Sleepnumber 360 Smart Adjustable Bed Review

Sleep Number 360 Review

What on earth is the Sleepnumber 360 Adjustable Bed?

The Sleepnumber 360 is arguably the best adjustable bed in the 2018 marketplace. Nothing probably even comes close to it, in terms of automatic adjustability of mattress firmness. Yes, that is the keyword: “adjustable firmness”. The firmness of the mattress automatically changes as you twist and turn in bed.

Is the Sleepnumber 360 actually an adjustable bed?

Yes and No!

  • No because it’s not adjustable like the adjustable beds reviewed on the above page. It doesn’t have to be on an adjustable bed frame. It can be adjustable even on a regular bed frame/box springs
  • Yes because the firmness of the mattress is adjustable.

Automatic adjustable firmness of the Sleep Number 360 air mattress

The Sleep Number 360 is quite a bit different and way more advanced than the Sleep Number Classic Series of adjustable beds. The 360 has biometric sensors that can ‘sense’ your postural changes on the bed. Subsequently, the ‘smart’ air mattress, changes its firmness in synchrony with your body movements so that you sleep undisturbed all night long. This is called ‘Responsive Air Technology’. In other words, the Sleepnumber 360 i10 smart bed ‘senses’ your posture and responses by automatically inflating and deflating certain portions of the bed through an air pump.

Major Pros of the Sleepnumber 360 adjustable bed

  1. Pain-free sleep – the main reason some of us wake up sore in the morning is because certain parts of our bodies get more pressure than others. In other words, the pressure distribution is NOT even. For example, our hips and shoulders are wider than the rest of our bodies and subsequently have to take up most of the pressure when lying down. This is especially true with side-sleepers. If there was a way for a mattress to decrease the pressure on the hips and shoulders when they were bearing the highest pressure, that would help you sleep and wake up pain-free. This is exactly what the Sleepnumber 360 smart bed does. It senses the points in your body that feel the highest pressure and relieves them of the pressure. It does this by automatically deflating itself at those locations. On the other hand, it automatically inflates at locations of the body that feel less pressure (e.g. waist area) and thereby evenly distribute the pressure from head to toes.
  2. Sleep monitoring – automatic firmness adjustment is not the only thing this adjustable air mattress does. It can monitor not only how much you sleep, but also your heart and breathing rates. It does this via a sleep tracker known as the SleepIQ app. No better way to understand its benefits than watching a video, the next best thing to actually experiencing it
  3. Sleeps cool – the Sleepnumber 360 i10 has a special kind of foam known as

    ThermaLux™ foam. This is considered superior to memory foam in at least two aspects. First, it has higher thermal conductivity; as a result, it gets rid of the heat from your body and cools down rapidly. Secondly, it doesn’t get stiff with cold temperatures, like regular memory foam does.

    These are only the MAIN benefits of the Sleepnumber 360 adjustable smart bed. We will be going into details on the relatively ‘minor’ benefits later on.

    Major Cons of the Sleepnumber Adjustable beds

    There aren’t many drawbacks of the this smart bed. The only ones are the hefty price tag and poor edge support. The high price point is expected and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re bringing home cutting edge technology and that doesn’t come cheap.

    Sleepnumber could have worked on edge support though and made it better. They didn’t; but it isn’t a huge deal either!

    In conclusion, the Sleepnumber adjustable bed is an amazing bed that can help almost anybody that can cough out the cash. Does everybody need it? Of course not! But if you’ve got the cash to spare, go for it by all means!