iDealBed Leggett and Platt Designer iD5 Adjustable Bed Review

iDealBed Designer iD5 Adjustable Bed Review

iDealBed Designer iD5 Adjustable Bed Review

This is the 2nd iDealBed adjustable bed review we’ve done. We have already published a iDealBed 4i Custom adjustable bed review and we urge you to read that too, and choose a model that is most suited to your personal needs.

iDealBed iD5 Adjustable Bed Review

The iDealBed Leggett and Platt Designer iD5 adjustable bed is very similar to an older model by Leggett and Platt, namely the Designer Series D-222 model. However, the iDealBed iD5 seems to be a bit limited on certain specs and therefore, a little cheaper than the original L&P Designer D-222.

Here are 11 major PROS of the iDeadBed iD5

  1. deck-on-deck iDealBed iD5 adjustable bedGreat looks – this is mainly thanks to its deck-on-deck or ‘furniture style’ design. The mechanical parts on the underneath of the bed are covered by the vertical ‘deck/frame’, giving it a rich look and feel. This feature allows you to use the iD5 as a standalone bed, without an additional bed frame. Why cover the beautifully upholstered bottom deck with a wooden platform bed?
  2. Leggett and Platt is the Manufacturer of iDealBed iD5Manufactured by Leggett & Platt – Leggett and Platt is one of the leading adjustable bed makers in the USA. They have a long history in the USA and are a well reputed and trusted brand name in the country. Upon purchase, you’ll see that the iDealBed adjustable bed actually comes with user manuals/brochures and warranties from Leggett and Platt. It sounds a bit silly, but I’ll take it any day considering it’s from L&P and not from some unheard Chinese company.
  3. iDealBed iD5 is made in the USAMade in the USA; US warranty – as mentioned above, L&P is a US-based company and this iDealBed is made in the USA and comes with an L&P warranty.
  4. It’s a Wall Hugger – yes, it’s a wall hugger baby! The iDealBed 4i Custom is NOT a wall hugger; but the iD5 is. If you want to stay right next to your nightstand even when the bed is raised, we strongly urge you to pick a model with wall hugger feature (aka wall saver, wall snuggler by different manufacturers)
  5. TWO factory preset memory positions – adjust the bed to a Zero gravity or flat position with the press of a single button
  6. TWO customizable memory positions – any personal favorites? Adjust the bed to your favorite TV watching or feet up or any other position with the press of a single button
  7. 800 pound lifting capacity – even some of the highly popular models come with lifting capacities as low as 450 pounds. A good mattress nowadays can weigh in excess of 100 pounds. The average weight of an American man and woman are 195 and 168 pounds, respectively, giving a total in excess of 360 pounds. Depending on how big/small you are, this 800 pound lifting capacity can come in real handy.
  8. Dual motor, full body massage – certain cheap models have only one massage motor, whereas this iDealBed iD5 is equipped with two massage motors that can give you a full body, therapeutic massage. You can change between 3 different intensities; may be you could start slow, pick up the pace and finish with a big bang!
  9. Ultra-quiet lifting motors – certain cheap models make so much noise when the bed is being raised and lowered that it’s not only annoying to you, but it also wakes up your partner sleeping next to you. But his L&P motor on the iD5 is nice and quiet. However, remember, none of these motors will be 100% silent; but the good ones will be pretty quiet.
  10. Wooden designer legs – the four, wooden, designer legs add to the aesthetics of the iD5. They look a lot better than those metal legs; however, the downside is that metal legs are sometimes height adjustable. In contrast, these wooden legs are not height adjustable.
  11. AWESOMELY Priced – [easyazon_image align=”right” height=”107″ identifier=”B0158C44W4″ locale=”US” src=”” tag=”abeds-20″ width=”160″]now if you’re a smart shopper (which you are, which is why you’re reading our adjustable bed reviews :-)), you’ll be asking me why you should buy a Leggett and Platt under the brand name of iDealBed, when you have the option of buying the same model with the brand name printed “Leggett & Platt” itself? Because, you’re saving several 100s of dollars when you buy the iDealBed iD5 instead of the [easyazon_link identifier=”B0158C44W4″ locale=”US” tag=”abeds-20″]L&P Designer 222[/easyazon_link]. This is the major attraction of iDealBed adjustable beds. The quality or L&P for the price of iDealBed; you really can’t ask for a better arrangement 😉

The major CONS of the iDeadBed iD5

No bed, adjustable or not, is perfect. There are a few deficiencies of the ID5 as well. They are as follows.

  1. No Pillow Tilting – the best of the best adjustable beds have this extra level of adjustment known as pillow tilting. 95% of the adjustable bed models in the market don’t have pillow tilting and iD5 happens to belong to this category. Not a major deal breaker; nevertheless lack of pillow tilt has to be listed down as a deficiency of the L&P Designer 222. Read this customer review on pillow tilting of the iD5
  2. Ain’t Cheap – the iDealBed iD5 may be cheaper than the Leggett and Platt Designer Series D-222; however, it is one of the more relatively expensive models of adjustable beds.

iDealBed iD5 vs Leggett and Platt Designer Series D-222 Comparison

Below we do a comparison of the two and you’ll see what’s similar and what’s different between the two adjustable bases.

iDealBed iD5 Leggett & Platt D-222
iDealBed Designer iD5 Adjustable Bed Queen Leggett and Platt Designer Series D-222
Pillow Tilt No
Wall hugger Yes
Made in the USA Yes
Deck-on-deck design Yes, aka ‘Furniture Style’.
Use as standalone bed Yes. Thanks to the deck-on-deck/furniture style design, you can use both these beds as is, without a platform bed
Wireless, backlit remote Yes
Preset memory positions Flat and Zero gravity
Customizable memory positions Two
Lifting capacity 800 pounds 700 pounds
Massage Full body, dual motor, 3-speed
Legs Wooden, designer legs
LP Sense safety feature No Yes
LP Connect feature No Yes
Ultra-quiet motor Yes
Price $$$ $$$$


The iDealBed Designer iD5 is an adjustable bed manufactured by Leggett & Platt specifically for iDealBed. It has fewer specs than the original Designer series D-222, thus is a few hundred dollars cheaper. It’s a good option for anyone who doesn’t need the fancy features of the D-222 such as LP connect and LP sense.

A humble request before you buy the iDealBed iD5

Its looks are as good as you could find on any adjustable bed of modern times. Because it’s essentially a Leggett & Platt adjustable base, we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it. However, since you’re already willing to pay high dollar for the iD5, we humbly request you to consider investing a few more hundred dollar bills on a Prodigy 2.0 which also has pillow tilting.

Pillow tilt vs head tilt comparison