Leggett & Platt Premier Series vs Serta Motion Custom Adjustable Bed Comparison 

By  Belinda Palmer

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Feature Serta Motion Custom Leggett & Platt Premier Series
Serta Motion Custom Leggett & Platt Premier Series Adjustable BedLeggett & Platt PREMIER
1. Bed Frame/ Base included? Yes, the frame and base are attached together in a single-unit referred to as the ‘foundation
Watch the following video that shows all the parts and assemblySerta Motion Custom Video Watch the following video that shows all the parts and assemblyPremier Video
2. Installs into existing bed? Yes No. It’s a complete bed by itself. However, you can install a headboard using the provided headboard brackets
3. Can use as a standalone bed?
Yes, you can use these foundations as is, without placing them in/on a sleigh/platform bed. The upholstery helps them blend in nicely with the rest of your bedroom furniture.
4. Mattress included?
5. Lift capacity up to 700 pounds up to 700 pounds
6. Multi-position adjustability
Infinite number of adjustment possibilities. Adjustments of up to 90° head angle thanks to the ‘pillow tilt’.
7.Programmable memory positions None 7(including the 4 factory preset positions that can be reprogrammed based on your personal preferences)
Store your favorite positions so that you can adjust the bed to your most preferred TV watching, reading, zero-gravity, sleeping positions etc. with the press of a single-button.
8. Factory preset positions 4 4
Comes with preset positions for zero-gravity, Flat, Lounge, TV/PC positions
9. One-touch flat button Yes Yes
10. Free fall Yes. Head and foot section of your adjustable bed can be lowered even in case of power failure. Also considered a safety feature because ‘coming down’ is completely under gravity and NOT motor operated. That way, something getting caught and crushed between the bed frame and the descending base is minimal
11. Wall hugging Yes.When the head is raised, the entire bed slides rearwards instead of bringing your head forwards. This way, you stay close to your nightstand
12. Quiet motors WhisperQuiet WhisperQuiet
13. Remote controller Motion activated wireless remote. 7″ touchscreen tablet remote that pairs with the base via Bluetooth. Also allows for customized bedroom scenes. See below.
14. Customized ‘bedroom scenes’ Offered by the Premier Series only. In addition to adjusting bed positions, the remote allows you to create customized ‘bedroom scenes’ of your choice for different activities. e.g. turn on a bedside lamp + sitting position of bed for reading OR turn off lights + turn on fan + sleeping position on bed. All these with touch of a single button on the tablet remote instead of having to turn on/off lights/fans etc. LP Connect™ is what makes this possible (see below)
15. Remote locator No. However, there is a magnetic remote storage on the side of the bed so that the remote wouldn’t get lost! Yes. Press a button under the bed and the remote will beep
16. Smartphone controllable Yes, using free Android and iOS apps
17. Built-in massage
  • Dual, full-body massage: 6 massage levels on both the head and foot sections
  • Dual, full-body massage
  • Choose between 3 modes of massage to relax those tired muscles
    1. wave action
    2. pulse action 
    3. normal
  • Massage intensity and rolling wave intensity are adjustable
Massage intensity and rolling wave intensity are adjustable. Massage can be automatically turned down using the available timer function.
18. Alarm No Yes, the bed will vibrate or remote will beep. In case of split king models, this vibration won’t disturb your partner
19. Sleep timer No Yes, the bed will automatically lower in to the ‘sleeping position’ from reading/TV positions, after a programmed, set time.
20. Snore control Yes, by adjusting with the ‘pillow tilt’
21. LP Sense™ Found on model P-232 only. Senses human or pet presence and stops bed operation if pinch points between the platform and base are obstructed
22. LP Connect™ Found on the Premier Series only. Control room lighting, air flow, sounds from the touchscreen tablet remote. Bedroom scene setting feature is carried out using LP Connect™
23. USB ports 2 USB ports on either side of the base 1 USB port on either side of the base
24. Speakers This adjustable foundation features a high-quality wireless speaker system with a 6-inch subwoofer and two 3-inch satellite speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. Connect these speakers to your smart devices via Bluetooth No
25. Under the bed lighting
Convenience Lighting installed under the bed automatically turns on in the event you get out of bed in the middle of the night Multi-directional, dimmable. Can be programmed to turn on with the alarm-clock
26. Upholstery
Upholstery-grade fabric
  • P-232: Furniture-grade covering with five color options ( Ivory, Brown Sugar, Dolphin, Chocolate, and Black)
  • P-132: Microsuede covering with five color options
27. Headboard brackets Included
28. Legs
Square wooden-finish legs
  • P-232: 6” square wooden legs
  • P-132: 4” steel legs with casters
29. Available sizes
  • Twin, Twin XL
  • Full, Full XL
  • Queen, Split Queen
  • Split King, Split California King
  • Twin XL
  • Full XL
  • Queen
  • Split King
  • Split California King
30. Warranty 1-5-25 year warranty 1-3-25 year warranty



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