote will beep. In case of split king models, this vibration won’t disturb your partner; how convenient is that!
9. Snore control Legget and Platt Prodigy 2.0 capacitive remote controller - snore button Pillow tilting on Android AppThe Prodigy 2.0 comes with a factory preset anti-snore memory position to counter snoring. On the S-Cape however, you’ll need to program one of those customizable positions to the anti-snore position.
10. Under-bed lighting Leggett and Platt under bed lightingSome people wake-up multiple times every night to go to the bathroom. Some wake-up in the middle of the night for various or no reason! When you wake up at night, you’ll need some light to show you the way to the bathroom. This light can come from a ceiling lamp, wall lamp or a table lamp. All three of these options can potentially wake your better half up who is currently fast-asleep alongside you. Under-bed lighting is ideal in this sense because it lights up the bedroom just enough that you can find your slippers and the path to the bathroom; yet it’s not strong enough to wake your spouse up.

2. TOP 5 CONS of the Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed

Feature S-Cape 2.0
Prodigy 2.0 Premier Series
DynastyMattress S-Cape Adjustable Beds Set Sleep SystemS-Cape 2.0 Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bedProdigy 2.0 Leggett & Platt Premier Series Adjustable Bed

Premier Series

1. Price A queen-size S-Cape can be bought for ~$1200 to $1400 (without the mattress) A queen-size Prodigy 2.0 can be bought for ~$1850 (without the mattress) A queen-size Premier series bed without mattress typically costs ~$2800
The Prodigy 2.0 is ~$1000 cheaper than the Premier series adjustable base. However, we have listed the price of the Prodigy as a ‘con’ because it’s ~$500 more expensive than the S-Cape adjustable foundation.

Even though the Premier series comes with a lot of built in features, you need to understand that they come at a cost. Would you rather save $1000 and buy yourself something you’ve craved a for long time OR would you rather invest that money on a Premier series? Recall that the premier series is not too different from the Prodigy 2.0 anymore.

2. Pulse action on massage All 3 models have:

  • Dual, full-body massage: upper and lower therapeutic body massage
  • Wave action: to relax those tired muscles from head to foot

However, only the Premier series beds have pulse action. “Is the lack of pulse action on the Prodigy a big deal?” You ask! “Not at all; wave action is plenty. Remember, if you want the pulse action, you’ll need to pay ~$1000 more to buy a Premier adjustable bed!”

NO Pulse action In addition to “Wave action”, the Premier series also has something called the “Pulse Action” massage. Leggett & Platt Premier series massage functions on remote
3. LP Sense™ This is a safety feature that is available only on model P-232 (Premier Series). If any of the pinch points are obstructed, LP Sense technology senses that and stops bed operation to make sure that no human, pet or object gets caught in the bed base. The Prodigy 2.0 does not have this luxury spec!
4. LP Connect™ Yet another fancy feature exclusive to the Premier Series. Control room lighting, air flow, TV; all from the touchscreen tablet remote. This bedroom scene setting feature is carried out using LP Connect™. The Prodigy 2.0 does not have this luxury spec either!
5. Bluetooth speakers
None of these 3 have built-in Bluetooth speakers. This model has excellent built-in speakers. But, do you really want built-in speakers on your bed?

The Verdict

  1. Leggett & Platt Premier Series: The most sophisticated adjustable bed of the lot. It has anything and everything; all the bells and whistles you can ever imagine on an adjustable bed. However, all these features come at around ~$1000 more than the Prodigy 2.0. One could also argue whether all these features are actually necessary for a bed or not (e.g. 7 adjustable positions, under bed lighting, tablet remote controller, pulse massage, LP Connect with bedroom scenes; do you really need ’em?)
  2. Leggett & Platt S-Cape: The most economical of the lot. Not as sophisticated as Prodigy 2.0 or Premier Series beds; however, it’s MORE THAN just an entry level adjustable bed. It’s priced ~$500 less than the Prodigy 2.0 and ~$1500 less than the Premier Series. If you do decide to go with the S-Cape, the only SIGNIFICANT feature you’re going to miss is “Pillow Tilting”. Don’t worry about the other ‘fancy’ features on the Prodigy and Premier foundations; you can happily live forever without them!
  3. Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0: The 2016 Prodigy 2.0 is more feature-rich than the S-Cape; yet doesn’t carry the ‘non-essential’ bells and whistles of the premier series or its expensive price tag. Considering the relatively ‘feature richness’ and ‘reasonable price tag’, the Prodigy 2.0 hits the sweet spot for the majority of adjustable bed shoppers of 2016.

How different is the 2016 Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 from the original Prodigy adjustable bed from the year 2015?

The major upgrades on the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 compared to the previous version are:

  1. “Pillow Tilting” : the original version only had head tilting and foot tilting. The 2016 Prodigy 2.0 has an additional level of head tilting known as pillow tilting which is really useful for reading a book, watching TV and even working on your laptop
  2. MicroHook Retention System : as you may have seen on various images of adjustable beds, there is a retention bar at the ‘foot-end’ of every adjustable foundation. This is to make sure that the mattress doesn’t slide over the edge when the head is raised. In fact, on some other brands of adjustable beds (e.g. Reverie), you may have seen that there are up to four such retention structures at the four corners of the base. These do a great job; however, they get in the way everyday when you make your bed. The Prodigy 2.0 gets rid of these annoying retention bars thanks to the new MicroHook retention system; this is an awesome addition to the new Prodigy 2.0.
  3. USB Ports : 8 of them! Four on each side. Given the various gadgets modern people use on a daily basis (smartphone, tablet computer, Bluetooth speaker etc.) these USB ports can become real handy
  4. Under-bed lighting : the previous model did not have this luxury feature. In fact, it was only the Leggett & Platt Premier series adjustable bed that had this feature. Although it sounds like overkill, it can be a very useful feature to have, especially if you use the bathroom a couple of times every night
  5. There’s an app for that! : the Prodigy 2.0 is now controllable via your smartphone. There are both iOS and Android apps that you can install on your smartphone and you can do various controls of the bed using the app. In fact, the app gives some extra features that you won’t find on the remote. For example, the remote controller only has 2 programmable memory positions; however, the app has four. Unfortunately we have to admit that these apps are not perfect. We’ve had problems with the Android app and it looks like we’re not the only ones

The following video gives a very good demonstration of these features on the Prodigy 2.0.

Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 Review

The name of this adjustable bed base is no coincidence as the Prodigy 2.0 bed is truly a prodigy of comfort in every turn and position! It quickly becomes clear just what a decent amount of keen detail was invested into the design and manufacture of the Leggett & Platt Prodigy adjustable base…which is worth its price tag with every feature and detail. The Prodigy reminds you of one thing – are you just shopping for an adjustable bed or looking to invest wisely in detailed comfort?

The Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed from Leggett & Platt is an intricate combo of intelligence and beauty and the wealth of features are discussed here…

However, if you are still in the initial research phase, and would like to learn about the best adjustable beds, go take a look at this Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 vs S-Cape vs Premier Series comparison. The above comparison looks at 25 different features of the 3 different Leggett and Platt adjustable beds.

Immerse yourself in intensely gratifying pleasure as you lay on your Leggett and Platt Prodigy bed whose full-body massage will become your new guilty pleasure. You’re not just going to be getting your muscles pampered and intensively soothed with massaging wave technology, but you will also be giving yourself a wholesome treat… Your head section and leg areas are the most vulnerable to exhaustion. It therefore comes as a welcome functionality from your adjustable Prodigy with a dual-action massage for full body relief that targets your upper head and body area, as well as the lower leg and foot areas.

Should you come across other Leggett & Platt adjustable beds do remember that only the S-Cape bed, Prodigy bed, and Premier series have the full-body massage feature which is conspicuously missing in the ShipShape adjustable bed whereas the Premier adjustable bed includes an additional pulsing massage action that’s not featured in any of the other 3 lines. That’s why the Premier series is regarded as one of the best adjustable beds in the market.

Programmable memory positions vs factory preset memory positions

The Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed comes with 4 programmable memory positions. Programmable memory positions are always BETTER than factory preset memory positions. ‘Non-customizable’ factory preset positions would not ‘fit like a glove’ for every consumer. “In contrast, programmable memory positions can be adjusted to match the exact needs of different individuals. If Sue prefers the head to be raised exactly 51 degrees when she’s watching TV, that’s exactly what she’ll set her TV watching position to. Every time she wants to watch TV on her Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0, she’ll simply press a button on her remote and the bed will be instantly transformed to Sue’s favorite TV watching position. In contrast, John’s favorite TV watching position may be an inclination of 60 degrees. Whenever he wants to watch TV sitting up on his adjustable bed, he can bring it to a 60 degree inclination with a simple recall of the custom-programmed TV watching position. However, a factory pre-set TV watching position cannot tailor to both Sue and John. This is where programmable memory positions have an edge over factory pre-set memory positions.

The different numbers of programmable and factory preset memory positions on different adjustable beds is provided on the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 vs S-Cape vs Premier Series Comparison.

Let your bed do the moving

The idea of a movable adjustable bed can present a tacky situation where space is limited, and so how does the Prodigy adjustable bed take care of this?

Mechanically, the 4 legs of the Prodigy adjustable base stand in dual-lock casters that make rolling and moving the bed seamless and easy so you don’t have to choke your lungs out.

One of the key features of the Prodigy bed is its superior motor function for adjusting positions of the bed. With this motion control, the Prodigy is capable of lifting up to 600 pounds on its form (a bigger lifting capacity than the ShipShape’s 450 pounds = 204 kilograms). Further, the Prodigy adjustable bed lifts quietly thanks to its Whisper Quiet HD ™ motor for high performance.

Feel free to flex your adjustable bed through any number of multiple positions from flat-level up to 60 degrees for the upper head section and up to 45 degrees for the lower leg section. By default, the Prodigy bed ships with in-built settings for bed positions and you could easily give these a try before further customizing your tailor-made positions. The standard “Flat” position is included in the factory settings and it doubles as a safety feature which could quickly be activated with the touch of the dedicated “Flat” button on the remote control.

Bed adjustments are not limited to the lying vertical orientation. You can also conveniently adjust the height level of the bed by either raising it a little more off the ground, or by lowering it closer to the ground.

BUYER’S TIP: How can you keep the adjustable bed motors fully functional and well-maintained?

Just make sure you do not exceed the lifting capacity by loading the bed with more than 600 pounds when adjusting the bed’s positions as you risk damaging the operating motor. In the case of the Leggett & Platt Premier series, you’ll have an extra 100 pounds of lifting capacity on your adjustable bed.

The Prodigy bed uses lifting motors to lift the bed base but these motors are not designed for continuous usage. The manufacturer’s recommended use described for reliable motor function and full life expectancy is that the lift motors do not be used for more than 4 minutes within a span of 40 minutes – given as a duty cycle of about 10 percent.

Should you prefer, you could also opt for the other available sizes in leg casters which offer additional lengths for your custom needs, with the option of 3 inch and 7 inch casters that come separately.

The Prodigy bed employs signature Wallhugger® technology which basically ensures that the balance between your bed’s adjusted position and the distance between the bed and wall are kept optimal. So whenever you adjust your bed, it automatically readjusts its placement in your night stand so that there’s no gap between your adjustable base and the wall.

With Leggett & Platt’s Whisper Quiet technology, you can noiselessly shift and adjust positions of your bed even in the middle of the night without causing a rattle. This is especially important for families with little ones, where the baby shares the room where the adjustable bed is placed. It would be counterproductive to be able to adjust your bed for a better sleep, only to end up waking the baby for no sleep that night! This is the risk with the ShipShape bed and S-Cape adjustable beds which, although not noisy to adjust thanks to their quiet motors, do not feature Whisper Quiet technology. And it’s not just the baby in the room that stands to benefit from not being woken up when adjusting your adjustable Prodigy bed…this includes the partner sharing the bed right next to you – that’s just how sophisticated and noiseless this technology is! Comparable to this technology is the notable Silent Drive ™ technology which is featured in the Serta Motion range of adjustable beds.

Of course the remote control further makes this a deal worth dolling over…

Make your bed obey your command at the touch of a button

Prodigy 2.0 remote controllerThat you can call so many shots for your comfort’s sake, with the touch of a button and even while you lay on your bed, you’ll be forgiven for not wanting to share your luxurious bed. It comes coupled with a wireless two-way remote control whose LCD screen panel and LED backlighting ensure that you can make any bed adjustments with least effort and no trouble even when it’s pitch dark. You will probably most enjoy this remote control feature if you’re upgrading from a ShipShape bed to a Prodigy bed since going from using a wired remote controller to a wireless one, two-way, with an LCD display is convenience stepped up. The chugging wiring for the ShipShape remote control can be a nuisance and even risk tripping over as you maneuver about your resting space. You would simply use the Remote Locator feature of the Prodigy bed to quickly trace the remote controller when you’ve misplaced it.

Perhaps one of the most valuable functionalities of the Prodigy remote controller is its programmability and built-in patented wake-up integrated alarm clock. The integrated clock doubles as a wake-up timer and alarm clock utility. How nice would it be, if you could replace your conveniently irritating alarm clock with a massage alarm which basically sets off the alarm by giving you a gentle massage (with some nice audio to boot) in the name of waking you up!

Programming your favourite positions on the Prodigy adjustable bed is a simple process you can do via the two-way remote. You’re allowed up to 4 programmable bed positions so you can set a favourite posture for working on your laptop in bed, watching television in bed, and your optimal sleeping positions – the freedom of comfort is all yours! You should use the Prodigy bed remote with four AAA batteries and be sure to check if a battery replacement is necessary when you notice that the remote control is no longer illuminating.

How big is the Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0?

Leggett & Platt’s Prodigy base decently measures 82 inches long by 62 inches wide by 9 inches height (with the specific assembled length, weight and height measuring in at 80 inches by 60 inches by 7.63 inches). This adjustable base can comfortably fit the big king size mattress, a smaller queen size mattress or the standard full size mattress. So you are not limited with the bed fitting capacity for any of the standard mattress sizes in the market for use with the Prodigy bed base which caters for the following ranges: Twin mattress, XL Twin mattress, Full mattress, XL Full mattress, Queen mattress, Split Queen mattress, Split King mattress and the Split California King mattress.

Some more features of the Prodigy 2.0 adjustable base

This ‘smart’ adjustable bed is donned in stylish yet minimalistic grey patterned fabric that makes for universal upholstery… Which means that the clever use of neutral colour, and blended pattern enables you to add the furnishing to your room without interfering with the rest of the décor as it matches well in any background.

Who would’ve thought that your bed can automatically intervene when you snore at night? Well, the Prodigy adjustable bed features a Snore Control feature that’s highlighted in the remote control. With the simple touch of the Snore button, the bed automatically adjusts to the preset optimal button 3 position where the head section is raised 7 degrees and remains in that position for 30 minutes, before the base goes back to preset position 1 thereafter as a trick that should keep the snoring at bay.

The tiered product warranty of the Prodigy adjustable bed is worth noting as you have 3 warranty provisions available for a limited 1 year period, 3 year limited warranty and an extended 20 year limited warranty that comprehensively covers your Leggett & Platt acquisition.

Hope this Leggett & Platt Prodigy review was informative and helped you make an educated decision. We would also advice you to watch the following videos on the Leggett & Platt Prodigy. However, note that they are of the first generation Leggett & Platt Prodigy adjustable foundation.

Here’s another video on the Prodigy that shows how to connect to two bases in a ‘split-king’ setup

And here’s another video…



  1. Hi Macey N,

    Thank you for the question. For two reasons, they have fewer specs compared to our top-rated models and secondly, Sleep Number adjustable bases with comparable specs are more expensive. Take for example, their highest graded adjustable base, the FlexFit 3 (https://www.sleepnumber.com/sn/en/Adjustable-Bases/p/base-FF3). It has no pillow tilting, no programmable memory positions, and on the split-king version, the two bases are fused at the bottom denying the two partners complete independence from the other :( However, from a durability standpoint, we can wholeheartedly recommend them.

    Need I say more?
    Hope that helped!

  2. I came here after reading your memory foam mattress reviews and fell in love with the Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.o adjustable bed. Is it really that good? Why should I opt for the Prodigy 2.0 instead of a popular brand like Sleep Number? Please convince me to get a Prodigy 2.0 instead ;)

    Macey N

  3. This is the most detailed review of the Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed that I saw on the internet. Thank you for doing such a comprehensive review. I have already ordered it. Can you please recommend a suitable adjustable mattress for the Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed base?
    Thank you
    John Coulter, OH


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