Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Reviews – 15 PROS and CONS of the Craftmatic Legacy

Craftmatic legacy adjustable bed reviews

This Craftmatic Legacy adjustable bed review was compiled in response to requests we received from many of our readers. You’re also welcome to check out our Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Review on the Monaco Royalle and Monaco Grande models.

Craftmatic legacy adjustable bed reviews

Craftmatic Legacy Adjustable Bed Review

We have organized this Craftmatic Legacy review in such away that you will quickly learn both the Pros and Cons of the bed. Let us first start off with the Pros, or the positives, of the Legacy rising bed.

The Bottom Line of this Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Review

The Craftmatic Legacy is a great adjustable bed with Pillow Tilting, Programmable Memory Positions, Therapeutic Massage and few other not so important specs. Just be aware that there are much cheaper high-quality models with the same or more specs that will save you as much as $2000!!

Top 10 Pros of the Craftmatic Legacy Adjustable Bed

  1. Pillow tilting: this is probably the feature we love the most on the Craftmatic Legacy adjustable base
  2. Wireless remote controller – the backlit remote Illuminates at night
  3. Whisper Quiet – the head and leg motors are relatively silent. Should you decide to raise your bed in the middle of the night, you actually may be able to do it without waking up your partner
  4. Therapeutic massage – the full body wave massage can soothe your exhausted muscles at the end of a long day’s work
  5. TWO programmable memory positions – most high-end adjustable beds of the modern era have customizable memory positions. The Legacy has two; the more the merrier! The Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 has 4 and this very competitively priced adjustable bed (30% off sale this Black Friday) has 3 programmable memory positions and an additional preset memory positions. That’s almost too many 😉
  6. THREE pre-set memory positions – flat, zero gravity and anti-snore positions. These are not customizable according to your own preferences; however, any pre-set memory position is better than no memory positions (as is the case with many entry-level adjustable beds)
  7. A/C power plugs – for charging your phone, iPad etc. or even for a bedside lamp. Reverie 8Q and Reverie 9T are examples of other adjustable beds that have this feature.
  8. LED safety night lamp – most high-end and even mid-level motion beds have these under-bed lighting nowadays
  9. Safety features – the Legacy comes with a child & pet safety lock. This is not a standard feature of adjustable beds. The L&P Prodigy 2.0 also has a ‘remote lock’ which prevents accidental raising/lowering of the bed.
  10. USB Ports – last but not least, the Legacy is equipped with 4 USB ports for charging the various electronic devices that almost everybody is in possession today (e.g. smartphone, tablet computer, Bluetooth headset, Kindle e-reader, rechargeable sex-toy :whistle: etc. etc.)

Top 5 Cons of the Craftmatic Legacy Reclining Bed

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  1. No wall hugging – for me, this would be a deal breaker. I wouldn’t want to strain my back every time I want to reach back to my nightstand. If the Legacy was a wall hugger model, it could have been classified together with the best of the best adjustable beds without any hesitation. In contrast, the Monaco adjustable bed is a wall hugger.
  2. 450 Lb Lifting capacity – the lifting capacity of the Legacy is only 450 pounds. This limit may not be sufficient to withstand the weights of two heavy individuals + a heavy mattress. Craftmatic knows this and that’s why they give you an optional 600 pound bed as well… for an additional cost of course …
  3. Phone and shop – as you may recall from the TV commercials, the only way to purchase a Craftmatic adjustable base is to pick up the phone, make a phone call and place the order over the phone. Nowadays, a lot of people like to shop from the comfort of their computer without having to deal with annoying phone operators/sales personnel. That option is certainly not available with Craftmatic.
  4. Too expensive ($6000+) – in contrast, if you look around just a little bit, adjustable beds can be bought online for as little as $500.
  5. Foundation + mattress combo – almost all other adjustable bed brands can be bought as a standalone unit, without the mattress. Sometimes, the seller may throw in a cheap memory foam mattress completely free of charge, together with the purchase of the adjustable base. That way, you don’t have to spend money on the mattress anytime soon. Also, if you already own a decent quality mattress, you have no way making use of it because the Legacy already comes with a  memory foam mattress topper (to which you’ve already paid)


The Craftmatic Legacy adjustable bed is a pretty good model with some of the high-end specs we describe, such as pillow tilting, programmable memory positions and massage. Unfortunately, it lacks wall hugging technology which is critical feature according to our classification. Furthermore, the Legacy is an expensive adjustable bed at $6000 +. You may be able to afford that price tag, but others may not be.